Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Mystery of why the Gospel Cannot be preached in England

It took me 43 years as a Christian to crack the UK Code and I'd like to say I did it by myself. But I did hardly anything....everybody else did....and the Holy Spirit kind of joined it all up. So which bit am I claiming? The typing.!!!
The reason the gospel has no effect here is that it is being spoken in Box 1 Format. Really from 1700s onwards the Templars and the Freemasons have been shifting England into a godless BOX2. And in the 1960s they set off loads of "magical" alarms which went off simultaneously and effectively killed off the old Box 1 world.
Many American churches still preach in Box 1 and a simple form of Box 2 which is what we tried to do when we were baptised in the Spirit. But Preaching sideways KINGDOM BOX 2 TO NONCHRISTIAN BOX 2 has no effect, people stick to their independent selves....unless they are really desperate.
Jesus was a BOX 3 LIVER and PREACHER and has been revealing what that is.
Most of the Current World then is based in BOX 2. The God Delusion is written to bolster this version of Box 2 and to laugh and humiliate Christians still in Box 1.
BBC is directed at supporting and maintaining this belief system and does so by allowing only BOX 1 Christianity or heavily monitored BOX 2 Christianity in its religious culture slots. (Do not allow the Box numbers to confuse you...but Different Drum by M Scott Peck and Post Evangelical by David Tomlinson explain the shift.)
In those books we begin as egocentric beings and learn law and socialisation (my Box 1) then we want to become persons in our own right and develop within an inner sense of right and wrong in Box 2, which may or may not comply with the previous forms in BOX 1. Might stop going to church, but less likely to start robbing banks.

The stages we pass through are the ones relate more to the ways christians develop, so I have ignored their first box, and I am concerned with their last three)
Back to my box numbering.
Each one is like stepping out of a previous cave into a brand new world.
Box 2, which is learning how we work as individuals, and coming fully into our own identities can be done as nonChristians or christians. Peck says some leave Box 1 Linear thinking and Good/Bad binary living and become nonChristians. Others do it as Christians. It's the journey to become more balance brained. Those unwilling to make the journey tend to view the others as libertines. Norman Grubb talks about it in Christian settings as learning the Freefall of faith. Trusting the Inner umpire of faith, of the Holy Spirit. In charismatic meetings this is learning "flow" in the Holy Spirit. Eventually this sensitivity has to be exportedfrom out of meetings into the whole of life.

 When a "flowcentric" Jamaican comes to an "appointment-centric" Britain, where you have to phone first before going to somebody's house, it is a shock.

Freemasonry has had to adjust our whole culture as Holy Spirit Christians and black christians have invaded our cold stiff upper lip behaviours. Beforehand there was no group hug. People were not demonstrative in the workplace. Footballers and men in general did not cry. Bosses were bosses and minions were minions. Peculiarly one of the main experimental seedbeds of the freemasons through the Marshall Plan has been the far east, where the manager works much more on the shopfloor.
But all this HAD to start happening after churches were baptised in the Spirit and nolonger was there this huge difference between leaders and laypeople.
The HUGE AREA before us now is "WHAT IS HUMAN IDENTITY"?
Is the New AGE/ witchcraft/ New World Order belief correct that we can be initiated fully to become gods in our own right by passing through levels of oaths and secret knowledge which associates with our 33 chakras?
Or is the Christian 3rd level notion correct that believes Romans 6 and our new Creation identity right through to manifestation as our sole new identity. Is it correct that our former spirit identity manifesting through soul and body was Satan fused to us and now this is exposed as we "try to live differently" and fail over and over...only to get us checking the powerleads at the back of our humanity. "Yes I am "by Norman Grubb".
How we have been framed and sold down the river in our modern world is told clearly in this book by Juri Lina "Architects of Deception",.
Only thirdlevel authority is going to break through the secondlevel glazed stares of UK people who are now totally inured to Box 1 Preaching of the gospel, for whom it is now irrelevant and perhaps rightly so. God never set up the whole of creation to bring forth billions of Box 1 fundamentalist robots. He died and was raised to bring forth a mature MAN comprised of all those who have now trained their senses to discern between "living Satan as me" and now living "Christ as me"....but never me as an independent being front of house....that is selfpowered....choosind from a Tree of Knowledge on Black and White freemasonry squares. Such and such is good. Such and such is evil.

Shouting at somebody may just be good. Jesus to Peter: "Get behind me Satan."
We are now fully living people, not people "trying to live" but failing miserably.
Nor are we like our box 2 world and just letting it all hang out....and I mean all hang out.
It's now about the effortless spontaneity of God in our forms living our lives. Galatians 2:20

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