Saturday 16 June 2018

How to build the church in the flesh


Introducing the new course entitled:
How to build the church in the flesh with the help of The Holy Spirit

It's a three year course with a full paper certificate at the end entitling 
You to a position in most Spirit filled denominational and non denominational churches.

As well as the usual Bible study subjects, and Learning Greek and some Hebrew.....

  • You will learn run services as a one man ministry
  • We will teach you the correct way to pull strings so that the congregation are having a little go
  • We teach you in the manner of the book Good Morning HolySpirit by Benny Hinn how to
  • Run a Holy Spirit church as one man while still maintaining a Genesis 3 consciousness of being a selfrun human being.
  • We teach you how.many choruses to sing and how many times each particular  one should be sung
  • We teach you how to be a pyramid pastor and how this can easily be adapted to other situations by simply changing the name to priest or vicar or curate.
  • We teach you how to extort a tithe from everybody so you know how much financial backing will continuously be yours
  • We teach you how to.function within a denomination or.New independent framework by submitting to various ministry names which again can be adapted for.Catholics, Protestants like.Lutherans, or New apostolic.churches.
After three years you will know everything about the subject of running your own church

  • After three years you will know everything about the subject of running your own church, mission or ministry as a fully supported solo operation and how to run meetings up to 3 hours in length.

  • We teach you how to be part of the local ministers fraternal in your town without ever changing anything that matters.

  • one of the biggest training organisations in the world
    In short we run one.of the biggest training operations in the world because it has been updated to include the Holy Spirit in all the existing denominational and independent settings, while still remaining totally in charge of your new church plant.
    We.are.pleased to promote this successful franchise of Genesis 3 independent living consciousness with the Holy Spirit tagged in at key religious moments.

    This course is fully accredited and overseen by Wicca and the World Council of Churches and all national Jesuitry organisations.

    Join now.

    In Africa.we donate a special head dress with feathers for the New accredited ministries so the women know who to revere.

    Inspired by a comment by Paul Noble

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