Friday 1 November 2013

Frank Viola says though we are partakers of God's life we never become Divine

From a note To Facebook thread members
In reality God is not smashing our quiet time He is smashing the "container" of our quiet time....and telling us to take this special skill of finding Him at our centre 'and to "take it for walkies"

Frank Viola

I got a bit of a "negative kick" when I was listening to Frank Viola the other day. I put it up on a note, then thought ...this ought to go on my blog...somehow I lost the whole thing in a bad signal or something.
I'll see if i can do it again.
Frank's last book sounds great's on God's favorite place...Bethany. While Jesus was here on earth in his first body form...there was no place He was more received even though it was just 2 miles from His supposed HOUSE in Jerusalem.
Frank said this brain twister on one of his podcasts about the book : "Although I am a partaker of the life of Christ I never become Divine." Nancy put it better I think we do NOT become Christ. We are forever the one He created in Himself.
But this is the clarification I was writing.
We ARE DIVINE. Sorry Frank.
Before even going into this matter we have to detach ourselves and see the double knot the devil tied in the Fall. This "And then were the eyes of Adam and Eve opened." D'oh...if that's having your eyes opened, let's shut them again quickly!
This matter is SO important some of us might be killed over it. "And brother will deliver brother up unto death!"...etc
The matter as Daniel Yordy points out is always over God come in the flesh. It's always over perceived blasphemy, when the real blasphemy happened in Genesis 3.
We judge people....not by quietly living from His Life like Abel. Getting on with the job of living out of Union. God recognises Union and says Abel's case And in Jesus's case..."This is My Beloved Son" twice uttered, once in Jordan, once in the Mount of Transfiguration.
The effect as we see upon to feel his own orphan spirit, his rejection...which is purely internal....because God says if you do well will you not be accepted? This is NOT a works statement...this is...if you live OUT OF ME will I not also accept your sacrifice? If you live unto yourself and toss the odd little "supposed sacrifice" out from that alienation, that separation, in My direction, no....I'm not going to accept it...because I want relationship....
What is so offensive about God's Life? What is the nature of the double-knot the devil ties in our carnal minds that makes us so angry when an "Abel " comes across our path? Angry enough to scream blasphemy and want to kill them?
This is how it works I believe.
In the Fall the devil tricked us into living "front of house". Living from our front door or vestibule. The butler of our mind became Lord of the Manor all of a sudden. The butler really believes he is self existant as if he's the Lord of the house. We believe we are soul. We believe we are self-powered soul. WE are in a total total mashup. A Lie. A delusion.
We are spirit. We are definitely not front of house. We have a front of house staff. But Jesus says we have to go into our secret place, our innermost room, and there meet with the Father in secret. To start with this is a meeting or a crisis prayer Later it becomes a quiet time
THEN...when our quiet time is fully grown...when we start to have a confidence in this inner room... The LORD appears to smash it!
Frances and Susan this is where you are. I lost all my opportunites to prophesy, to lead in worship, even the "special quiet time"...
In reality God is not smashing our quiet time He is smashing the "container" of our quiet time....and telling us to take this special skill of finding Him at our centre Nancy:'maturing in Christ IS in being still,'
and to "take it for walkies"
As you received Christ as Lord so now you ought to walk in Him.
It's a whole different walk. It's a Psalm 123...not meeting....not quiet time...NOPE it's a life of watching keenly as a servant for every sign or nod or activity of the Master....watching what He's up to as the single LIFE in the Universe.
So back to the double knot
Because the devil has fooled us into thinking "front of house" and seeing others only "front of house" selfpowered souls....and receiving them as such... ie the very opposite of what we are told to do...(Henceforth we see no man after the flesh)
So ONTO THAT he places the second knot. If anyone says they are Christ in their form or Divine or whatever And remember this is not new teaching...the Eastern Orthodox Church have been teaching "deification" for centuries...though possibly doing a shambles of explaining it to people.
So to continue...the devil places this notion UPON the foundation of a selfpowered soul.
So a NEW AGER is now a SELF GOD...a selfempowered god in his or her own right. Blasphemy on acid.
But conversely the devil does the opposite in the church and gets brothers who are still seeing squiffily and thinking they are lone selves in the universe "trying their hardest" to
get more of God,
or get back into relationship with God
 to praise more
 to pray more
 to attend more meetings
 to have more quiet times
and then they see Union folk and they superimpose their seeing of everyone after the flesh ONTO the idea of Christ living through someone. So they absolutely detest that somebody say they are selfpowered DIVINE....not without reason!!
BUT WE ARE NOT FRONT OF HOUSE. Our true life, our original life always was in God...God's own life in incarnate form. There's nothing unusual about it. It just is so. It's not special in some awkward fake hyper spiritual way. We just are spirit and we express through soul and body.

God calls what He is doing with us circumcision of the heart. The heart is still the same. It's the hardness of heart. The shell. The shame. The spirit of wrath. Rejection. Separation. The orphan spirit.....this surface thing that God is ripping off to reveal the original spirit intent as conceived before the ages...
Namely HIM in a whole generation of sons.
So yes we are divine but made a little lower than the angels now like Jesus crowned with glory and honour
WE ARE NOT GOD the TRINITY selfexistant we are a race of sons begotten in the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Adam was not begotten. He was scooped up. We in Christ are the only begotten.
We are NOT our parents, yet we totally have our parent's DNA...yet we are separate beings in our own right from our parents.
This is something of the MYSTERY of Christ in us the hope of glory.

I hope that helps.


Daniel Yordy said...

I am writing on this same issue in upcoming letters. People just don't know that they are born a second time; rather, they think all that is just nice sayings, cute phrases, but not essence.

The seed by which I was born the first time was a human seed, thus I was born of Adam. The seed by which I am born the second time is a God seed, thus I am now born of God. The thing about the God seed by which all my being is formed is that it is Christ, the word God speaks. Thus my humanity by genetics comes from Christ, not from Adam. This is real; I put on the Lord Jesus Christ for real.

Outward appearance means nothing; the light has shifted. We see by faith; that means, we see for real.

Yet it is true that people calling each other "God" in church service is beyond absurd and rightly spoken against. Someone who truly knows the Father will always say, "See that you don't do that." Yet the more we know the Father, the more we know, beyond all amazement, that we are just like Him, even as we know that it is always He saturating us and flowing through us.

We could never be the Father's body unless we were first just like Him.

Daniel Yordy said...

Another problem is the entire question of both What is God? and What is Man? Most have an overwhelming definition of God coming out of the Nicene Creed. They also have an overwhelming definition of man coming out of the same Creed. Both of these definitions are ideas only and not real at all.

Few people have shut up before God; few allow His words alone to form who they are and how they think. Everyone forces human definitions on God - what He ought to say and be.

The more I get to know this God who fills me with all that He is, the more I discover He is the most abused person in the universe. Yet He bears all with tender concern.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Frank thinks makes a being what it is? For example a dog or cat. What's the difference? Isn't it their life and nature. It absolutely is not a label or trick of words that makes them what they are. So if human beings are to be sons of God, what has to happen? The Bible tells us we partake of what makes us divine - God's life and nature. Of course doing so doesn't endow us with all His status and power. Some things are non-communicable like the Godhead. Nevertheless those that have received Christ begotten of God and as such are His genuine offspring. Thus we have the hope to be like Him. By growing up into Him in all things.