Thursday 26 February 2009

News from Nicholas and Pam

In Life in the order of Melchizedek I I introduced blog readers to Nicholas and Pam who have so far been used mainly in Northern and far Northern territories. I didn't want to make too big a thing of this, and didn't include surnames or many personal details....but simply, they are forerunners of a different type and pattern of church-building....the Holy Spirit variety.

It looks higgledy piggledy. Often last minute notice. But they are meeting people God wants them to meet. So keep praying.

In the February newsletter, they have specifically requested that because of sensitivity we respect certain privacies.

So to summarise what has been going on in the country of operation, two amazing strands have occurred. Christians "on the ground" have been literally tugging at them from all sides to get them to come and lead other family members to Christ. These concern small family meetings or small house meetings , or meetings in their own apartment.

In Parliament various MPs of significance have been giving their lives to the Lord as Nicholas and Pam have been sharing. That is all I can share I am afraid....
but this is what they say of your prayers, and ours here and wherever Nicholas and Pam are known..........

Through your prayers we have experienced a level of favour in the last six months that has been amazing. ..............We write these things not to put the spotlight on us, but on Jesus, who has given us unprecedented doors of opportunity to walk through. ............. The gospel in essence is simple, but what has been amazing is the boldness and strategy with which to communicate with people their need of God and His salvation. The truth is that other Christians have done the hard work of preparation through prayer in the parliament and we have had the privilege of reaping an easy harvest.

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