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TEF1. Union with God FIRST by Daniel Yordy

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Abide in Me and I in you. Jesus - the only command in the Bible that counts.
Full union with God comes first, and it comes now. Whatever else that is of God flows out of union first. EVERYTHING else comes second. Full union with God comes first, and it comes now by FAITH.
Faith means seeing God against all earthly seeing. If there were no earthly view, no earthly seeing, no earthly diagnosis opposing what faith sees, then there could be no faith. Faith must have all contradiction against it in order to be faith.
And faith alone pleases God.
The lie, the serpent’s offer, can be boiled down to a simple formula. Human achievement of some form comes first; then, after achieving some unknown measurement – life, union with God, entering in, comes second.
Human achievement is dressed in a number of different forms. Perfect obedience, ceasing from sin, subduing the flesh, casting off the old man, it matters not how this human achievement is called, it is always placed FIRST before we can see God or know life or enter into full union with God.
It is the lie. Here is one version of it.
— We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.  —
Here is the problem. There is certainly an element of truth in these words. But it is truth that will NEVER be known either by the speaker or by his hearers (unless they change their minds). And this is just one way of saying it.
Notice the assumptions.
#1. Life is not in us now, it is “waiting” for us.
#2. We still carry an “old” skin.
#3. We must accomplish a form of human achievement – get rid of what amounts to “our life.”
#4. God Himself in Person filling us full and flowing out of us, accomplishing Himself all that He speaks is simply absent.
Jesus said: Abide in Me and I in you. You will bear fruit ONLY as you abide in full union with Me.

Full union with God comes first, and it comes now. 

Union comes first, life comes first, God comes first, seeing God comes first, knowing God comes first, entering into the Holiest comes first.
After full and continual union – then the partial truth hidden in the lie becomes known, the old vanishes as the nothing it always was, sin becomes irrelevant – God has forgotten all about it, the flesh belongs to God, and we suddenly know the obedience of Christ. It is the “new skin,” alone and now, that causes the old to vanish.
I teach obedience. I do not teach hearing some sort of voice and then being “sure to do” what that voice says. Being led by the Spirit is a joy to joy to joy way of living. But people who hear a “voice,” call that voice, “God above,” and then force themselves to do what that voice “says” in violation of their own heart. These people become, in my experience, something unwholesome, something I don’t want to be, something, I suspect, God does not want to be, though He bears with all.
Now, the problem is not being led by the Spirit, we are always led by the Spirit, God always leads us in triumph, the problem is – what is God?
The definition of God I hold in my heart will RULE my life. It is not God Himself, but how I define Him. There are two definitions of God. The popular definition is One above who tells us what to do and then we either do what He says or not. That is “God” as defined by Augustine, and repeated as the Nicene Creed. In complete contrast, there is the description of God as the One who comes up from beneath of us, carrying us in Himself, becoming us, limiting Himself to our weakness, so that He out from us might conform us into His image.
Two images of God. One, God above who directs. Two, God arising from beneath who conforms Himself to us FIRST so that He might transform us into His image by His own Person inside of us. The first definition of God came to us by Adam eating of the tree of knowledge. The second description of God comes to us by seeing out from the eyes of a Man laying down His life for His friends.
Being led by the Spirit comes only out of  the second. The God who conforms Himself to us first never violates our own hearts or persons. Yes, He leads. But that leading never comes in the form of “Obey, do not disobey.” The God who is always arising within us always walks with us heart inside of heart.
God says that Christ lives IN MY heart. I will know Christ only as I find Him IN MY heart, that is, as I know my own heart. I will not know Him as an idea in my mind. A voice that says “do this or be cursed,” is not the voice of my heart, therefore it cannot be God. That “god” is just an idea people hold in their minds.

The definition of God I hold in my heart will RULE my life. 

Never does God violate my heart. If it is God speaking to me, then He doesn’t mind at all if I say, “You know, God, I don’t think I want to do that right now.” He respects and honors me too much ever to treat me with such disrespect as to tell me, “Sorry, Bud, do what I say whether you like it or not or I will ‘withdraw’ from you, curse, curse, curse.”
