Tuesday 13 July 2010

New Privacy Settings

NEW PRIVACY SETTINGS- A.Christopher Welch - May2010
Written on the day Facebook were told to change their privacy apps. Shared with a handful of Facebook friends, published in a newsletter Sylvia Pearce puts out. Printed here on the day after Facebook's Privacy Settings again hit the news in July.

I have changed my privacy settings
From sullen
And closed
And hidden in reference
To what I expect of you,
And indeed what I expect of me.....in terms of hidden agendas that I tell no one....

In truth my privacy settings
Were reset for me
2000 years ago.....
From black hole
Sucking all into the heart of me
Hidden, afraid, always hungry

Now reset on the Cross
That 2 way switch
That reprogrammed my minus
With the one Plus sign of eternity..

I nolonger care if you know my business,
My business is your business
And.....if your settings are reset
Yours can be mine...

There is now no competition because you cannot exclude me from the Universe
Even if you try you will fail...
As I could never exclude you

For my new privacy settings
Are inclusive.
They nolonger seek to shut out the purposed
the meant..
The destined.
For me
Or for you.

My new privacy settings are just
Not that private!
It is written of me in the Book
For all to see
"I come to do your will".


I have little time for people who think they have THE HOTWIRE TO HEAVEN.
Why? Because such a hotwire is corporate. If your Christianity does not have me in it, and mine does not have you in.... something somewhere is not on the right foundation.

You are at the stage Sarai was at with Abraham, before she became Sarah which means Princess. Sarai, means contentious or bitter.

I particularly go bananas at womenfolk who are "Jesus and me, (a bit like) Jesus is my boyfriend and you cannot touch. " But this is equally so with 2ndlevel charismatic ministries....male ones.

The truth is honey.....the truth is sir.....I can touch. You see if it's the same Jesus....it has to work for both of us.....and it has to be building us together.

If a church is stifling huge parts of your personality....the true one....the Christ breathing through you one, what's up with the Church that won't receive you? Hmmmm....something wrong with the church's privacy settings.

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