Wednesday 25 February 2009

Shout Out to Shawna

Lydia Joy has just sent this shout out which I echo....and probably Dan would also echo...but I don't want to put words in Dans's mouth.

Hey Chris............this has nothing to do with your post.......I was listening to Sarah MacMillan a singer whose music SHAWNA recommended to me, and I thought of our dear Shawna and began to miss, have you heard anything from her of late? Here's a shout out to Shawna - I MISS YOU!!!
I am preparing stuff for posting. You will understand why it took so long when you see it...but I believe it is one of the greatest unsung messages from last year and needs transcribing. It is a message from Peter Stott, and I fully expected God to arrange for him to share the same thing from the Florida platform when he went there. I felt it opened into things that I've only really heard Norman Grubb touch...but this was new...and it bridged the Thy Kingdom Come message of Ern baxter and the present day....more soon
Lydia Joy and I are reading through the new Arthur Blessitt book on his 38 year Cross Walk and have been sharing notes on Facebook...more soon
The practical ramifications of theis 3rd level walk are so different from what we have known a way Rob Rufus' recent messages see Hong Kong City Church archives....tap in to some of I wanted to give some practical examples that people are walking out...more soon
People on Facebook know that I have been away for a week restoring a grand piano, which finished well I believe. I discovered my mobile could just about handle I felt less cut off from everybody. ....In amongst all the inanity, it can be a useful tool and some inanity is fun. I would urge everyone that wants to to discover it's positive capabilities.My friend Paul Noble has just started a Facebook group called "Prophetic Voice" for example.
SHOUT OUTS Work.!!!! Shawna's reply at 2nd March in the comments section


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...
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Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Hi Chris and Lydia!
So I did just sign up for a facebook account! If you'd like to look me up on that network that would be cool. You'd be my first friends apart from my sister, who sent me a request a LONG time ago. I've been a little sheepish about it, but a friend that moved south last year really wanted me to join to stay in touch better too. I just saw yesterday, the "shout out" that was posted on your blog Chris. I've been checking into both your blogs fairly regularly, being blessed by them, but for one reason or another just not leaving comments. (OK, you know that I'm way timid about posting things for the world to read).

I LOVED that prophecy by Mark Stibbe that you posted a while back, Chris. I'm so glad that you shared that, I know I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. I think I've been a little (sometimes a lot) freaked out about all the crazy stuff going on economically, politically, etc, all over the world. It has been a real mental battle when things seem so out of control (my control, that is! Oh boy.).

I just started reading a biography about Watchman Nee over the weekend, so when I saw that you were reading "The Normal Christian Life", Lydia, I thought that was pretty cool. I loved reading your posts as you thought about your testimony, too.

Brian and I just got back from a weekend down in Connecticut where we went to a meeting with Jason Westerfield. He was the "consolation prize" that Patricia King offered to City Church when she said that she couldn't go to their conference after all. Have either of you heard of the film "The Finger of God"? It's about miracles that God is doing all over the world, released in 2007, so fairly current. Anyway, Brian and I really enjoyed it. Jason was in the film and so being the closest to where we live, we were keen to see him. We crashed a healing meeting (which I'll admit I felt a little bad about, since neither of us were ill, and it ment that someone else couldn't go). But in the end I was so happy that we did go. It was actually more of an equiping meeting, although there was healing going on all over the place too. Jason wasn't a "guru" (can't you just hear Rob Rufus saying this word, with the rolled "r"?), and he tied together and reinforced so many things that God's been showing me for the last while. I felt like God wrapped his goodness and kindness up and dropped it in my lap.

After Chris posted that blog entry about the Hadron (sp) going offline for repairs, things got pretty quiet. Brian stopped the meetings on Friday night at the sober house. We're not really in wharehousedom though. Just waiting. Locally, the buzz is a new meeting that we're starting as a church in the evenings. I'm pretty dumbstruck by it actually. We rent space in a middle school caffeteria. And all of a sudden we're starting a second service in the most promenent building in downtown Portsmouth. This big congregational church, smack in the center of everything, an icon. George Washington worshipped there, George Whitefield preached there. I really related to the post that Dan did recently about Newfrontiers and it's recent sway towards being "reformissional". It's pretty evident at our church as we're counting down the weeks to this new meeting. Aggh! A little scary. It's the whole ox cart thing. Our pastor has preached two messages recently that I'd say pretty much nailed the gospel of grace though. The invites for the new meeting includes the phrase "Leave religion at the door. This is about Jesus", and he was preaching into this slogan. But the message tends to be pretty mixed generally, so the response to the gospel hasn't been great because it seems a little schitzophrenic, as Rob would say. Brian is going to start teaching a mid-week foundations course for the church for the first time, and he's really hoping to lay out grace week after week. Who knows what this year will bring. A church-wide belly flop would be really sad, I'm praying for so much more though.

Thanks for the "shout out"! I hope that I didn't blab too much in this response. I'm alive! I'm well!!! Love, Shawna