Wednesday 21 December 2016

More Light Concerning Isaiah 9's famous Christmas Reading

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born,
 unto us a son is given:
 and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called
The mighty God,
The everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end,
 upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom,
 to order it, and to establish it
with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever.
 The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.

This just appeared in Kingdom Conversations  forum on Facebook.
Reading it carefully, it is such a familiar passage, I am struck by the amount of extra things it now means to me.


You can think you understand this text. It's read in churches.

Verse two announces that this is the great Light that arrives in the midst of Darkness. And that is linked with Isaiah 60 1-2

Here are some key phrases

We who were in Darkness receive Jesus as a kind of child waiting to be born and grow in us

He is the Head.... but the active government is not the Head. This again is where Roel Velema and America is wrong. The government is here upon His shoulders. Shoulders in the OT picture are that which bear the Ark or in the New Testament the active kings and priests....sons of God following the Spirit.... who blows like the wind... these are the sons of God.

So yes Roel is wrong but so is the converse....the Catholic Church... who believe the government rests on an organisation, a hierarchy.

One belief is too passive and doesn't engage in the Spirit the other is like Abraham with Hagar bringing about an Ishmael.

Americans will be aware of the millennium paralysis .... but few will realise like the film series Man in the High Castle.... it's not Hitler who rules... but the Jesuit rule which literally is behind virtually every infrastructure everywhere in an attempt to fulfil Gods shoulder government for Him.

Jesus Name. The first we have to do with His Name is gathering in His Name. Song of Songs says His Name is as oil poured forth. He brings me into His banqueting House and His banner over me is love.

The first thing I learn or better that is revealed to my inner eyes is that His Name is Wonderful.

But in the Holy place, particularly after baptism in the Spirit , or if you will the Mid Section of the Lords Prayer..... I AM COMPLETELY REPROGRAMMED BY HIS COUNSEL. We have our very own counsellor the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.

I don't have revelation on the sequence....Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of peace

But like waves or moves if revelation our generation has been co celebrators of Gods Might

Of the revelation of His Fatherhood,

And also when a locality experiences an Open Heaven and His Peace extends in a place....

So truly as God reveals Himself people well up from within to call Him by His Names....

The second evangelical doctrine of death that Roel Velema was infected with from the traditions of men was to be totally one sided about leaven. I want everybody to hear this again. Isaiah 60 describes two things going on. The Bible is not in denial. Darkness is becoming gross Darkness over all the peoples. This is the leaven of sin and also religious leaven.... whose fruit is not religious.... it's pedophilia and worse.

But Jesus Also used the leaven Word to describe the Kingdom. Both spirits operate like leaven....exponentially. DARKNESS and LIGHT.

Of the increase of Jesus Government even during my lifetime alone, with Holy Spirit moves across the whole planet.... just when the bishops in the UK(probably Freemasons anyway) were declaring God dead, no resurrection and at Lausanne in 1966 they were roundly declaring the end of church by 1990. But God was already explosively growing the church.

" to order it, and establish it"

The heavenly Tabernacle order is related to its earthly mirror.... but not always so obvious..... so first of all right in the middle of Jewish Feasts the Holy Spirit got Jesus to remind everybody at the top of his voice...... hey.... I AM THIS WATER....I AM THIS BREAD....I AM THIS LIGHT...

But when the Church arrived we go through it all again. And those drunken heaps of people in Gods courts who weren't immediately identifiable as Gods Pentecostal Feast had to have it pointed out by preacher Peter.... hey this IS THAT WHICH JOEL PROPHESIED WOULD HAPPEN.

so do you start to see

GOD ordering and establishing his kingdom by the Spirit is a bit different from a " human order ?. It is an order though. It IS Gods protocol. I mean those of the Union Crowd who think they can bypass things because God won't mind and He Is full of grace.... well what it means is, they haven't got the tools that were handed out free to our generation to build with.

Our generation were " called" supernaturally by the Isaiah verses to build up and restore the waste places of Jerusalem. Who last did that? Yes, Nehemiah rebuilt the 12 walls and Gates which all have Spirit meaning. See what the Spirit was teaching me by checking my blog index for gates of Jerusalem.

So to summarise, yes God orders His Kingdom using two tools...

He judges all independent self stuff and brings in justice.... where He allows Christ stuff to operate freely where before it was blocked.

Here's an example....for the last 20-30 years people have got really angry at God for elder/pastor abuse in charismatic churches (not usually pedophilia by the way.... not yet reached that degradation).

They blame God. But the charismatic churches have thrown out the prophets. And other well meaning and wise saints. Charismatic churches are sick environments with insufficient internal checks and balances.

When churches lose their salt and light..... they really do.... and Jesus talks in Revelation of removing lamp stands. How many churches are still operating but now without any lamp stand whatever?

What performs the Kingdom?

"The zeal of the Lord will accomplish this."

In the 60s nothing was happening.... then a rain of the Spirit fell on all of us young people. We enter into the zeal of the Lord. It's not something we manufacture. It's a high wind frequency that surrounds the Throne. Around Gods throne is permanent acceleration and quickening of Life. Flashings of Light and grace empowering. More happens in two seconds there than whole centuries passing in certain dead places on earth.

This zeal is behind Psalm 110 and psalm 24 and seeking the face of the God of Jacob. It's this type of generation that will consummate Gods plans speaking to the doors and pillars on earth..... be lifted up and let the King of glory enter.

Roel Velema believes we wait and then God will turn up, because this is the evangelical trash they have taught him. But the Bible isn't's Spirit and Word... it's a quantum book waiting to be spoken into being by the kings and priests on earth!!!!!

But the Bible isn't's Spirit and Word... it's a quantum book waiting to be spoken into being by the kings and priests on earth!!!!

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