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Quality Reads 1 : Annalize Mouton's Library

Annalize Mouton has prepared an incredible library of PDFs for downloading.
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Ern Baxter on Priestly Clothing
Divinely Elected.
I want to start at rather a strange point and begin by talking to you about election.  Election is a very puzzling subject.  People don’t like to talk about it – predestination.  They want you to get off that right away.  But election is a very necessary part of your theological equipment.  Don’t think of theology as some profound science that is confined to a few experts.  All of you have your theology.  Theology consists of your views of God – so you all have some theology.  And if you don’t start at election then you put the first button in the 2nd button hole and the whole vest is improperly buttoned.  When you think of election let me help you think of election; “In the beginning God …”.  There was a time in the history of the cosmos when there was no-one but God.  Isaiah, speaking the words of God channelled through him has Jehovah saying; “I am God – before Me there was no God and after Me there shall be no God”.  He is God alone.  If you can think in the time frame, there was a “time” when there was no-one and nothing but God.  There weren’t any angels, there was no universe, there was no sun, no moon, there was no earth, and there was no planets.  There was no material existence – there was God.  Therefore everything that has come to pass has been from God.  Before Me” He said, “there was no other”.  Nobody begat God.  God doesn’t have a Father.  He doesn’t have anybody before Him or after Him.  He stands in infinite singularity.  Therefore everything that is, comes from God.  The earth is elected.  The sun is elected.  Everything is elected because when you start from God – God must have elected to do whatever has been done. 

Therefore the important thing for us tonight is to find out why God elected us and why God chose us and why God did the things He did so there can be meaning in our lives.  In the beginning” God elected the heavens and the earth.  Now I know it says He ‘created’ but He elected to create.  So the heavens and the earth are an evidence of God’s sovereign, infinite, independent, singular, unilateral decision to do something.  How many don’t understand what I’m saying?  How many do understand what I’m saying?  What I’m trying to do is to get you to see tonight … Howard touched on it so excellently when he spoke of humanism.  Humanism is a consensus of unregenerate philosophical conjectures.  Its man sitting down and trying to figure out what things are – having a vote on what you think is the best idea. 

Revelation is what comes from the God before whom there was no-one and from whom all things have come, who tells us what things are – why they have come and what His intention is for them[1].  So it’s extremely important that we find out what God has in mind for all of these things.  We can’t give you a rundown on history from the beginning – that’s not our purpose tonight.  Let’s look at it redemptively.  In the process of time, given the Fall and the Flood, there came a time when God elected Abraham.

Now let me say something to you about this matter of election in terms of God’s right to make a choice.  Many times we’ve said why did God choose Abraham?  Why?  I don’t know why – the answer to that is that it’s really none of your business.  I have some real problems with the men God chose.  Peter for instance gives me some real problems.  There are others.  In fact I give myself some problems!  And you might think about it for a moment – why did God choose you?........................