And I am not one bit less entirely the Christ who fills my heart if I choose not to do something that the Holy Spirit is actually leading me in. That is NOT disobedience, that is walking together, heart in heart, in love.
I have tried, on a couple of occasions, (I was not actually serious) to tell my wife to “obey me,” because that’s what wives are “supposed to do.” In other words, “You will be in trouble with God, curse, curse, curse, if you do not.”
Yeah right. That went over like a lead balloon. But what if? What if she had drawn upon herself some weight of obligation that she “had better” obey me or “be in trouble with God”? What a horror! What a perversion! I would never treat my wife in that way because I respect the integrity of her person far too much.
And neither would God.
God created us as His equal in heart, because that is the ONLY way God can show Himself through us to His creation. God ALWAYS leads us in triumph. If any shadow of cursing (bad things will happen if you don’t obey) enters into our walk with God, that shadow has not come from God.
We know God FIRST as the Person of Christ who fills our hearts, and then, knowing Christ in our hearts, we know God as the Person who fills full all that we are with ALL the fullness that He is –  THEN, knowing God thus, seeing God thus – by faith, that means AGAINST ALL outward judgment, then we find ourselves not “obeying” God, but existing only inside of the One who IS all obedience.
We never see ourselves or speak of ourselves as anything or anywhere else.
Everything that is acceptable to God must flow out of the Source, Christ, who lives in our own hearts.
I cannot violate my heart; I’ve never been able to do so. My inability to violate my heart is very likely what many called a “lack of submission.” At thirteen years old, standing on the outer edge of a covered bridge above the water, others are jumping in, but I do not. The cute girl says to me, “Scaredy cat, I double dare you to jump.” No matter. I am simply unable to violate my own heart.
And every time I have ever watched another Christian violate their heart in order to “submit” or to “obey God against their own will,” what I have watched them become is something I never want to be.
It is rape; God does not do rape.
However, I do teach obedience, but everyone picks a dozen or so things to obey. That’s all. As humans, that is exactly what we all do. So which things do you pick to obey? Almost every Christian picks a few things to obey that are peripheral and inconsequential.
I say pick the big ones. Pick the ones that count. There are HUGE commands that are so very important to God. And here’s the deal. Everyone I have ever known one who says, “Obey first, know God after,” all of them, do NOT obey the commands I have picked for myself.
I obey these big commands, and I teach others to obey these big commands. But very few do.
Command 1. “Abide in Me and I in You.”  – I teach obedience to #1, full union with Christ, in everything I write.
Command 2. “Speak Christ.” Speak that sin and disobedience have no connection to you. Speak that Christ in all that He is alone is all that you are.
Command 3. “Ask all that God speaks and believe that you have NOW ALL that you ask.” This command is absolutely disregarded – Disobeyed – by everyone I have ever heard who says, “Obey first, know God second.”
Command 4. “Give thanks for all things.” (I do teach obedience to this command a fair bit.)
Commands 2-4 are how we embrace the invitation to abide in Christ.
Commands 5-6, “Love one another” and “Give” are real ONLY as they flow out of #1. If they do not flow out of the full knowledge of #1, they are pretentious and worthless as both Paul and James said.
Commands 7-9, “Watch out,” “Cleanse yourself,” and “Do not love the world” are simply words against the three elements of the lie, the fruit of the law, that is, human achievement, the lie of the serpent, that is, do this first, know God second, and the face of Eve, the one who sees only human performance, that is, only “the things that you do.” In themselves, these commands are nothing. They just tell us what to look out for that will trick us into not obeying #1.
And #10? “Be just like God”? If God is not present in full union with all that we are right now, that one ain’t never gonna’ happen.
Let’s go back to the statement. — We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. —
Notice that this brother, carried utterly by Jesus whom he does not yet know, states clearly that he has not tasted of life, does not live in life, does not know life. Here is someone that admits freely and openly that he does not know what life is. Life is “ahead.” Life is “waiting for” him. Life “can come” some day.
