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I walked In Heaven by Percy Collett

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Book Excerpt from Chapter 8

The GREAT THRONE OF GOD has a base over Two Thousand Miles Wide and Two Thousand Miles High which gives The Throne and The Altar Two Thousand Square Miles in all.

From the Throne comes the Voice of GOD, the Everlasting Authority of all things to come.From the Throne come instructions to all of Heaven, the Light of Heaven comes from the Throne through Jesus Christ, The Son of GOD, Who sits on the Right Hand of The Father for GOD has given The Authority of Light to His Son, Jesus.

God said: ''Let There Be Light'' and there was light; He gave us the sun by day and the moon by night and the shining stars in their place and order. Heaven and the Throne are on this fashion: No sun or moon or stars are needed inside of Heaven. The difference between Heaven and Earth is: Jesus takes the place of the sun and the moon and stars and He Lights Up Heaven with an Everlasting Light; and we, as the Souls of Men and Women, take the place of the stars and become the Stars of Heaven.

Even the old song that we used to sing: ''Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?'' Has more truth than many people would think. For we will be the Stars and each one of us will shine with the Glory of God on our Faces.Our Faces will light up and illuminate reflecting to all Heaven, the Glory and the Light of GOD which is shining on us and so causes us to shine in our own Heavenly Way, Truly, the Throne of GOD is Big and Beautiful.

Try to understand in your Earthly Mind Two Thousand Square Miles of Glory, Two Thousand Square Miles of Righteousness, Two thousand Square Miles of Love, Two Thousand Square Miles of the Spirit of GOD, all shining out as one Great, Big Power House, controlling all of Heaven, all the Universe, all the millions of Planets and controlling all unto Everlasting and Everlasting.

Think of it, the Throne of GOD, Its Base, Its Altars, the Golden Altar and the Cherubims and the Seraphims, the Elders, the Brazen Altar and the River of Life flowing out! The Throne of GOD is truly a Great Power House, Magnificent and with all the Glories and Glories forever and ever. The Rainbows circling around the Throne are circling forever with the Billions of shades of colors, all to make the Throne look more beautiful. The Voice of GOD coming out of all of this Glorious Beauty can be heard all over the Universe and can be heard Billions of miles away. If only the individual that wants to hear, will seek GOD and Believe, they can hear It, Too. The Men of GOD of the Old Testament heard Him for GOD spoke to them out of Heaven and they heard Him and answered Him back and talked to Him.The different levels of the Throne are for a purpose. First, the Space under the Throne, where Martyrs pray to the GOD above them, and GOD hears their VOICES, crying out to GOD to destroy the works of Death and bring Life.

 The Death Angels who used to live in Heaven, they were Angels of Life and they became Angels of Death. These Death Angels were cast out of Heaven with Lucifer, Satan, The Destroyer of the Soul and the Bringer of Death. Satan set up a Death Establishment upon the Earth to bring Death and Destruction to the Human Race, to bring Sickness and Suffering, Chaos and Confusion, and any other reality, as the works of Satan are real. Lucifer was cast from all the Glory of GOD because He wanted to be like the Most High GOD. And we have had others upon this Earth with the Spirit of Lucifer, Dictators and Leaders who think that they are GODs. You can go back through the ages and find hundreds of them who challenged GOD just like Lucifer. There are still Satanic Leaders upon this Earth to this very day who challenge GOD and His Glory. And they all will go by the way of Death and Destruction into Everlasting Shame, just like Lucifer, Himself. When I entered into the Gate, the First Reality that the three of us saw was THE GREAT WHITE THRONE OF GOD, which is not white as one would paint a wall with a flat or shiny white as only the Human Mind can understand.THE GREAT WHITE THRONE means the Fire of GOD, for GOD is a Consuming Fire and THE GREAT WHITE THRONE is so hot with so much Fire, that it is WHITE hot. And when an Earthly Furnace is brought to an Intensive Heat, It causes the Fire in the Furnace to become WHITE hot. The Whiteness of GOD's Throne has nothing to do with Color, White or Black; It is a White Fire. There are those that would have us think that the Throne is just for the white man because it is called White. GOD's Love is for every Kindred and Nation and Color. When you see the Beautiful Colors protruding out from the Fire, they represent every color of the Beauty of GOD's Creation. Everything in Heaven that moves looks into the Throne of GOD. The Most High, The Almighty GOD, sits on Top of the Throne Two Thousand Miles above the Base; there sit GOD, The Father and His Son.