A Compendium Of Repentance -  Jacob Boehme 1575-1624
13.  Yet let him not despair of the Divine Grace, but of himself only, and of his own Abilities; and let him, with his whole Strength and with all his Powers, bow down himself in his Soul, in the Presence of God.  And though his own Heart be utterly against it, and say to him, Do it not, stay awhile, it will not be convenient Today: Or if it say, Thy Sins are too great, it cannot be that thou shouldst attain the Grace of God; and so he comes into such Anguish that he cannot pray, nor receive any Comfort or Strength in his Heart, but is as if his Soul was quite blind and dead to God, yet he must be still resolute, as considering that the Promise of God is a certain infallible Truth; and with a submissive Heart sigh to the Divine Mercy, and in his great Unworthiness wholly resign himself thereto.
14.  And though indeed he esteem himself quite unworthy, as being a Stranger and an Alien, to whom the Inheritance of Christ does not any more belong, as being one that has forfeited and lost his Right to it, yet he should stedfastly rest upon Christ's Word, as knowing it to be certainly true, viz. that he came to seek and save that which was lost, that is to say, the poor Sinner who is blind, dead, and lost to God.  He must firmly imprint this Promise in himself, and take up a strong Purpose and Resolution, that he will not go forth from the promised Grace of God in Christ, though Body and Soul should perish, and though he should get no Comfort in his Heart all the Days of his Life, or the least Assurance of the Remission of his Sins; as considering and knowing that the Promises of God are more sure and firm than all Comfort whatsoever.
15.  Also let him purpose to himself, and bind his Will most firmly in this Resolution, that he will never again enter into the former beastial Images and Vices.  Yea, though all the Swine and evil Beasts in him should lament to the Death the Loss of their Food and Pastime, and he himself should be a fool in the Account of all the World for so doing, yet that he would still be faithful to his Resolution of cleaving to the promised Grace of God; and if he must come to be a Child of Death, he would desire to be so in the Death of Christ, to die and live to him at his Pleasure.  And let him act and execute this his purpose by continually praying and sighing to God, and commit all his Endeavours, Undertakings, and Labours unto him, and cease from the Imagination or Inclination of Pride, Covetousness, and Envy.  Let him but deliver up these three Beasts, and the rest will soon become weak, faint, and ready to die.  For Christ will soon get a form in the Words of his Promise, which that man imprints in himself and wraps himself in, and so come to Life and begin to work in him; whereby his Prayers will become powerful, and he will be more and more strengthened and confirmed in the Spirit of Grace.
16.  And as the Seed in the Mother's Womb undergoes the Casualties of Nature and many outward Accidents in growing to be a Child, and before it gets Life; so here, the more resolutely, and through the more Opposition, a Man goes forth from himself, and out of these Images, the more speedily and thoroughly he enters into God, till at length Christ comes to be living in the incorporated Grace; which is effected in and through the great Earnestness of the Purpose and Strife.  Upon which there presently follows the betrothing or espousal with Virgin Sophia, viz. the precious Humanity of Christ, wherein the two Lovers, the Soul and the Humanity of Christ, receive and embrace one another with Joy, and together with most inward Desire, penetrate into the sweet Love of God.  And forthwith the Marriage of the Lamb is solemnized, where Virgin Sophia, the precious Humanity of Christ is vitally united to the Soul.  Now what is done at that Marriage, and with what Joy it is celebrated, Christ himself signifies, by saying, There is greater Joy in the Heaven (which is in Man) and among the Angels in the Presence of God, for one Sinner that repenteth, than for ninety-nine just Persons that need no Repentance.
17.  But we have neither Pen that can write, nor Words that can express what that exceeding sweet Grace of God in the Humanity of Christ is, and what they enjoy, who come worthily to the Marriage of the Lamb.  We ourselves indeed have found it by Experience in this our Way and Course, and therefore certainly know that we have a sure Ground from which we write; and we would from the Bottom of our Heart most willingly impart the same to our Brethren in the Love of Christ; who, if they would believe and follow our faithful child-like Counsels, would find by Experience also in themselves, from whence it is that this simple Hand knows and understands these great Mysteries.
18.  But having heretofore written a Treatise at large expressly concerning Repentance and Regeneration, we here forbear to write more in this short Direction, and refer the Reader to * that Treatise; as also that great Work upon Genesis, called the Mysterium Magnum, in which he may find the Ground of whatsoever he will or can ask, sufficiently laid down.  And we admonish him in true Christian Love, to follow us in our Process and Way, and then he shall attain the Divine Vision in himself, and hear what the Lord through Christ speaks in him; and herewith we commend him to the Love of Christ...............................

Melchisedek by EE Brooks
Very little is said about Melchizedek in the Bible. There is even less said about him in the church realm. I was
raised in a major denomination for 20 years. I also attended their Bible College for 2 years. Never in all those
years did I hear any sermon or teaching on Melchizedek. I would often ask, "Who is Melchizedek?"
Hebrews 7:1
For this Melchizedek
, King of Salem, Priest of the Most High God, Who Met Abraham
from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him;
When ever I would ask someone about Melchizedek the reply was usually "
" I would say, "
One person replied, "Do you mean
, the guy who lived 969 years?" I said, "No Melchizedek, theguy who met Abraham and is
as reported in Hebrews!" He looked at me funny and said, "What?You mean Melchizedek was still alive when Hebrews was written?" I then started to turn my Bible to Hebrews
7:8 where it says that
WITNESSED meeting Melchizedek and reported that HE LIVETH!
Hebrews 7:8
And here men that die
receive tithes; but there he
receiveth them , of whom
that HE (Melchizedek!) LIVETH
The author of the book of Hebrews knew someone who saw Melchizedek! An unnamed person in Hebrewsbares witness that Melchizedek was Still Alive. The same Melchizedek that received tithes from Abraham inGenesis was still walking this earth. I believe with all my heart that Melchizedek is still on earth today and isAlive & Well! It is no coincidence that there are multiple references to the "
Order of Melchizedek" as havingthe power of an
Endless Life
. There is relatively little written about Melchizedek in Hebrews. There are only 2
references to Melchizedek in the Old Testament. The Old Testament spelling is a little different,
The New Testament spelling is
but both are referring to the same person. Melchizedek is a
Priest and Jesus is a Priest. There is a traditional teaching that says Melchizedek is Jesus. There are severalreasons why Jesus can NOT be Melchizedek and we will look at those scriptures which prove it.
Hebrews 7:15
And it is yet far more evident: for that after the
Similitude of Melchizedek
there ariseth
PRIEST (Jesus!)
This verse clearly states that Jesus is
similar to but different thanMelchizedek! Jesus is Not Melchizedek.
He is ANOTHER PRIEST made Like Melchizedek. Contrary to tradition, Jesus is very much
but they are not the same. They’re TWO different people. Jesus is the
Son of God.
Jesus has a Father
Jesus is the Son of the Highest. He also was born of a virgin and has a Mother. It is safe to say that Jesus hasa Father and a Mother
unlike Melchizedek!
Hebrews 7:3
Without Father
Without Mother
, without descent, having
Neither Beginning of days
End of Life
; but made
Like unto the Son
of God; abideth a priest
OK there it is. Melchizedek was without Mother and without Father. Jesus has
a Mother and a Father,so
therefore Jesus is Not Melchizedek. This verse also tells us that Melchizedek is LIKE the SON. They
resemble each other! Here is the same verse in another translation; Hebrews 7:3
Without Father, without Mother, without genealogy, having Neither Beginning of days nor End of
Life, butResembling the Son of God, He (Melchisedec)
remains a Priest Forever.
Melchizedek and Jesus are alike in many ways but it is obvious that they are two separate individuals. One way they are alike is that they both will be a Priest, Forever and both have the power of an Endless Life.