If he doesn’t know life, how on earth can he know the way? Not having crossed over fully in all ways into life himself, how does he know what someone who actually lives in LIFE all and NOW has “done” to get there? Not only that, but, not living in life himself, not having arrived, how can this brother (carried utterly by life, though he knows it not) even know what life IS?

My inability to violate my heart is very likely what many called a “lack of submission.” 

The moment anyone says, “Do this first, know God second,” it is evident by the admission of their own mouth that they do not and cannot know God and therefore that they do not and cannot know the way.
If there is anything that needs to be discarded, my “plans,” any outward elements of wrong doing, anything – the only way by which it is truly discarded is UNION with all that is God in all that is me as I find myself to be, stumbling and foolish, NOW and First.
Look at the first four commands I teach people to obey. Almost all Christian teachers of “obedience” consider these four commands to be not that important, and they feel free to disregard them. I have never met anyone before I came across the teachers of union with Christ who obeyed Romans 6:11. No other “obedience” will ever replace obeying Romans 6:11. Let’s obey Romans 6:11 right now. I teach no ideas, no “theoretical” gospel.
Let’s obey Romans 6:11 at the top of our lungs. SPEAK.
“God, I do not know sin – You have forgotten it utterly and absolutely. I do not know any shadow of separation from You; I do not know what “disobedience” is even to talk about it. I am right now truly and forever dead indeed to all that You call “sin.” And God, right now, in all that I am as I find myself to be, stumbling and foolish, I AM in all ways and at all times ALIVE unto God.”
There, isn’t obedience a good thing?
Those who see God now before they see with outward sight know glory. Those who wait for the outside to “look like God” before they will know Him, when they do finally see Him, God says, they will weep.
Anyone who requires the outward signs and performance of a “man of God” from me will, in the end, judge me false. I will not produce what they require. Yet I have stated this openly and clearly all along. I really have no idea what I am talking about. That is not a rhetorical statement. I send out what I write to those who know ONLY the God who fills them full as themselves.
I desire to know LIFE in all that He is here and now and personal in me. I write in order to KNOW the God who fills me full. And I know that He fills all that I am with all that He is because #1. He says so, and #2. I asked Him to, and now I know that I possess all I have asked.
You haven’t obeyed the third commandment of the gospel yet? Let’s obey it together right now.
“Father, You say, ‘that we might be filled with all the fullness of God.’ Father, I ask that you fill all that is me, spirit, soul, and body, in all that I find myself to be right now with all that You are in all fullness. Thank you, Father, for doing all that I ask. I know now that I am always filled with all of You in all ways at all times. I will NEVER know anything else.
“Father, You say that rivers of living water, the Holy Spirit of God, flow out of me in all directions at all times because I believe in Jesus. Father, I ask you to fulfill this word in all ways in my life right now. Thank you, Father, for doing all that I ask. I know now that You, Oh God, are always moving out from me as Rivers of Living Water in all that I am, in all that I do, in every moment of my life, now. I will NEVER know anything else.”
You see how good it is to obey God?
But the moment we drop back into any form of “Oh, but first I must…” we have turned our backs on the obedience of faith. If there is no outward seeing that opposes what faith declares, there is no faith. Faith is the evidence, the proof of things that are not presently seen. Those who see life second, will know in that moment that they are barred out because they did not enter by FAITH when the door of opportunity stood wide open and when they could not “see.”
Only the blind who regard Christ their life against all that they see or can’t see will ever enter the kingdom.
Everything God is doing and is about to do in this earth through us, His body, all of it comes out of our present and total union with God FIRST.
Adam did not face any temptation until he approached the Tree of Life. Then all temptation hit him hard; all temptation pressed against his way.
The last place we should be looking for truth is among those who are the closest to LIFE, yet by their own admission, have not entered in. The most dangerous liars on this planet, the ones who will trick us and keep us away from life ARE the deeper truth preachers who preach “life and the fruit of life.” They talk about LIFE, we are drawn to that. They talk about the fruit of LIFE, we are drawn to that. But here is what they say. “You want life? Yes, Life is good, life is God. I know how you will get to life. Let me instruct you. Do this first; when you have fulfilled this, after that, God will be very pleased with you, and He will grant you life.”
