Sunday 10 May 2015

In My House are many Mansions

In my House are many mansions.
James Goll writes about this in his book Practicing the Presence.
One thing Key of David meetings, Well meetings, Soaking meetings teach is that God doesn't teach you a "thing" like earthly teaching
He takes you into a Place, a Person.
Jesus said I am the Way. Evangelicals are still stuck in the Tree of Knowledge format, the book of instructions format.....not all of them.....some of them actually listened when Denis G Clark taught on Meditating on the Word.
Meditating on the Word is climbing into the verse. Climbing into the experience of it.
God is catching us up in Himself. One day He may rapture us....but the Father did say Sit at My right hand Son (and don't move) until I have made your enemies your footstool. So right now the Body is being raptured, caught up into the heavenly places where we live, to operate properly as His supernatural Body.
An aeroplane does not work very well on a runway. As a car it's pretty ungainly. Only when it has lifted off does it come into what it was made for. The Body of Christ needs to learn to fly. That's why church externals often look such rubbish. We were meant to fly....not sell jumble....or rattle charity tins.
People think they have seen church.
You haven;t seen church.
You have seen a pastor behaving like a circus ring,master.
True Church is thirdlevel, is caught up with her Bridegroom, is going into action with Her Bridegroom.
Each mansion or place in God required that we learn a new operation. The heavenly blueprint of the melchizedek order priesthood described in Hebrews is the real version of which Moses Tabernacle was a poor initial blue print.
Luther had to teach us the brazen altar again....the place where Jesus died, gave up His Life so we could have His.
The Anabaptists had to teach us about water baptism.
The Pentecostals had to teach us about the Baptism of fire in the Holy Spirit and our entrance into the Holy Place.
Every PLACE in God had its own function,its own protocols, its own movement on earth.
There are 7 pieces of furniture in the Temple.
There are 3 main states....outer courts, inner courts consisting of the Holy Place and Holiest Place.
Water operates in completely different ways in each of its three states:
Ice. Water. Steam.
It's like that in God. Ice people think water people are way too fluid.
Water people think steam people have absolutely no order or framework at all.
They don't and they do.
They don't have an earthly one. But they do have a heavenly Melchizedek framework.
The sons of God they follow the Spirit.
Each phase in God and there are countless en route are PLACES, ROOMS, MANSIONS in God. We can never get bored. God is always doing a new thing with us. Even wellknown verses are continually spraying out new meaning like fountains.
When you talk to me about Jesus, I listen to see if you have a bit of knowledge secondhand, or if you have actually been there.
Anybody can borrow a book about Everest and spout forth that knowledge in a lecture. But the only lectures people go to are by those who have climbed to the top!!!!!!

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