Monday 27 April 2020

Current Word by Tim Sheets. Very Important.

Amidst this powerful assessment of what is happening are a couple of features we must address.
All through history kings and authorities have chosen the right way and righteousness has exalted nations . But this does not make earth structures Gods structures .
The use of the word alignments and hubs comes from angels and angelic order.
Ephesians 1.10 is a different order.
But here is the salt.
Guess what has to happen for a psalm 123 order to rise ?
What has to happen for the Jeremiah 31 new covenant to occur ?
Guess what has to happen for the “ Surely as truly as I live the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea “ to occur ?
Until that time we have hubs and orders and kingdoms and caretaker structures .
Until that time the church runs in the first and second level protocols of 1 John 2 .
Until that time we have moon protocols that Revelation 12 refers to .
The answer is already made clear in the Ephesians 1 and Ephesians 3 prayers by Paul for the saints which still is being answered .
The answer is in 1 John 1 and if you spend time with it you will see it only comes in relationship Divine and human , and present tense with a God who is present tense.
The answer is in Jesus own words if your eye is single your body shall be filled with Light .
Proverbs 3 says if you acknowledge God in all your ways then I will make straight your paths .
There is only God actually going on in reality .
To see more than God means we see other things which then become reality . Our fears which aren’t actually God going on , are then ascribed power . A Mafia person coming to your door and selling you protection money ascribes to the organisation the funding to do harm and to fulfil the man’s lies.
Adopting a separate position to what God is saying and doing in anything creates and strengthens a Genesis 3 order with Genesis 3 curses attached which lead to death .
Repentance isn’t really a compliance with just ten laws made on stones .
The repentance of God is a gift of God by the Holy Spirit to return to an order where God Himself is the sole source of your life and identity once more with your own now Christ in you essence expressed through your unique soul and person .
Repentance isn’t a carnal appeasement concept . But it’s not just a return to something either . It is the taking into ourselves of something that formerly we could never touch in our former state and had to be guarded by Cherubim lest we live forever in a fallen state .
It is unfettered eternal life , safe to hold because a mortal man came from God , was our Lamb and propitiation and made it eternally safe for us in Him . He alone is worthy , the stone the builders rejected and now the cornerstone and the capstone . He is the Light Shining in our faces , Revelation 12 says because He is our life . Not us AND anything . The Holy Spirit is overshadowing us and giving birth to a ManChild . We haven’t got to work it out or understand , we have like Mary to say “ Be it unto me according to your Word “. The Word Himself puts all moonliving under our feet . Moon living is any idea of reflected living . We are to accept POWER SOURCE LIVING . Not the created sun of Apollo worship . But the sun of righteousness risen with healing in His wings .
All talk of alignments and hubs are caretaker words , while we are yet children . That is why Paul prays not for university education , but that the eyes of our hearts be enlightened , and John writes in Revelation that we may have eyesalve .
I refer to this as some kind of 1 John 2 third definition , but really it is the ENDTIME DEFINITION defined in Isaiah 60 . A Light shall rise upon you ( in contrast to all else going on ).
There is nothing beyond because the Lord is the Light of His own Temple. All the rest is just outercourts preparations , and inner courts Oracles and brief Holy Spirit foretastes , but the real thing was always Us coming home to Jesus and Him coming home to make a place in us . Don’t accuse this of being another gospel . It was your idea that it was about meetings and buildings . The only ever building was Jesus in you as you joined with Jesus in me as me . To the extent we are conformed to the Son is the amount we have fellowship and are living inside constant Light .
In His Light we see Light .

Now see the context of CoVid19 and the shaking of things that can be shaken . My accompanying comment (Chris Welch ) was posted on my Facebook timeline this morning.



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