Wednesday 12 August 2009

Accountability - Your views please

This extract is from Stories of the Supernatural that release the power of Jesus
Kris Valotton see ibethel video 258"You have to develop accountability in your lifeAccountability is not people who are having the same struggles.That's called..... friends.How do you know if you are accountable to the right person?Well....if you fail, you'll be nervous about telling them. I'm not talking about paranoid.(Then describes the difference between telling a peer and telling someone who can affect your life)" posted on facebook
After 2 or 3 incredible chapters in Ephesians describing who we really are, and how we are to operate from this revelation, Paul gets down to the little matter of Lordship in our lives.People to whom we are accountable and it will affect us - BIG time.Family. Work. Authorities.See chapters 4 and 5.Nothing is said here particularly about in the church.Saints the whole issue of how we do church is under scrutiny.
New materials are available.
Frank Viola - Reimagining Church.
Corinthian Elders (more later) Jack Fortenberry.
Red Moon Rising - Pete Greig
The Bonsai Conspiracy - Paul Anderson Walsh.
How do we respond to them?
What are your insights?
Perhaps I'll blog the results.


The Lewis Family said...

Accountability being one of those laws one must enforce in order to be a good Christian. Aah! What a crock of umm nonsense. That gets under my skin! Emphasis on what we do is what gets us into trouble in the first place. And the only person I would be nervous telling would be a legalist ha ha ha. But hey, anyone who reminds me who I am. . . truly am. . . by all means!

You are having too much fun posting this one. . .

The Lewis Family said...

Difference between telling a peer vs someone that can affect your life. Mmmm. . . Friends are useless go to leaders. . . Friends cannot effect your life I guess.

The body of Christ. The emphasis on Jesus. The organic (natural) form of hanging out and being reminded. Being stirred up in the faith. In Jesus. Doesn't happen at a whole lotta "church" gatherings on Sunday. Has happened a whole lot in a house filled with FRIENDS of like mind and unique giftings over a meal togther. . .

Leonard said...

Hi Chris, I read once that someone observed how, accountability groups turn into competition groups, and that in the end only the winner shows up.
Best to you and yours

lydia said...

My account is clear thanks to Jesus!!! :) Only His performance mattered and matters!!

(Leo - good observation ;)