Tuesday 16 February 2016

Briars 21 :Depopulation

China, counterintuitively, are the most honest. they adopted the one child policy.
India has employed covert surgical sterilization.....oh you didn't know? But had suspected?
The West: has reverted to covert chemical sterilization through fluoridation. 4 min 12s
To catch other areas with insufficient infrastructure other methods are used.
Since 1980 and the increase in bottle water usage, and also with increased canned beverages, bpa is used in the plastic or the sprayed inside surface of the cans.
Chemtrails are a new method of population control using aluminium oxide in NATO Countries.
Africa's leaders have consistently fought against the poisoning of their youngsters through milk controls, So they have had to work at the back end of life instead.HIV was specifically created for the sub Saharan population, using both Russian and American.scientists in the employ of their military complexes, thus again making a laughing stock of the reality behind the Cold War. AIDS was introduced through the WHO the world health organisation's small pox immunisation programme in Haiti,Brazil and Africa. 70% of those dying of Aids do so in Africa and 1 million die there each year. Bio engineered flu vaccines condition people to receive the government flu vaccines.
But there are other techniques.
Through social infrastructure changes and increased pressures they have made it undesirable to have more than one child. The west have encouraged recreational drug use to target specifically the lower income earners, China is using mass tobacco promotion, and Russia is using the relative cheap vodka as drug of increased morbidity. Drug use in the West is now epidemic destroying countless families.Smoking deaths have tripled in 10 years in China.
 Zero tolerance laws target the poor and give state power the ability to override familes and destroy them . Hundreds of thousands of families are broken up annually by this means in the English speaking world.

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