Wednesday 24 February 2016

How Faith and Trust are different


Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
Without going crazy here about three stages of growing up in God....just be aware of the strange way this sentence is written.
Faith does not come by hearing the Word of God.
Hearing comes by access to the Word of God.
Once you have the hearing you can hear DIRECT what Christ is saying, then you have His own faith for doing the wacky things of God.
Basically the whoooooooole Jewish stage was the first bit......developing the Spirit hearing.
We may think Jews were hard of hearing.....but God chose Israel because they were the MOST LIKELY to be able to hear anything at all. Jews had already had over a thousand years of Word. So when the WORD on legs arrived....they at least had a head start, and indeed SOME heard.
Jesus said all the time....He who has an ear to hear......
Preachers get discouraged. It's easy to think that the Bible is just leftbrain information, and you have preached the instructions from the Bible so why aren't people doing it.
Well the Bible isn't leftbrain. On the surface some of it is.....but every page of that book is actually RUACH. Ruach is breath-based speech. Access to breath-based speech creates spiritual ears and spiritual hearing....but it is a process.
NOBODY'S DOING NUFFINK until their spiritual ears are created. Once they have "hearing" actually things progress quite quickly.
Basically all churches can be broken down into "congregations" which are still developing spiritual hearing......and those in which spiritual hearing is already operating and manifesting as wacky manifestations of God turning up!!!!!
The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. So one aspect of this RUACH based book is its testimony awakens the same spirit necessary to do the same wackinesses amongst us now.
If you read about healings and miracles they engender the "hearing" to see the same type of thing.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't rely on your insight
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.
So if faith is about "saying the done deal of God".....why....because you have actually heard it direct from Christ for you it's the most natural thing in the world and a done is something a bit different.
I say by faith what I heard God speak to me in 1988 in Emsworth in the midst of a lively secondlevel church, a charismatic church....
"Chris, there is a whole other level yet."
I am still surprised others don't see this.....but then they haven't heard God directly say that so it's understandable. They have probably heard tons of other things which I don't feel natural at all about....the faith comes once we have ability to hear....hearing Christ Himself saying something. If we haven't heard it.....just hearing somebody blabbing about it doesn't mean we have faith for has to be quickened.
So what's trust about?
Trust is slightly different. Trust is the gateway to this new WALK....the Freefall of faith that Norman Grubb writes about.
Trust means I begin dismantling myself from the awful Genesis 3 condition of always having to be in control!!!! (The reality is quite quite opposite by the way). Trust allows me to lay all that orphan hearted action down.....those actions that are coming from a feeling of desperation and separation.....
and at last honoring that God is LIFE
That LIFE has a flow....and that life's wellspring is in my heart not in my computer brain, nor my surface feelings.
Maturity indeed is described as
training my senses in to discern (the spirit of good from the spirit of evil).
Trust is letting God be God.
Trust is NOT filling the gaps that WE THINK have to be filled with
more prayers
more fasting
more giving
more witnessing
more working
more leisure....
and just entering into the freefall of faith that says
THIS Chris Welch version of Jesus Christ in the flesh (Galatians 2.20) is believing and acknowledging God to be real, and to show what is next!!!!!!
It's fuzzier than faith.....and that is a huge reason why charismatics despise those embarking on the thirdlevel.
They are immature and think in terms of doing, doing appease that less than good God and angry taskmaster in the Sky.
Here's the rub....
After months and years of "appearing to do nothing"....when in reality you are learning the Father's pace.....taking Jesus yoke upon you......Actually when you do enter a church.....or are presented with a situation....years of the Spirit growing this trust in you actually gives you immense authority.
Now Jesus own brothers never saw a thing......UNTIL LATER...presumably the Cross and afterwards....but in the gospels his own brothers did not believe in Him at all. The God of the Universe!!!!! How's that????
Well unfortunately the life of God is just like the Red Arrows shopping in Sainsburys or Wallmart.....
you would never know.
And until you see those same Red Arrows dashing and swooping in their are not going to know.
And this a lot of the THIRD LEVEL.....absolutely unseen.
BUT, says Paul.....there ARE days of visitation. And'd better have your seatbelts on!!!!! Because thirdlevellers under the anointing are something else.
On the good side, like Peter and John, they can brush past a man asking for alms....and he gets legs!!!!! (Old joke)
On the bad can be telling a lie to the Holy Spirit and you and your missus are wiped out instantly in the Presence of a holy God.
Faith is the protocol by which things manifest.
Trust is the protocol by which we glide into the Freefall of Faith to learn to be on location for God on planet earth!!!

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