Tuesday 21 October 2008

Chris's Pre Blog in Dan's Vaults(Now with Links)

These are the dates and times and a summary of the subjects covered
in the comments sections buried below Dan's main subject posts in
Life On Wings between February and August 2008 prior to
commencing this blog.They are listed either under chris or 07000intune. Hope it's a resource.....

03/02/2008 10:18 True leaders as taxi drivers to the throne
06/02/2008 08:15 A clear example of how we are spirit soul
and body
10/03/2008 21:20 The Cry of desperation opens doors
for servants of the Lord.
31/03/2008 19:25 The two watchmen references in
Song of Solomon.
How I first discovered about 3rd

Confusion of different voices and
Ern,Ruth Heflin,Ed Miller
04/04/2008 17:59 Ern's photo not Dan's
04/04/2008 21:55 Chris's connections with Dunstable
07/04/2008 21:37 Wheels within wheels view of history.
1st important
mention of how God still intends to

carry out what Ern Baxter was preaching
about in
the 70s.Jesus speaks strongly to Martha
11/04/2008 07:37 Melchizedek order living.1st mention. 70s

Amersham and France

1st real experience of 3rd Level power
and anointing
24/04/2008 17:50 Florida Outpouring Ist mention.
Gutenberg Press
28/04/2008 13:07 Shaftsbury prophecy regarding
Outpouring and
Havant starts changing
30/04/2008 10:30 Holiest place and its different features
from the
Holy place.
Important 1st
05/05/2008 22:08 1st reference to Key of David.
brother returns from Florida.
10/05/2008 09:58 George Warnock Ist mention.How
Chris differs from
Rob.Important post

The reality of the 3 growth stages.
The different
growth waves of the 20th Century
17/05/2008 06:17 Global Outpouring here to stay.
Bob Jones 1st mention
11/05/2008 09:19 Synchronicity as both I and Rob
talk about the
Prophetic fulfilment of Feast Of

How different ministries talk
about different Holy
of Holies aspects
11/05/2008 16:45 Repro of letter to IMA and
Zerubbabel attempting to
introduce them to each other.
May? The difficulties of dealing with
Zerubbabel IMA etc"All
servants of God are mine"

Ryan Rufus nutshell.Brett
Burrowes and sarx - how
Augustine steered us right off
15/05/2008 00:05 God meets us when we are real.
15/05/2008 10:20 Answering criticisms of Todd and
rough style of
ministry with example of Jesus
15/05/2008 11:30 The two conferences Eastbourne
and Havant
15/05/2008 12:31 Chris only really able to operate in
3rd level type

Natural recurring patterns in our
lives, unique to us.
15/05/2008 13:59 Natural recurring patterns II
15/05/2008 18:28 Leader's wife's dream like Ryan's phrase.
All of Him in all of me .

Whole document "Letter to the
Charismatic Movement 1990"
21/05/2008 23:23 Florida Outpouring and Feast of
Aeroplane before takeoff illustration
04/06/2008 23:32 Michael Hammond on Cindy Jacobs
Jaqui on hospice work like Dan.
Moving as One
Person on Dan's blog
- Juan Carlos
Ortiz 1977

explanation of 07000INTUNE
16/06/2008 00:45 ms dos and Windows. Charlie
Chaplin and the
drawers.Bob Dylan,

Romans 7 and independent self
1st mention
16/06/2008 18:02 Left-brain struggles. Testimony
mid 70s.

Maurice Smith - Glorious Church
Prophetic Vision
Highly recom-
mended if you are unfamiliar.
It is One of the prophetic wayposts.
18/06/2008 00:02 Difference between doctrines and
getting in Christ's Presence.
The effects of John 7 :17 "If a man's will

is to do the Will of the Father………
The speed at which spiritual downloads
can happen.
Chris' 80s testimony

Deeper Yes's for each stage of growth.
21/06/2008 07:04 Assessment of the Jesus Generation
and the Kingdom.