From Reading Page 2

Kenneth Copeland - A Covenant of Blood
....................Hebrews 11:17-19 says that Abraham, by
faith, had already received Isaac raised from
the dead. God had promised him Isaac would
make him the father of many nations, and he
knew God could not possibly break that
promise. Even though he'd never seen or
heard of such a thing, Abraham reasoned that
God would just raise Isaac back up from the
dead if he had to. He knew that God would
do whatever it took to keep their covenant.
And when Abraham laid his son down on
the altar of sacrifice, he opened the way for
God—his covenant partner—to do the same
thing with His only Son, Jesus, on the cross
years later. But here's an important point for
you to realize. Jesus didn't just appear on the
scene at that time. He'd been involved in that
covenant from the beginning. According to
Galatians 3:16, while God was binding
Himself in covenant to Abraham on earth, He
was also making covenant with Jesus in
Now to Abraham and his seed were the
promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of
many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is
Abraham was the earthly
representative. Jesus was the heavenly
representative. The covenant was not only
between God and Abraham, but between God
the Father and God the Son. By making
covenant with Jesus, He was making covenant
with someone He knew would never break it
and thereby removing the need for a curse.
How does all this apply to you and me?
Galatians 3:29 is the binding tie.
And if ye be
Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs
according to the promise.
We are the unborn
generations which looked on as God cut the
covenant with Abram as the father of our
covenant faith. Romans 8:17 calls us joint-
heirs with Jesus Christ. Through the New
Covenant, God has promised to care for us the
same way He would love and care for Jesus.
This New Covenant is better than the old.
If you'll read Deuteronomy the twenty-eighth
chapter, you'll find the blessings that are
promised to those who keep the terms of the
agreement. They're wonderful promises—it's...........................

Ruth Heflin : Glory

...............struggle with this than when the Lord called me to the
Chinese people at the age of fifteen. Leaving home and
family to go to Hong Kong when I was eighteen was
easy in comparison to what God was now asking me to
The Lord kept dangling that spiritual plum before me:
“If you want to feed a nation, you must dance.” He
spoke that to me toward the beginning of campmeet-
ing that year. I made up my mind that every day during
that meeting I was going to dance. Campmeeting lasted
about a month then. Now it continues for ten and a half
weeks. The first day I was so self-conscious, so sure that
everybody was watching me, that everybody could see
me. At our campmeeting everyone is so caught up in
the Spirit that they hardly know what others are doing.
When the power of God comes, when the anointing
falls, you may think that every eye is on you. But you
can get lost in the crowd easily, even if there isn’t a
crowd. There is a crowd of angels and of the anointing.
And many things are happening round about you.
That first day I don’t think I did much more than
wiggle my toes inside my shoes. I understand the prob-
lems others have in this area. I often say when teaching
people, “If you do nothing more than shift your weight
from one foot to the other, that’s a start.” But every day
I made myself available to dance before the Lord. Daily
I became more and more free. At the end of the month
the Lord spoke to me through my mother prophetically.
She didn’t know what God was saying to me. Nobody

Praise — As An Instrument of Harvest
had even noticed that I was trying to dance a little. The
Lord said to me, “I am going to change your ministry. I
am going to send you to kings, queens, potentates,
people of position, and you will speak to them of Me.”
I believe that dancing brings an anointing for the na-
tions. I never let a day go by without dancing. I have
danced in the toilets of 707’s, 747’s and DC10’s. How
do I do it? Straight up and down.
You need that anointing to flow through you every
day. Dancing brings that anointing. If you are minis-
tering in some place where you don’t have that liberty,
get in your closet and dance a little before the Lord. If
you have that dance in your feet, you will have an
anointing to feed the bread, the meat, and the wine unto
During that same prophetic word, Mother saw in vi-
sion the word “Katmandu.” Not long after that the Lord
sent me to Katmandu, Nepal, to speak to the royal fam-
ily about Jesus. (That story and others like it are for
another writing.) The Lord said He would send us to
feed nations, and He has been faithful to that promise;
but it has come through an anointing to dance. Prais-
ing in the dance is powerful!
There are certain Middle-eastern concepts that are for-
eign to us that help us to understand God. How was it
that Salome was able to get the head of John the Bap-
tist? Her dance pleased the king so that he was ready to
give her anything. Coaxed by her mother, she asked for

John’s head. In this case the dance was used in a nega-
tive sense.
In a positive sense, when our dance and our praise
pleases the King, we can have whatever we want. Praise
creates an atmosphere in which miracles happen.
When I dance, I always feel the anointing on my feet,
and I know the promise is that wherever the soles of
our feet tread, the land is ours.
Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread
shall be yours ... .
Deuteronomy 11:24.............................................

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