It would be impossible for man to get this any other way than to have a Vision of Heaven or a walk in Heaven. John saw the Throne of GOD on Patmos. My walk in Heaven with Jesus is just an extension of what the Prophets saw, of what John saw on Patmos. My walk in Heaven is a Revelation of Jesus Christ and Him only, HE, Whom I serve in the Spirit. No matter whether you fly around the Throne in a Chariot or walk around the Throne Thousands of Miles or whether you travel by the Spirit, it is impossible for you to take your eyes off the Throne. The Throne is the Center of all Activity in Heaven covering Millions of Square Miles of Glory.

The Throne of GOD is based on GOD's Foundation, unmoveable forever and ever in the New Heaven. From out of the Throne and GOD comes Eternal Life, Everlasting Life of the Soul. The whole Two Thousand Square Miles of Glory engulfs all Activity of Eternity with no Beginning or Ending. The Left Hand of GOD and the Right Hand of GOD; they extend out from the Throne. GOD's feet extends out from the Throne; He can use the Earth for a Footstool, -TOSS the Stars around at Will. He can say to this Planet: ''Move''! and it moves. This Planet shall burn up and it will burn up, He can cause The Earth to Shake and Satan to Tremble. He controls the Thunder and the lightning which is like electric into all outer space. The only Authority Left with Satan or Lucifer was to be the Prince of the Power of this Air of the Earth.Destruction and Death, Sickness and Affliction, Chaos and Trouble; all of this is in the hands of Satan.

But, thank GOD, Satan's Sickness, His Power and His Destruction are all coming to an end.And all Cancers, Sickness and Diseases, all are to be cast into the Bottomless Pit, never to be remembered anymore. The Throne of GOD has Power and Glory and Authority coming from it and all around it. The Elders that sit on the Base of the Throne are not Humans; they are Angelic Beings and they sit in their places of Authority forever and ever and ever.

The Throne of GOD is The Big Wheel In The Middle Of All Wheels. While the Throne of GOD is Solid and Stationary, yet it turns around on its Own Axis in the Center and the Middle of Heaven. The Whole Planet of Heaven is Perfectly Round. Every Living Reality moves in Heaven except GOD, The Father and He is Unmoveable. He sits on His Throne Forever and Ever and Ever. Yet, GOD can be everywhere at One Time. Jesus is the Wheel in the Middle of the Wheel on this Earth to His Saints and to His Followers. God is the Middle of the Wheel in Heaven and Jesus, His Son sits at High Right Hand.

GOD is a Spirit and His Spirit extends out into the Everlasting, which has No End or No Beginning. Jesus, GOD's Son, can reveal Himself in His Heavenly Body to any Part of this Earth or to any Part of the Universe like His Father. Jesus is a Revelation of GOD. THE Holy Ghost is a Revelation of Jesus. This gives you the Revelation of the Triune Godhead. While the Center of the Throne of GOD is Fire Hot White, The rest of the Throne is full of the most beautiful of Shades of Colors, into the Millions. The Slain Lamb is a reminder to the Heavenly Citizens that it was Jesus who Died on the Cross and Shed His Blood for All. The Slain Lamb, A Creation of GOD, Revealing to Heaven that He gave His Only Begotten Son to Die for the Souls of Men.

Yet, The Slain Lamb has become Alive, to praise the Living GOD forever and ever. Jesus was that Slain Lamb of Calvary; for it was John that said: ''Behold, The Lamb Of GOD, That Taketh Away The Sins Of The World .

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