Friday 30 July 2010

It's Not Going Away- the latest blog review of CE

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Corinthian Elders by Jack Fortenberry is a 92 page commentary. The book consists of a prologue and ten sections. At the end, I found an epilogue, appendixes, and a short list of recommended sites.

The writing is deep and the information is well-researched. Jack Fortenberry did a great job of presenting it. He translates words from the New Testament into the Greek meaning. He brought to light entirely new ideas for me. It made me re-think the church and how it should look today. Not many books strike my interest like this. I had to share my new found knowledge with my mom and, in turn, I sparked her interest in reading this book. Corinthian Elders truly changed my outlook on what the church should really be about. It’s not a building; it’s not our leaders. Instead we should focus on Jesus and really fellowship with our brothers and sisters.

I recommend Corinthian Elders to readers who are interested in the church, and the roles we should have in it. I think that this book would make for an interesting Bible study for men and women. It’s enlightening, but it might not be for everyone; like I said, it digs deep. A really interesting book!

God bless!

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