“Fruit comes first. The Source of fruit comes second.”
And this is EXACTLY what the serpent offered in the garden.
Here is what Jesus says, “The Source of fruit comes first, full and utter union with Me now in all that you are, including your flesh and your sin. Then, after that, all the fruit that is truly of Me (God in Person) will just flow out of you naturally.”
All who say “fruit before Source” are deceivers – and anointed and powerful Christian ones at that. God says “Source before fruit – All and Now.”
No union means no fruit that is acceptable to God no matter how “Christ-like” it appears to be.
Union with God first. But here IS the reality. Once we accept in our minds (God has given us a mind to know Him) that we are always and utterly inside of God NOW, everything looks entirely different, including God Himself. And when we try to speak of what we now see and know, all of Christianity seems to oppose us, especially those who are the very closest to life.
Because we are utterly inside of Jesus, we see out from His eyes alone, we see all things through eyes of fire.
In the early Spring of 2008 the Lord revealed to me that “I” am swallowed up in Christ. Over the next few weeks I found glorious confirmation of that reality in Fred Pruitt’s writings. From then on I have practiced a continual exercise. Over and over I say three things to myself. I say, “Christ is my life.” I say, “I have no other life.” and I say, “Christ is all there is in me.” I say those things in this context: “I will never know Him in His power until I know Him in (as) my weakness.” And I say those things especially against all opposition and all sight of my eyes. I say those things when I feel far away from God, when by the definitions of Christianity, I have “disobeyed” or done something that brought pain to others. I say those things when I look in the mirror at night feeling wretched and lost and miserable. I say those three things and I say those three things and I say those three things.
I did that for about six months. The opposition was horrible. Wailing cries of accusation assailed me. “You are blaspheming.” But I knew that God says those three things about me, and I will not speak anything else.
Here is what God says.
For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is our life appears, then you also appear with Him in glory. Colossians 3:1-2
Christ is my life.
Reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.Romans 6:11
I have no other life.
 You have… put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him… Christ is all and in all. Colossians 3:9-11
Christ is all there is in me.
Now, before continuing forward, let’s bring in the two strongest verses in the New Testament that seem to speak against what I was doing.
Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth… Colossians 3:5 — For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. Romans 8:13
There are two means only by which anyone can accomplish this dictate: human effort or faith. Most Christian teachers argue for human effort. Human effort IS “Obey, do not disobey.” Paul argues for faith.
Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? Galatians 3:2-3
From February 2008 until November 15, 2008, I spoke those three things until I began to be settled in their reality. Then, on November 15, 2008, I sent out my first Christ Our Life letter.
Everything you have read of me comes out of my daily practice of saying to myself, over and over, “Christ is my only life; I have no other life. Christ is all there is in me.”
Now, in all that I have written, I have written those things along with “We will NOT know Him in His power until we know Him in (as) our weakness” many times. Yet I have said them to myself far more. Anything of life found in what I write comes out of that daily practice, a daily practice that led from saying those things against opposition to truly believing them to knowing they are true to going forth in all things as Christ Himself with no shadow of any other reality.
Now, let’s look at Romans 6:11 and the problem with “Obey, do not disobey.” God commanded us to say, “I am dead indeed unto sin.” That means, “I cannot ever disobey God.” Every single person who teaches “obey, do not disobey,” is practicing “disobedience” to the second most important commandment in the Bible, “Speak Christ.” They are speaking in direct opposition to God’s command to say, “I cannot disobey God.” They imagine they are teaching the “obedience of Christ,” yet their very words are the practice of disobedience.
The wall, the barrier, is the Augustinian definition of God and man. When I say “Augustinian,” I am not saying something abnormal. All Christian thought of both God and man IS Augustinian. Let me give two phrases that are 100% Augustinian. “Christ is the second Person of the Godhead” and “I am not God.” The issue is not whether these things are true ideas or not. The issue is, does God say these things concerning Christ our only life? We cannot ever know God so long as we are saying ideas about God that God does not say. When we speak only what God says concerning Christ our only life, then we know and see God.
