Thursday 18 December 2008

We can reposition ourselves

If you want to learn more about repositioning yourself or your church I would recommend downloading this year's series of messages from Rob Rufus in Hong Kong: Invading the Impossible series, and Attitudes that attract the empowering grace of God.Here is something I wrote down earlier.

In 1986 the Spirit showed a picture of some natives in a jungle gazing skyward in awe at a metal bird. To us it is just a plane. The Spirit was saying "What is the difference between the natives and those who perhaps build the plane in America? Answer: 100 years of know-how in flight. He was saying in the same way, up until now we have been involved in praying in revivals, which have passed by us in a similar way, but never understood how or quite why. This remained a mystery. But now the Spirit wanted to take us into his confidence and give us know-how about what is really going on. The rest of this material can be found in Dan's Archives here the copy of my Letter to the Charismatic Movement 1990 posted 15th May2008.

The substance of all these blog posts comes from listening to God while tuning and driving. In the last few days I feel prompted to give some specific examples. Now in the old scheme of things, any negatives were condemnatory, sounded permanent and thus engendered dissensions and fierce battles in the Body of Christ.

Here's the good news! As in the passage above, while there still remain mysteries in God...these mysteries are not to be too mysterious. We are learning how to do stuff!!! We won't for ever and a day be a group of natives staring upward....we are being made co-workers with Christ. Co-sharers in His operations. What I call life in the order of Melchizedek ( see the post series).

You want another confirmatory verse?
"The knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea". That's the knowledge...the How to...the Spirit principles which allow us to open our hearts to God and make ourselves available to join in with His contemporary significant acts!!
Without getting too heavy about this point I do want to share a bit of 70s history. Then bring it up to date with some stuff a piano client was sharing. I knew she was a bit different when I saw Bill Johnson's book on her settee!

In 1970 Chorleywood had John Perry as minister. The AmershamOld Town Baptist Church had Eric Chambers. Goldhill Baptist nearby had David Pawson. These were all key figures in the early years of UK charismatic renewal in denominational churches. Now, unbeknown to most after all these years is this !!! All three met together regularly to pray and encourage each other. I believe some or all received input also from the nearby Slough Pentecostal pastor Billy Richards who later tragically true stoic Pentecostal form...while believing God to heal his cancer.
All 3 leaders,Perry,Chambers, and Pawson moved on to other churches, but their works remain.

Here is the enigma. All 3 churches had access to the same stuff. All shared input from apostles/prophets/international ministries of the day. If anything...the Baptist churches were ahead on the born again would be expected in those days.
So how is it that the only church anyone has heard of across Britain is Chorleywood?
Who brought in Graham Pulkingham and Body ministry, Juan Carlos Ortiz, then John Wimber in the 80s? Who founded Soul Survivor and New Wine...both conferences with national impact? Who helped HolyTrinityBrompton enable Alpha Courses, and encouraged the Toronto Blessing also with HTB?
Where were the other two churches in the national stakes? Who has even heard of them?

Well this is what my client shared. Apparently every single visiting ministry to Goldhill this year has said the same thing. God wants His church back! Now this is supernatural and should be an encouragement. He is about to fasten your seatbelts guys!

My church was the Amersham Old Town Church,now Kings Church. And when I re-visited after 32 years I was disappointed. But the same will be true of them. God wants to move. He always wants to do more than we can ask or think. And the great news is we can position ourselves!!!

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