Wednesday 18 May 2011

Things Computers Teach us

Computer Games

A well constructed computer game releases new further content as the game progresses.
This is a picture for this young gaming generation of these life related, and by extrapolation, spirit - related principles :

Getting things right OPENS further doors.
Getting things right produces results which in turn reproduce ; thus success is not linear, success becomes exponential.

This is the side of the Kingdom that IS NOT socialist. God loves everyone and is equally openhearted to everyone, but He is not a socialist. (Nor is He just a status quo reactionary Tory either)

Computer Viruses
What is the distinctive character of a virus?
There is no uninstall button!!!

In God's Kingdom there is always an uninstall button. God wants people who want to be with Him, and are not just with Him under sufferance.

The devil is a liar. He cons his way in and he never provides an uninstall button.

Jesus has the major uninstall button for the devil and all his works. In fact, the old creation was uninstalled at the Cross.

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2son said...

what a great line, "Not just under sufferance." Brian