Monday 6 June 2011

Google Blogger doesn't now work with my Internet Explorer

I have been forced to use other browsers to prepare these posts. But other browsers have other glitches and bugs.

The problem with Internet Explorer probably revolves around additional security software, which asks if we want to receive sections of pages that cannot be verified on secure servers. Quite often the Edit HTML page will let you add images or text, but as soon as you return to the compose screen, Internet Explorer will shut down , then reload Blogger as it was before minus what you have just added. One trick is to press save in HTML as soon as you've loaded anything new.

I like to make links to images and texts on my blog. Images often are unlinkable in other browsers in the Compose screen.
Safari - unlinkable images
Opera -unlinkable images
Internet Explorer - nothing works
Google Chrome - unlinkable images
Firefox - linkable images

Time to load blog page

Safari 5.98secs
Opera 6.91secs
Internet Explorer 8.59 secs
Chrome 3.02 secs
Firefox 5.16 secs

Staggeringly Google chrome is sometimes not even compatible with their own blogger product.
Use of coloured text does seem to be compatible,
but change Font size in Google chrome it will not register in Internet Explorer.

Because of the huge numbers of people using blogger, any bugs or glitches seem to be able only to be discussed in online forums, you cannot contact google direct.
Please reply to this in my comment section if you can help on any of these points.

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