Thursday 26 July 2012

In the light of the Aurora Event.....

I am reissuing this link, which explains the mechanisms by which "events" happen.

The Virginia Connection

Please be aware of these two videos also

As of yesterday this last video's message did not happen.

Weekend's subsequent conversations
      • Judy Povey ‎10 past 4 has come and gone.... phew!
      • Jeremy Culverhouse And I think she meant 10 past 9... Which is when the actual ceremony started ... And that equally has passed. So now we need to wait and see what happens on Wednesday. If nothing happens , I wonder whether she will have the humility, integrity and honesty to apologise and say maybe she just got it wrong...
      • Judy Povey I'd be interested to know if she does, or terrified if the Wednesday event happens !!
      • Chris Welch
        Whatever the outcome of her message, certainly from months of studying things it seems we are forced at the momen to live in a world where we pay for ruthless damage, or pay for security. The costs of the Olympic security run to 1 billion p...See more
        Yesterday at 13:24 · · 1
      • Chris Welch Historic fact: Mussolini put many Mafia godfathers away in prison. At the end of the war the CIA "liberated" all of them. Why you ask? What possible link? Just google it.
      • Jeremy Culverhouse
        The real issue is in your original statement ... Is it God? Is at least one layer God... So far it's a resounding NO.. In fact it's false prophecy and we shouldn't couch it in any other terms and not allow ourselves to be conduits of fear ....See more
        17 hours ago via Mobile ·
      • Chris Welch
        The timing is absolutely false...unless there is something in the timing we're not getting. For example...not in this case....but many of the Biblical prophecy timings are severely naffed up because the times and seasons were messed around ...See more
        16 hours ago ·
      • Jeremy Culverhouse Why do you personalise things to the fluffy things that Tony Morton and I come out of.. You've never met me , you know nothing of my background... It's a remarkably defensive position to take when I quite simply said ,it didn't happen in the Very specific time she says it would ...
        16 hours ago via Mobile ·
      • Jeremy Culverhouse You were a part of Pete Stott's church in Havant , I believe , and when the prophetic word about the Thames flooding didn't happen I was one of the people asking for complete clarification , something that I've done with Graham Cook and others ...
        16 hours ago via Mobile ·
      • Chris Welch
        I am not defending this lady nor attacking her. It's an interesting, bemusing, thing that has come our way.It's as interesting as Gary Sigler,Joseph Black,Francois DuToit,AndreRabe all saying there is no devil, it's just our thoughts.So what do we do, forget about everyone's communications? Or do we seek to find out what went wrong? Or what, in this case she didn't understand correctly?
        One of the privileges I have is that I can attack Tony Morton,Ian McCulloch,Peter Stott and yourself if you were in leadership with them over specifics that were not part of your gospel. Others don't have this privilege because they were part of the machine. I was rejected from1972 onwards by the whole machine. Now I can articulate why? At one level it was complete ignorance that there was a Father level, or third stage of growth, and consequently as we move into this, a complete ignorance of the Goliath on Earth, and thus no real attack game.That all said I have no further attack. That generation deals with it and moves on, or repeats the church cycle of generations to attack the next one down.
      • Willem Boshoff
        I happened on this thread by accident and I did not watch the video clip. What I need to correct however is that, to my knowledge, neither FrancoisduToit nor AndreRabe ever said that there is no devil; those guys are scripturally sound; there was a bunch of people doing the rounds on one of the groups they are associated with that were trying to punt the "no devil" idea and that was refuted. I urge you to be sure of your facts before putting people's names to it. Please.
      • Chris Welch Well I'll have to check that out. Thanks Willem. But I know the person who took over from Andre in a group on the web happily says this, and Andre has not contradicted him. So you can see why I came to that conclusion. Andre personally authorised him to take over.
      • Chris Welch Hopefully with enough people talking about this, we can reverse anybody's plans.....I prefer talk with egg on our faces to horrible horrible things>>>>
        The undercover journalist who blew the whistle on G4S, the security company resp...See more
        20 minutes ago · ·
      • Willem Boshoff Both have a Christ centered message and hence the devil does not get much attention; saying the devil is a defeated foe is obviously different from saying he doesn't exist.
      • Chris Welch
        Maybe Madrid did have basque involvement, but i think if we had throne of God 20 20 vision you will discover rogue security service training and involvement. Now you can all talk theory, but on the DAY before the Madrid bombing I was used in a meeting to do what this woman was trying to do to warn Peter Stott who was flying out that same day or 24hours or so to a routiine leaders session. God didn't tell me what it was. I've never had this before or since in 40 years prophetic....but I just had the phrase graphically described as a shop window sign, amended, BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL. Perhaps with that background you can understand more about what I'm doing here.
      • Jim Marjoram Umm, not meaning to be rude and maybe I'm just being difficult.... but haven't we got better things to do like feeding the poor, widows, orphans, the sick and broken hearted, pouring His heart of love and compassion out on the world, all that sort of boring stuff that God is really concerned about?
      • Chris Welch Perhaps we'll still be alive for that then Jim

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