Thursday 4 October 2012

David Hathaway Reports on Poland

Dear Ministry Partners
Thank you for your prayer and financial support, This is so important to us. The report from Poland is wonderful -`exceedingly abundantly, above what we could ask, think or imagine,'
This has been our most successful evangelism ever! On the Friday we filled the opera house to overflowing with more than 1000 people for an intimate evening when the business and cultural and political elite came.
As always I preached Christ and almost everyone stood to say the sinners prayer. Then in the aviation Museum it was an incredible sight. Up till now we have taken sports halls seating up p to 6,000 and football stadiums -- but this tin-ic we had rented a whole airfield! On the Saturday approximately 48,000 checked in through the gates and on Sunday approximately 32,000, The programme started at 2.00 pm and did not finish until after 8.00 pm. We had prograrnmes for old and young .- Gospel stories and action for the kids in one tent - worship groups and singers in another--the American basketball players, all MBA members who know Christ as Saviour, played and gave their testimonies in the large tent. Ron Kenoly the Gospel singer from the USA at the last minute was unable to attend, but he sent his sons and brother with their backing group - they were fabulous. - We had two famous international Opera Singers who sang and testified. In the middle, at about 4.00 pm I came on the big stage to preach Christ and call sinners to repent and pray with the sick. Then the programme continued with various bands and the Kenoiy singers until even the teenagers were tired! We had big screens all over the ground so that everyone could take part.
Two major results: First that the programme is being shown all over Poland on TV and over Europe on several other channels. Second is that the Catholics supported us strongly and within hours of the end, while I was still in Poland, I have been invited by two separate Catholic Dioceses to repeat the event next year, probably in Katovice.
You can watch the services online and view all the photograph reports by visiting:
As you know we were in Israel in June speaking to the Holocaust survivors,. The situation in Israel is critical because of the threat of war -- either because Israel will attack Iran to destroy their nuclear weapons - or an Islamic nation will attack Israel to prevent this. In any case, time is short in Israel because it is expected that war will start either in November or December this year! When there is any attack it will be totally impossible to gather thousands of Jewish 'people in one place as we do. At this time we have the support not just of Messianic Jews - but of all the Holocaust Survivors associations, and even the survivors of WWII. Even the Israeli Government are aware of what we are doing and allow it. No one else has this favour in Israel, probably because I spent a year in a communist prison, I myself lived through WWII and I understand them. We are also spending more than £100,000 on food and clothing and the relief of their poverty.
We have been invited back to Israel to evangelise with the Holocaust Survivors - 8, 9, 10 November this year. But we need financial support because the total cost of renting the largest auditorium in Haifa and paying for more than 1.00 busses to bring the people from all over Israel - from Be'er Sheva in the south to the extreme north on the Syrian border will cost us approximately -E400,000. We desperately need your help and support both in prayer and finance,
We now have confirmed that I shall be receiving an official invitation back to Georgia to hold another major Evangelistic Ministry in the largest stadium 8, 9, 10 March 2013. This shows the powerful effect of the last evangelism two years ago which shook the whole nation. There will be an election next year and the government believe that evangelism will affect the outcome for the nation! This shows what is happening now that God is moving over Europe by the power of the Holy Spirit — through evangelism. This is Revival on a scale not seen in Europe for over 200 years! 1 hear people talking about so-called revival — but this is actually happening right now — in Europe. Such is the Power following the preaching of such a simple Gospel of Jesus Christ, confirmed by the miraculous, with outstanding healings which are powerful and confirmed.
I am too close to what is happening to fully comprehend — but what is taking place is clearly not fulfilling all those claims of so-called prophets — but does confirm what Hudson Taylor saw in 1889 — the last great revival did begin in Russia and is now sweeping slowly across Europe — and significantly also Israel. But the power and speed is rapidly increasing as we approach Armageddon!
Our only problem is that the cost is now so enormous — we have now to fund the final payments for Poland, the money for Israel and today we have to pay the deposits for Georgia next year! Please pray for a miracle — or we shall have to cancel some future evangelism! Our November services in Israel are so critical, they need £500,000, but I have limited it to a maximum of £400,

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