Thursday 18 April 2013

My Prayer to Dad by Nya Suna (Elaine Waterfield)

 Today I went to my prayer stone and asked Dad for a major breakthrough because I am really struggling with so much work thatneeds to be done and we are financially at a standstill. Even George is feelingthe same. People say why did he give up his job to work for God and why did Igive up my house and job and family to come to Kenya and have no money or nochurch to back me?
Quite simplyGod gave us both the same vision and as both practical people we do what we canwith what we have whether red or green.
George had avision at the top of Asago Mountain in Homa bay of my coming with many peoplebehind me and things. I had a revelation and a vision of the Orphanage and School,Clinic, Rehab and rest home for the Elderly, plus a Church at the Crusade inSuna September 2011.

We havebuilt a Clinic and it has truly saved many lives as before people could only betreated in Migori Hospital 25km away and they couldn’t afford the transport orhospital bills but yet we are still lacking medicine and Medical Equipment.
We have a labourWard but only one bed, and no labour couch or forceps the women generally givebirth on the floor.
Now we arebuilding the first classroom of a ten classroom school, but what a nightmare!
George hasto get up very early in the morning around 5am to go to the river and make two tothree trips to fill containers of water for the Fundi’s to use whilst makingbricks or building with them.
He then has to arrange with people if he can buystones and sand for the building of my guest house, the kitchen or classroom… Thenhe has to pay them arrange for the donkey men to collect and bring the sand, orget the men with bull and cart to collect the stones and drop them off at the buildingsite.

If there is hard rain fall as it’s the rainy season the roads are impassable so the roadshave to be cleared and then we have to get them off the cart when they arrive.
Had we havegot money we could have paid for a lorry to bring sand and cement and bricksfrom Migori and got on with the project.
All themoney we have bits and bobs have all helped but its pains takingly slow. Godsays never despise the small beginnings and we haven’t it’s been great howpeople with a heart and have struggled themselves have backed us but now I myselfhave had enough the stress and the pressure is very great, also people here inKenya presume I have money but I don’t I don’t even have a church to back me. MostBig church leaders wouldn’t recognise me and wouldn’t have me speak at theirchurch but God recognises me and he has done so many amazing things with provisionand never let us beg bread.

But weclearly are in need of a financial break through I can’t carry on like this andGeorge feels the same, but we can’t stop as we both have this calling.
We also haveschool fees to pay next month, and our church are building a brick church as somany people are coming to salvation and many are ex drunkards and criminals andmurders’. So I am simply overwhelmed with this but I truly know this is God’swill.
What gave mehope that God is going to give us a break through with a donor, who can reallygive us financial help to get this project off the ground, was when I prayed upthe mountain if it was Gods will that I stay here in Kenya I would find theglasses I lost whilst climbing the mountain. Guess what and John Okuku foundthem a great miracle really.
 Mustapha also said that the key to the flourgrinding mill was lost and his wife is the manager there, so I prayed that toshow God is with him they would find the key that very day and they did amen. Soif God can produce the glasses to say I should stay in Kenya and Mustapha foundthe key to the flour mill then my Dad can find us a financial backer for theproject as nothing is impossible for God.
So pleasedad do something today please can you pray for us for a financial break throughan offer any help or advice or give us contacts and ideas for help.

The thing iswe get the money from peoples gifts and we spend it and its gone because weneed the pay for all the work and we also have to eat. We don’t have luxury’sat all, also I don’t live in a hotel but in a mud hut with no water and for along time we had no electricity, most Mzungus have cars but we have a motorbike , I am saying this for a pity party but trying to explain things the bestI can
We arehaving a fundraising on the Saturday 11th for the Orphanage andSchool, and on the 5th May we are having a fundraising for the New Churchbuilding of Makongeni they are also having the same problem with donkeys bullsand carts when they need money for a lorry.
It’s amazingwe have to even buy a tree for the wooden poles for the roof and carry ironsheets and cement on the back of a motor bike I just say why Lord why is itthis way
Gods ways aren’tour ways nor his thoughts our thoughts, but it’s really like giving birth..
I also askGod why me I am a nobody a widow with a heart for the people and not much moneyand all the money I have I have used it all for what God brought me to Suna for..
DAD! Pleasegive us a breakthrough with finance and provision even in materials as childrenhave no parents and struggle for education, people are in need of medicationand we need beddings and equipment to stop so many  people dying including so,so many childrenwith HIV /AIDS and Malaria Typhoid..
Me I am just in desperation GOD HELP US I PRAY 
If you wish to donate any amount of money please send money into my account

Barclays sort code 20-49-11

Account Number 73486850

Elaine Waterfield

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