Shall I do a blog? Synchronicity IS
the Kingdom Way.
Maurice Smith:20th Century Pilgrim
Chapter 1

21/06/2008 The prophetic illustration of the
Frigate propulsion
burners and the igniter burners
23/06/2008 19:03 The ability to debate without
mudslinging. More on
20th Century Pilgrim
23/06/2008 22:44 Ern Baxter:Covenant Love Message
and Agape
love feasts
24/06/2008 07:34 How discerning Christ in Schlink,
Wurmbrandtand Ed Miller changed
the course of my life
29/06/2008 21:03 Growing Impatience with
evangelicalism. The joining of
Word and Spirit
03/07/2008 22:26 If we used the same logic to
dismiss the reality
of the born again experience,
that evangelicals
use to dismiss us
06/07/2008 21:36 The last Days qualifications for
the Kingdom…..

Peter Stott and Genesis 24
may Conference message
07/07/2008 14:34 My water baptism testimony and
hearing Polish
08/07/2008 16:10 Roy Field preaches.My book is on
this blog!
Pacing ministry.Misgivings with
English ministries.
Only Fathers can father.

3 levels brief description.
Bob Dylan mention.
08/07/2008 20:33 The Apostle Paul using 3rd Level
Intercession tools.

1st mention
13/07/2008 18:06 relating to Shawna about
Body of Christ
entering into
3rd Level phase.The same
Jesus operating through

us as soon as we are saved…
Florida Outpouring description
testimony(Nicholas and Pam)
20/07/2008 23:38 celebrate recovery - Derby. More on
22/07/2008 13:20 Running Churches in the
Melchizedek order.How new
physics is a pointer
22/07/2008 22:22 Further description of How
God runs His Church by
the Holy Spirit - recent history
23/07/2008 16:55 Warning to Todd Bentley not to
be seduced to tone down.

Isobel Chapman example
24/07/2008 00:01 my personal testimony and my
views on a more correct
24/07/2008 13:56 very special summing up by Don
on our current position
in the Body of Christ and maturity
25/07/2008 19:42 My uniqueness for 10minutes:
Linking up various teachers
that none have linked so far.

recommendation of Alphabet soup.
Song of Songs gives us
the pattern of how we grow.
26/07/2008 21:06 God's Divine strategy through history:
Give everyone little bits.
Norman Grubbs potted lifestory
27/07/2008 09:48 Shawna and the Bomb.
27/07/2008 21:57 Havant Church changes. Discerning of
spirits - an amazing tool
28/07/2008 22:39 How many more 2nd levellers have to
fall through lack of
knowledge of the existence of a 3rd level

God is at work to WILL…………….1
1st mention
29/07/2008 23:04 Ryan Wyatt's preaching. What the
Church will increasingly
enjoy….comment on Mark Driscoll's
30/07/2008 12:59 Michael Hammond sends J.Matutis'
Prophecy about an
incredible explosion
30/07/2008 17:56 Some Jesus type descriptions He
used when He was around
1st and 2nd level types

Stereo sound example.
07/08/2008 17:25 Various Kadesh-Barnea moments
in recent history
when people refused to go forward
and a door was

closed for decades.We have to Act
on what we hear by faith.
Abraham example of how he fluffed things.
08/08/2008 09:32 What to tell your left-brain when it
thinks it's so clever.
09/08/2008 15:31 The other side of the grace coin. A very
important post
which does not negate
the grace message.

The Word as a suspended orb
descriptive picture.
11/08/2008 17:23 Would Jesus make the grade by
contemporary seminary standards?
12/08/2008 15:41 Dan's explanation of Ministry gifting.
12/08/2008 19:13 Shawna's testimony about her husband
Brian's escapades
12/08/2008 22:17 ref www.exchanged life.org and
how this message
needs joining to the Baptism
in the Spirit message
13/08/2008 14:57 Sheila's excellent reply and similar
example to the orb picture
13/08/2008 17:23 Sheila defines true success and
Kingdom Life
14/08/2008 16:44 Music that really blessed me at a
time of transition

Body of Christ get ready - IDENTITY
plus FUNCTION for the first time
in recent history

Havant's first healing rain meeting
14/08/2008 1:02
LYDIA JOY's blog comments section:
Don on NehemiahYou get one
or the other,
but the 3rd level is both.

Also excerpt from Norman's book
Who am I : The Total Remedy
17/08/2008 19:09 More than grace. The power of an
Exchanged life.
My 1980s testimony
31/082008 10:57
very important post defining what
I feel is the truth
concerning the Romans Chapters
opposed to

Ryan Rufus's explanation.
31/08/08 11:55

03/09/2008 14:02

Lydia Joy on no indwelling sin.

So what happened when the 3rd
level message began to be pro-
claimed in England in the 80s

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