Sunday 15 October 2017

Gaia's Protocol sales pitch and the Ruach of God

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Below is a sales link about oxygen therapy selling info at 39 dollars.
if this link is taken down go to the core gaiasprotocolDOTCOM site and hopefully there will be another link

It's full of tidbits tho. I never knew Dr Atkins of Atkins diet got himself struck off in the 60s over oxygen therapy. He got himself reinstated but had to agree never to mention this stuff again.... and the rest is history with his protein Weightloss stuff.
It's not that it doesn't work, oxygen therapy threatens the pill industry by boosting the body's own immune system.... usual Big Pharma tale.
But I was thinking how the Holy Spirit is our oxygen therapy cure all, our Ruach Hebrew for breath.
Hermann Loubser Snr was saying when we discuss our nature we can't really use anything other than soul or body since we have nothing else really to go on.
David Heisler is currently doing a series on our " human nature"and discussing the Norman Grubb point of " no independent human nature".
We are not self existent gods.
My thoughts today recall baptism in the Spirit.
Nothing changes outwardly.
My soul doesn't change and quietly slip another soul in its place.
But this Ruach that filled and fills my being in varying levels is a layer of me that is not terrestrial and measurable like a piece of thin plastic film wedged between my inner skin layers....and discoverable with a microscope, though it almost feels that way.
As Daniel Yordy writes, it's not like Spirit is some kind of pea shaped object rattling around my middle.... what baptism in the Spirit really released is that every bit of me in the natural seems to have a spiritual counterpart that now seeks to drive my whole being .
Indeed Romans 12.1 describes it as a whole body/ soul offering, set on fire by the altar of Gods burning coals....
Yet all this and I look no different and sometimes don't feel different.
Paul even says to Timothy " stir up that gift within you" when you are not thinking or perceiving difference.
Like oxygen therapy Ruach or the other picture Living Water translates all that Christ won for me in eternity into my day to day life. " all that pertains to life and godliness"
"I am complete in Christ"
Oxygen empowers my cells to seek out and destroy disease, cancer, tumours.... anything that upsets my homeostatic balance, insulin levels in diabetes, fat levels in the blood.
The Holy Spirit releases the 9 fruit of the Spirit.
But here's another mystery: the things we do.
Just as our bodies are products ofthe things we eat : Masai traditionally drunk the milk and blood of cows and ate cows meat and are tall and thin and walk for miles or run for miles.
The mystery is that what a person has done in the flesh becomes an invisible but perceptible part of their makeup.
Something about the hours and hours of piano tuning I have done over 36 years will be perceptible to you.
For Ilona Smith it will be all the hours nursing she has done.
Military people have a gait and a bearing.
In that sense and our own unique personalities we have an individual nature. Somehow when we are with each other we can sense these different levels in each other.
But no.... nearly nothing is visible per se. Just the marks left by our tracks.
As Jesus said.... you can't tell the wind by looking, just by what it's blowing.

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