Saturday 23 November 2013

Giving to the New Faceless

Galations 6 :10 Young's Literal Translation
therefore, then, as we have opportunity, may we work the good to all, and especially unto those of the household of the faith.

There's a new breed of Faceless one.

We can be aware of poverty if we look  both here and abroad. But I am not talking about the subject of "giving to the poor"here.

I am not  talking about ministries in denominations or existing new independent churches, both of which preach tithing in with their Christianity as if it was still in the New Covenant.

I am not speaking about the Indian tradition of gurus going around the countryside preaching, teaching, or working alongside others while they share. It is an understood thing in Indian faiths  just as it is in the Christian faith that you are to offer hospitality. The Christian faith IS OFCOURSE a middle Eastern Abrahamic faith not a western secular one.

I am not talking about registered charities with support for their workers.

In the main I am not talking about registered situations at all.

In the last decades the new churches have generally gone along with the line that we are "not  to support lone flash Harrys" setting up in any old ministry, which could mean largely loafing around.
The problem we had then was that yes, many would set things up in the name of such and such an apostolic network and plenty of such ministries and charity operations exist all across the world now...

BUT IN SUBMITTING TO LARGELY HUMAN SYSTEMS hardly anybody has grown to what the Bible in 1 John 2 describes as the third level.
These "ministries and charities" don't bring revival, because there is little actual anointing left. It's all been shortcircuited out by trusting in the steeds of Egypt rather than in God alone.

They are called by God direct. They are called to rely on Him alone for all their needs in the same way that George Mueller pioneered when he believed in the modern equivalent of billions of pounds by faith to support thousands of children in orphanages.
George Mueller quotes.
mp3s of Mueller's testimonies

The HOLY SPIRIT will not always allow these folk to ASK FOR MONEY, HINT AT IT, RAISE MONEY FOR PROJECTS....because these are God projects that He is not allowing them to talk about.

Others are allowed to talk, but all you will hear is one lone voice because He has expressly disallowed the setting up of a system or organisation so that they trust HIM ALONE.

Will we believe in this HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS or not?

Will we be content to run "as priests in the Order of Melchizedek" or won't we?

Will we be content to BUILD by speaking the Word and only the Word...or do we have to see outer buildings or physical legacies?  The LEGACY of the gospel is  SELF REPRODUCING SEED. Christ reproducing Christ.

Worship is giving.
Worship is allowing Jesus Christ to live our life as us.
He is a self-giving life.
As soon as He is living His life through you in some shape of form He is GIVING.

Christ supports His own building...which is Him in others.
Someone once said there is money in the ANOINTING.

In other words, where the true anointing and revival is, like Psalm 110 , like Mary Magdalen, people GIVE almost embarrassingly. It shames you. But ofcourse you are only looking through THE EXTERNAL WINDOW of a WHOLE PROCESS OF FLOW. You cannot OUTGIVE GOD. In some shape or form what you give shall be shovelled back to you squeezed down squashed in running over.

Anybody ever think that Jesus went through the same thing? He gave His earthly physical Body to the father as an intercessory sacrifice, as the Lamb....but three days later He wasn't raised up with the same body...He had a new Body which had so much spiritual substance crammed into it , when He walked into a wall in our current physical creation constructed mostly of holes and space between atoms...they buckled around Him and He just simply walked through. So yes His own Body was received back stuffed down , squashed together in density, and running over!!!

Here are some of the new Breed :

Rich Novek,USA, currently giving away his books Rich in Christ.

Elaine Waterfield known locally as Nya Suna
the Lord visited my house tonight as we had prayer and praise amen and a drunkard and witch doctor came in and we led them to the Lord amen wow it was awesome and the KING of KINGS came to visit I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you oh my soul rejoice (testimony this week)

Stuart Whitby evangelist UK  after working with his hands for many years, feeling that the Holy Spirit has called time on work for money, and as an evangelist is pioneering  new coffee house churches in the cities of England.
He is going through the awful thing the disciples experienced, where the Holy Spirit would not allow them to take anything on their first ministry trip....but people then accuse you falsely of not taking work when it is offered, or of being inadequately covered financially.  How are we going to learn supply if we don't allow people the freedom to
experience supernatural supply.
Here is Stuart's poem about it, he writes:

i wrote this poem when feeling down a while ago  but like many of davids psalms he starts of with his complaint, needs or failings but by the end of the psalm he has seen the majesty and sovereignty of God.........amen
Apart from him!!!
Ive given flowers which became thorns,
all i've try to fix is once again torn,
for my joy has only made others mourn.
what i hold softly soon becomes broke,
my gentle squeeze a deadly choke,
my warm fire causing nothing but smoke.
failing to catch, far down it fell
i spoke a whisper they heard a yell
apart from Christ i can do nothing well
but when the spirits wind prevails
it opens wide and blows my sails
for what the spirit unctions never fails
then my words to others become life
within my mind there is no strife
im sailing in the peace of christ
once again reminded its all his way
im content to be his jar of clay
whom performs his purpose in me each day

Pete Cabrera

Christian Supplies Trust

registered UK charity:1028509

If people want to send money to the people direct please contact them through Facebook or if they are not on Facebook , like Stuart Whitby, please ask me for his email. If you are having trouble sending money you can use Paypal via Christian Supplies using We have recently lifted the restrictions that Paypal place on  charity accounts that are new to Paypal.  The Trust itself has served many pioneering Christian and fledgling charities all over the world since 1993.

Finally a reminder of what these Faceless are in it for, although the video is of Reading Pennsylvania.

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