Monday 12 February 2018

The Race for a True Health Model I

Today's post are a series of my Facebook posts written  as I have been looking into the whole subject of health and nutrition for my own body, and also to be more clued up for others, even if it is only knowing where people can learn a bit more.

Medical authorities refer to peer research papers. They dismiss almost out of hand loan operators with insufficient testing behind them. The problem here is that medical mainstream is funded by the dollar and the pound, and if eating a strawberry is going to heal you, or if a strawberry synthetic material that can be manufactured and sold can remove your surface symptoms in £50£100 or £1000 packets, it won't be the 30 pence strawberry that will be researched, nor tested for FDA or NHS approval. However equally, if a loan operator has found some success with watercress or turmeric, their own need to pay their way by selling books, or selling treatment might also get in the way of realising actually ANY fruit , vegetable or mineral that contains the right substances which make up the depletion which somebody is experiencing from the 60 -90 substances we all must have in correct proportions in order to function healthily.
While there is a whole industry round Aloe Vera (Forever Living Products)  how many know that a huge reason aloe vera works is because of the chelated forms of sulphate it contains. specialises in herding 100-200 experts in the field of cancer, where as peers they can all share their findings as well asbe some kind of check to each other.  Ty Bollinger is the man that was so disgusted at losing many parts of his family to cancer he vowed to enquire WHY none of the remedies had saved his family members, and to hunt down things that do work.

When the American Medical Association pressed Hoxley for proof concerning an awful test case of a policeman with horrific and advanced shoulder cancer, and he was treated, they then pressed Hoxley in order to buy the formula.
Hoxley replied that in the contract there must be a clause that says people who cannot afford treatment will get treated. This was the Promise Hoxley had made to his father on his deathbed.
The AMA wouldn’t hear of such a thing and were looking to buy the treatment outright.

Many times official bodies run by bankers and elite have repeated this same trick. They buy up the formula, or in Tesla ‘s case finish him off while he is weak and steal his papers , as Hitlers bodyguard confessed,
Then they use the advanced knowledge themselves among the elite while suppressing the knowledge for the public.
This has been done with alternate power sources to replace coal and oil, this has been done over and over again with medicine, and a clear example is with the train locomotion system of magnetic levitation. Seemingly ignored , the inventor Laithwaite sold his tech to the Japanese for their bullettrain. But in reality the elite have used nothing but magnetic levitation got all the interconnecting trains between the worlds underground cities.

So here we are yet again. There is no compromise on this point. It needs sorting.
The BBC are doing another radio programme chasing up the state of play on leukaemia treatment, a particular type.
Their only input is hospitals, NHS and medical research, which in the last few years has been further research in the key body of knowledge gained by the genome project.
So what’s wrong with that both you and the BBC will say? Surely it’s cutting edge science?

Well it’s surely the same as getting foxes to manage your chicken coop.

Research and health should be nowhere near private organisations for profit.
Here’s why. When people learn that turmeric has a component called curcumin which reprogrammes cancer cells
You don’t Feed this information to Fox organisations? Why?
Because they suppress the fact that it can be obtained cheaply from any supermarket and administered 1 teaspoon with every meal. Instead a fox organisation isolated and synthesizes the compound and tells you it is a result of their private EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH , has a special drug name, let’s call it F.C. 716 for fox crap 716 and is only available through them via the NHS and private healthcare at £50,000.

So it is with the genome project based in their hands.
The genome project should be nowhere near a firms hands or private investor. It is our DNA. We co own it and we should like libraries and the best transport systems co own them and pay for their upkeep.

Allopathic medicine is the sleazy fox based principle of topical application of substances to cure symptoms in the manner of , say,steroids, and only in the rarest best examples to cure the root problem.

Natural medicine works along side our bodies immunity systems for rooting out and destroying the source problems.

This has now been found out concerning leukaemia and most tumours in the realm of nutrition and naturopathic medicine.

Dr Joel Wallace began his career in health mainstream researching cystic fibrosis in youngsters. He made the radical discovery that cystic fibrosis was caused by nutritional deficiency. He also proved that he could form cystic fibrosis at will using research monkeys.

Within hours of publishing his report he was sacked. He continued his career within the Naturopathic organisations.

It seems neither the medical institutes here or the USA want you connecting your nutrition with certain diseases because you won’t buy their expensive treatments which are often a long workaround cure or at worst don’t even really cure you, just lighten your symptom load.

and see Chris Wark's own story here      (Don't confuse with Chris Welch owner of this blog.)

Of all the Common flags of bad nutrition and poor immunity the thyroid is right up there.
If we had proper vitamin and mineral training, if we had proper medical teaching on subjects learned over thousands of years but now forgotten such as lactose fermentation, we would immediately realise what hyper and hypo thyroid condition was all about. It is the body trying to manage imbalance and being so overloaded the systems are failing.
But the answer isn’t to prop up the failing thyroid with artificial chemicals which are then used like crutch support for the rest of life, and especially after radiation damage has impaired the organ.
The answer is to teach medics properly in the first place how to bring Limbic system back into order.
It is extremely painful to have to watch people you know undergo the mutilation of doctors when I am but a nobody compared with medical doctors who have been professionally trained in organ mutilation by medical schools.

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