Here is what Christ says, “The Father is greater and mightier than I.” “I and the Father are One.” “I do always the will of the Father.”
And here is what God says about you. You, _____________ ______________ (put your name in the blank), are filled, that is, every particle of all that you are, you are filled with ALL of the FULNESS of ME!!!”
To talk about ourselves as if we “disobey” God is to say that God disobeys God. We cannot talk about ourselves for we are dead.
Watch “The Walking Dead.” (Don’t, it’s sickening.) Why is it that the walking dead cannot act human or connect with humans or be kind like humans? That is so easy. They are dead! Why is it that “I” cannot obey God? That’s easy; I am dead. There is no “me” in the equation. I cannot say that “I” am not God because there is no “me.” Neither can I say that “I am God,” for there is no “me.”
Now, God is Himself, but Christ is not. Christ is as me; Christ is many “me’s” as Paul said. I relate with God as Christ relating with God. Christ alone takes me to the Father; I can approach Him no other way.
If I am speaking or thinking or living in “Obey, do not disobey,” then I am not dead and I am not Christ’s. If I am not Christ’s than I get nowhere near the Father. I have no idea who and what He is or who and what I am.
I teach the obedience of Christ. I cannot disobey. If Christ, ascended above the heavens as the resurrected Christ can disobey God, then I can disobey God. If He cannot, then I cannot. For I am He in Daniel Yordy form.
I am Christ in the form of  Daniel Yordy  (put your own name in the blank and shout it to the heavens) sent forth from the Father into this world to prove the will of God made perfect in my human weakness. I always do the will of my Father.
Now, the question of “Obey what God says, do not disobey,” a statement requiring me to be a person separate from the Lord Jesus, alive in myself and not dead, came at me in such a way that I thought “Maybe I am teaching an incredible lie. Maybe I am actually teaching not to ‘obey’ God.” I sat in that thought for two days. For about 36 hours I stopped speaking, “Christ is my only life; Christ is all there is in me.” I did not think in that way at all.
There is a simple metaphor to describe those 36 hours. – Hell.
In the middle of the night, I awoke and said, “To hell with this.” I again spoke, “Christ is all there is in me. I have no other life except Christ Jesus Himself.”
Then I knew with all certainty, that I, Daniel Yordy, am Christ Jesus Himself in Daniel Yordy form, that I always do the will of my Father, the One who fills all the weakness of my human flesh with all of Himself. The 36 hours of not saying, “Christ is the only life I am,” was as much the perfect will of God as all that I am.
The GREATEST opponents to living inside of God and God inside of us are the Altar of Incense in the Holy Place preachers and teachers, the ones who are a step away from life, but who turn the tree of knowledge into an image of the tree of life. “Obey, do not disobey.”
That image is the image of death, though it appears to be “godly”; it is not Christ who is Life. Christ never tells Himself to “obey God, do not disobey God.” For three hours in Gethsemane only, the Lord Jesus wrestled with “Not My will, but Thine be done.” He wrestled with that for those three hours AS our atonement AS us before God. And we DID what He did inside of Him there, in the only way we could possibly ever do it. The very moment Jesus stood to His feet, you and I turned entirely into Joy.
We do not establish our own righteousness or walk our own atonement. To attempt to do so is both to fail utterly AND to reject Christ our only life. It is to live in an imagination that simply does not exist.
We have one task only right now. This task is so critical to the heart of God it can hardly be underlined and bolded enough. Our task is to see God in us now as we are Christ, that is, God revealed in our human weakness. Our task is to know God in us now as we are Christ, that is, God revealed in our present human weakness. To speak of living as “Christians” trying to make it into a God who is separate from us is to eliminate ourselves from knowing God now.
If I say anything about myself that is not something I can say about the Lord Jesus Christ ascended in glory AND revealed now AS my human weakness, then I am speaking a lie. “I obey,” and by implication, “I disobey,” is to speak not Christ. Christ obeys, end of story. There is no disobedience in Christ; there is no disobedience in me.
