Monday 10 August 2009

The Sobriety Debate

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Paul Noble
I'm going to be a spoil sport. (but maybe I'm a prophet?) I think this stuff is excessive and boring. Personally I'm tired of the same old "fleshly manifestations". Fortunately I know my bible a little bit. 1 cor 14:20 Brothers do not be children in your thinking yet in evil be babes, but IN YOUR THINKING BE MATURE""However in the church I desire to speak five words with my mind that I might instruct others also rather than 10 thousand words with a tongue. "( or in today's parlance fall over, laugh etc etc etc.) Therefore gird your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.... Read moreI want to see christians DO stuff rather than just party while the world moves closer to hell.
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Aida Collazo
In the past, those types of meetings were fun and exciting but there never was any real impact on my life. Once all of the hoopla was over, I needed another fix.My life is definitely more quiet now but I feel it's more real.
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Tony Bellows
I think that these kind of meetings can be addictive, which shows how as Christians we must be aware that anything can become a form of idolatry. Joy Davidman once said (in Smoke on the Mountain) that it was especially dangerous for Christians because it could be so subtle.
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Chris Welch
Hey all you sober guys....anyone who has read my blog knows where I am coming from, I can out- sober you all any day...but can I remind you that God began His work in a party, he instituted 3 great Feasts, the third one we haven't really seen fulfilled yet...and is the most party like after the sober Day of atonement...and lastly the fun stuff is the way the New Wine of the Spirit breaks in on tired burdened broken lives as they emerge out of the hell of sweating for secular Pharoahs who sell their existence down the drain in Stock Marketing Pits.As you sober 3rd levellers bow the knee before your Father in Intercession...don't be shocked by the Party you are unleashing the other side of the room! Watchman Nee went back to prison, got his tongue cut out and died in a prison cell in 1972. The other side of the world Christine, me and gazillions of others were swept in on a Spirit tidal wave.

I realise also this video is a reaction itself to religiosity. So it is hardly a normal representation...but an exaggeration to wind the windable!

To Aida and others like myself who have found a more long term answer to the whole root of the matter, in these days I still want to give us all a kick in the pants and say we haven't got hold of the real until we have got both The River and The Tree of Genesis and Revelation. This is what used to drive me nuts about the sober Zerubbabel group.

Here's the Biblical challenge which I put to them too : Signs and wonders follow after those who believe. My life is hardly a representation of that either. But it does contain bits which keep me encouraged.

All of us have sat through those sermons given by men who play the sobriety card because it gives them instant spiritual cred...

It makes them appear more mature.

Why? In my blog I have sought to analyse this. This is how it works.

When we are children we are incredibly balanced left-brain to right-brain. We trust. We believe. We imagine. But we also think out. We analyse. We put things together.

In a world where Satan rules, we learn to stick with what we can hear, smell, touch, taste.

So in Satan's Kingdom, the best people are chosen by their ability to categorise, enumerate, articulate what is there. They learn to do this to an incredible degree. Only one problem. This is all one-sided.

In the Spirit where we operate from is from an unseen realm, that's not yet visible, but becomes visible by our faith. To the secular people it appears childlike, because it's the bit of them they traded in the "Great Exchange" to appear more grown up in the world. It takes them back to that world they used to live in, but chose to discard.

Here is the rub.

Every real advance like Einstein,

Like the Periodic Table in chemistry

Like Mendel and genetics

Like every major resonating film, painting, TV programme

was not made using the left-brain as its initiation point. So the irony is, the people who dare to go counter the flow and actually ignore the best advice of everyone else, end up with the ultimate plaudits. Some in their lifetime . Some after. This is one of the biggest ironies of the secular world. But no one sees why. Because nobody thinks it out.

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