Monday 8 December 2008

Northern Europe and Russia - Update

General note:
Some readers might get really confused as to what my position is as they trawl through these posts. In the last post I mentioned various misgivings I have...and here am I championing David Hathaway. Listen, I used to get frustrated with Billy Graham, who never once talked about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. But I was converted through his film ministry and Billy faithfully pursued his evangelistic calling to the ends of the earth and to the end of his life. Anyone introducing people to Jesus needs support and Jesus is well able to fill in any gaps through His Word and by direct Holy Spirit revelation....because He is alive!!! Here are some key historic breakthroughs happening before our eyes right now. This is very much a follow on from the Nicholas and Pam post.
David Hathaway writes:Thank you for your support during 2008 - this year we have held TV crusades and broadcast in 11 cities acrossRussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Bulgaria - in addition we have held ministry conferences in 18 locations in Europe and USA. Also each week, our Gospel programmes are shown in 74 nations, not on 'Christian' TV, but on secular TV, to unbelievers-with responses from as far apart as Greenland, Iceland, Europe and even Kuwait!
Estonia - a breakthrough in evangelism in Europe - was the most powerful crusade in my life! Then, at the beginning of this month, December, we broadcast the crusade for the whole nation to see on their most popular channels at the most popular times, with repeat broadcasts included in the price! The response is overwhelming and still coming in - the entire nation has been touched. One woman, who watched the broadcast and who had attended the actual crusade, sent this testimony: 'Thank you for your ministry in Tallinn, our small child was healed
from a skin disease. We also took our unsaved friend, who had a problem with deformed legs from childhood. When he went forward to accept Christ, his legs became hot, he looked down and saw he was completely healed! It was also wonderful to see the crusade again on our local secular TV!'
In Estonia, right now, 110,000 follow-up newspapers carrying the crusade reports are being distributed across Estonia and Latvia by the Government Social Services and other outlets! Because of the power of God in Estonia, the churches in Lithuania are now asking me to hold a similar conference and crusade in Vilnius during 2009.
I went straight from the power of the Estonia crusade into Perm in Russia - the most powerful crusade in Russia yet -1000 new converts attended the follow-up meeting, 800 joined the house groups, and 100 outstanding healings were confirmed. From Russia I went to the Russian churches in America where, in one meeting, 500 young people gave their lives to Christ! And now in Bulgaria, a few days ago, I'm seeing the power of God increasing. The need of the world is stronger and more desperate now than ever, and God will answer by fire, by power.
I need you to continue in prayer for finance. - Because of the increase in evangelism this year, we still have a debt of £150,000 in the UK, plus a debt of $400,000 (US dollars) in Russia for the last crusades.
This current crisis is creating the greatest hunger, the greatest opportunity, for evangelism. All over Europe the people are desperate for the Gospel, pastors are pleading with me to come, the churches are uniting, and the unbelievers will come in their thousands because their only hope is in Christ. - We need to clear our debt so that we can begin to plan the crusades in Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Armenia, Slovakia, as well as Holland, Germany and the UK for 2009.
I believe that, if we will wrestle with God in prayer like Jacob did, the Lord will bless us in this crisis - and not only deliver us - but cause it to be seen that He is meeting our needs when others are falling.! pray for God's peace and guidance to be with you during this economic crisis; and in January I will show you how you this is part of God's Prophetic Plan to hasten the Return of Christ!
There are some downloadable videos from these crusades:

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