Wednesday 18 May 2011

Christine's 2nd example : players in an orchestra

LSO Rehearsal - Timpani in the foreground

Many people were blessed by Christine's first example here : the hanging Basket

However the other day she was describing how in an orchestra , it is not given to the players to enjoy a balanced sound. The full balanced sound of an orchestra as imagined by a composer is only enjoyed by the audience.

The players are there to play.
To be a part of the whole.
To concentrate on THEIR sections.
To get their bits right.

It is the conductor's job to check the overall balance.
All the woodwind section may hear are full volume blasts of the brass section breathing down their necks. This may not necessarily be much fun. But this is what they are called to.

They cannot change position.
They cannot wander down to the front near the conductor to get that overall balance of sound.
They are not responsible either to do anything other than their bit.
The woodwind are not responsible for the double basses. The conductor is.

We may have no idea why God is positioning us where He is positioning us. We are called to do what we are called to do....someone else is responsible for their call. We may never hear or see the whole picture.....but both heaven's witnesses, and others differently positioned on the earth may see the whole touched....and absolutely amazed at the multifaceted riches manifest through the Body that is the Christ in the Earth.


2son said...

This was really fun. Love that line, "They cannot wander down to the front near the conductor..." Brian

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

wow you responded quick! God bless you