Wednesday 4 December 2013

Europe by David Richards and my additions

David Richards with my own additions (coloured)
Europeans are the lost tribes of Israel over which the elite now have control by Satanic doctrines and spells, one of the most obvious and therefore unnoticed is "I think therefore I am"...whereas in reality I am not a soul, I am in fact a spirit that expresses himself through a soul whether it happens to be clever or thick, or have Alzheimers or is not me in my essence,the bondage that Yahweh put Israel into for consistently worshiping false gods. Each tribe = a country. Mannaseh = America, Dan = the Danish countries and so forth. Satan has been very busy covering our past and confusing our heritage. These forces will be led by Gog (a demon spirit) to attack (true) Israel which are Europeans. Dave simplifies Israel. Israel is nothing but is a manipulated mishmash controlled from Sidon (Tel Aviv) as Ezekiel 28 says it would be. The minority who actually live daily with God in their current believing who are Orthodox Jews actively hate the evil oppressive Zionist government they have to live under. This was formed by the rich bankers for anything but godly reasons, and so Christians the world over neither read their Bibles closely enough and are duped to support something in essence caballistic and believing in a false messiah that the Muslims know to be a coming Antichrist. Like anything (remember Jonah's Word, this can all be diverted by coming into reality with God's real messiah described in his first coming as Isaiah 53)...but either way, whether in blood or like Poland experienced through prayer with the Iron Curtain, without blood...they WILL LOOK ON HIM WHOM THEY PIERCED...just as all men since have had to when they repent.
When the remnant returned to Israel in the Old Testament, it was a very small amount. (In just the same way, very few denominational Christians ever return to the God of Revival once they are embedded in the doctrine of man/demons)
The lost tribes of Israel are not black or mongrels (mixed) but white Europeans, Caucasians which crossed the Caucasus mountains.

History is never written by the "vanquished" but by the ruling. How marvellous the first Christians were through St Patrick and Ireland right through to Lindisfarne will never be referred to much or with any knowledge in an education which pretends to be secular but is really run via the Jesuits in the Vatican. They never refer to the huge amounts of Christians who were never part of the catholic structure. Some of the last were murdered by the Elite in Armenia in 1915 under the cover of the "German rogues" of the first world War. In reality all the German generals involved, as with any Luciferians, were leapfrogged into the next Government under Hitler showing clearly how everything is contrived, but covered over.

This extract by Dave Richards is from here

You can learn much more about how history has been airbrushed here. Some people DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

The 1000 points of Light referred to in the castle article relates to the demonic plan that Roy Livesey unearthed in his two books about  NEW AGE plans published in the late 80s and 90s and covering the plan to hijack global warming and eco concerns when they themselves arrange for nuclear disasters, crop spraying with DDT. and abolishing perennial seed so everything will have to be bought from single fruiting seed produced by Monsanto.

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