Sunday 7 October 2012

The Earth Is Splitting...Part Two by Edward Kjos

  Discovered through Annalize Mouton after the first post.

A Herding by Edward Kjos
As the Lord begins to bundle the tares for their time of judgment, the satanic seed in the earth is actively involved in herding what we know of “humanity”, albeit the human race, down a path towards imminent destruction, that is, if it were possible. 
Are we speaking of a nuclear war?  No, not really, however, we cannot eliminate what direction things in the earth will take.
What we do see is a herding going on.  A herding of the human race into a mindset and paradigm that without question, does have as its end result, the demise of what we have known as life to this point.
The flip side is the gathering of the satanic seed, the tares, as they are being bundled themselves for judgment.
As well, we are seeing a true in-gathering, an in-gathering of God’s sons as they prepare for the greatest transformation of life they have ever known.
There are overlapping realities happening during this time, and depending upon your ability to see, you will either focus upon the growth of evil in the earth and their subsequent plans, or you will see the hand of God positioning His sons to move into the full reigning in Christ….the kingship ministry of Christ in the earth.
And this is what it is all about.  There is a herding, but the herding that is truly going on is a bundling of the tares.
Everything the sons have experienced until now has been in preparation, for now is the time.  You are at the wedding of Cana.  And as Christ’s mother, said “do whatever He tells you.”…..yet Christ said it was not His time.
There is a strong parallel here, for it would seem that it is not your time, yet.  But the need always manifests before the provision is realized in a believer's life.  The need is for the sons of God to move into the full dominion and authority of Christ in the earth.  To literally subject every kingdom.  To put on their crowns, to step into the shoes that always seemed a size or 2 bigger than what you have known.  But God is saying, it is the time.  Your tent pegs are being stretched.  You are growing into those shoes.  Mary knew it was Christ’s time, seemingly before Christ, Himself, recognized it.  And so the Holy Spirit, as a Mary to you, is bearing witness that it is your time.  It is the time for the sons of God.
The structure of control in the earth has been brought down.  The image cut out of the mountain in Daniel has come and has hit the image at the feet, and it is crumbling.  It is over, although there may still seem as though there is life yet in the snake.  The head has been cut off.  The covering has been removed, much like the time when the children of Israel went into Canaan.  When they first spied out the land, they saw that God had removed the covering over the giants in the land.  It was done.
And so it is now.  The covering over the satanic seed in the earth has been removed.  And the judgment cannot be averted this time.

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