Yet I glory in all my infirmities: I rejoice in all my difficulties; I glory in tribulation; I count it all joy when I am hit with every wailing cry, “Daniel, you are blaspheming God.”
No, to see myself as other than Christ Himself as my weakness is blasphemy.
No “Christian” has ever been given to eat of the tree of life. Eating of life is radically different from Christianity. The fruit of the tree of life IS the forbidden fruit in all human thinking, Christian and non-Christian. Christians want a personal God far away from who they are themselves.  New Agers want to be themselves an extension of an impersonal god. Both are absolutely hostile to the tree of life.
You will not find in most Christian teaching instruction on eating of the tree of life. They do not know it. (Except those who teach abiding in Christ in fullness.)
The moment we eat of the tree of life, we are in opposition to all. We are in something so radically different from all human experience, both Christian and non-Christian, something no one will tolerate.
The screams of “blasphemy” MUST come wailing against those who eat of the tree of life, of the grace that no one in the Bible experienced, those who are the salvation no New Testament writer knew personally themselves (as Peter said).
Jesus did not teach that Salvation as recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke. He did not do so because the Father had reserved the revelation of Jesus Christ entirely for Paul – and entirely after the Path of the Atonement. Jesus said, “Everything I have said about God up until this moment is figurative, now I will tell you plainly about the Father.” Then He stopped speaking. All creation then saw God for real for the first time as Jesus walked the Path of the Atonement. And the most incredible thing all creation saw about God for the first time IS that you and I are utterly and only inside of Him; He is our only life.
When we say, “He is my only life,” it means that we cannot talk about ourself as anything other than Christ Himself in all ways, sent forth into this earth, bearing all human suffering, laying down His life, proving all the will of God IN and AS all of our present human weakness and inability.
We dare not define ourselves by Christian definitions and imagine that we “know” who we are. It is a lie.
We ARE true humans, just like Jesus. We ARE God revealed.
One last thing. Christianity, that is, the tree of knowledge, posits only two possibilities. Either we are obeying God or we are disobeying God. Either we are keeping our human nature – that is, doing something other than the will of God – under control, or we are just letting the flesh run wild, having it’s day. So, when people hear, “Do not live in the darkness of ‘obey God, do not disobey,’” they immediately imagine that the only other possibility is just to do whatever and call the satisfying of our fleshy lusts “the will of God.”
They have no knowledge of something entirely different. They have not eaten of the tree of life. The only entrance into the eating of the tree of life, as I shared as best I can in “The Third Place of Knowing God,” is to allow Jesus HIMSELF to be, be, be, be, be, be, be our very flesh.
When we do that, we discover that “obey, do not disobey” sounds like it honors God, but in truth, it does not. We discover that it is, in fact, living in the tree of do GOOD and do not do evil.
God did not want mankind to know that tree ever. But Adam chose differently. And we have NEVER experienced or known the tree of life. Living in the tree of life is just something utterly, utterly different from what all humans AND all Christians have ever experienced.

We ARE true humans, just like Jesus. We ARE God revealed.

The tree of life IS Christ Jesus coming into this world AS  Daniel Yordy  proving the will of God entirely through all of  Daniel Yordy’s  human weakness. This    Daniel Yordy  (put your own name in the blank), who is one of many forms of Christ, that is, God revealed, is filled with ALL of God the Father. AND the Holy Spirit is  Daniel Yordy’s  outsides. That Holy Spirit IS always flowing out from this  Daniel Yordy  at all times.
In other words, God is real, and He really is Salvation.
What do I find in this intimacy I know with the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ as my person AND with the Person of God filling full all the Person of Christ as me? First, I find that all that God says in the Bible is simply speaking of me as Christ revealed. I am the will of God. Second, I find the Lord Jesus Christ exalted above all exaltation as Salvation itself. He has grown so large that I cannot know anything else. I am utterly swallowed up in Him.
And I will never know or speak anything but Christ my only life.

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