Wednesday 28 February 2018

What should our ministry goals be?

Ministry goals?
God has a great levelling system. It’s called fire. Every mans work will be tested by fire to see whether we build with something of straw or gold.
It’s kind of handy to short circuit the fire by building in Gods fire to begin with.
If you are building in any other name but Christ, then it’s going to come down. Your name. The Anglican Name. Any denomination or moves name.
People randomly praying in revivals for weeks months years, should know there is a definite protocol. One is according to the meaning of the 12 Gates of Jerusalem that Nehemiah was building.
Pastors running churches should learn local churches are run by Jesus not by single pastors. Just like DAvid had to learn you can’t do what the Philistines do with the Ark of God on a cart, even if it’s a brand new one. You cannot run a church with a human CEO. It’s not a business.
Worship leaders should know worship is always in the context of making sacrificial space for the incoming Kingdom. You can’t buy the Kingdom but you can make space for it. We give to projects. We praise and worship within the context of growing relationship, steps of growing faith,stepping out of the boat into water. God always calls us to the impossible. God is always asking to move in further , to fuse with us more.
Training other saints is organic. Just like bringing up children is according to leading them in the ways they should go. Seminaries are quick work rounds. They are at one remove. 1 Corinthians 12-14 , and Ephesians 4 are the patterns for growth training and discipleship. Real church is community and Word and Divine Seed are given in that context in the midst of real life events.

All the gifts and graces are to form Christ within your soul from the “complete in you Christ “in your spirit . Praying , fasting, worship, teaching , all the gifts among the saints, they are all to establish you in Galatians 2.20 consciousness.
Christ in you the hope of glory.
Discernment of spirits, walking in the Light , words of knowledge and wisdom.... they are all to accelerate you in The Way, so your senses become more quickly attuned to righteousness which is a spirit, not just an outer behaviour.
Most churches are way off course in their actual aims, they get lost in their own jungles of what they are trying to achieve.
If we make Psalm 123 Living a priority and we are doing as the Master bids, hardly anything will be burned by fire, since it originated in Him, and has been carried to completion by Him Living our lives in us.

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