Monday 2 July 2012

Re-Issue : Letter To A Christian Pharisee Part Two by Rich Novek

Rich and Linda Novek
This post which you can click on here  is one of a handful of extraordinarily popular posts  on this blog.
It has been read thousands of times already, and this is your chance to catch up if you've not read it yet.

Since December 2010 when it was written, if Rich and Linda weren't going through enough already, Rich nearly died the following year, spending months out of action unable to earn.

He is now up and running again and he, Linda and Joan Reilly are "Rich in Christ " Ministries and can be contacted here:
and at the email

They would just love to travel to you and share some of the nuts and bolts of the faith life.
Some of you have noticed that St Paul criticised others for sharing "the Different Gospel".
 These guys have a lot of Light one WHAT IS and WHAT ISN'T the gospel.

Some of the greatest conmen have made their money supplying sales products that really aren't the genuine article, but look extremely like the real thing. Christianity is not different.

But True Christianity has SEED.

Let Rich in Christ Ministries come and visit your family..... of hells angels bikers!!!!!

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