Friday 25 April 2014

When the devil says what would otherwise be normal, natural positive phrases

Have you noticed when the devil says what would otherwise be normal, natural positive phrases, they suddenly sound disgusting.
When the BBC say Pro-Life on the news it sounds like something totally weird, a fringe activity. So betcha...I am FOR LIFE. I am not for DEATH. If a child just doesn't quite yet have the luxury of being fully developed yet, I am FULLY FOR its future, to GIVE LIFE A GO. Killing that life off, I am not for. OK?
Truthers. Ever heard that word? Like whistleblowing might be wrong for instance?
OK...what's the alternative? LIARS? Does that make me mainstream?
Heterosexual. A terrible option it would seem. Like there is something wrong with me. I'm a male. I like women. According to statistics, that's 96% of us.
Christian. So I believe, yes, God connected with three consecutive family members in an incredible way, Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, furthering revelation through each. Then He sought to roll out that relationship first through a people, the Jews, then to to the rest of the world through the one reconciling event of His Son...God in Man form. He set the whole thing up thousands of years ahead of time in a book written by many many authors. Because the reconciling event would be over in a weekend, He even designed a whole slowmotion blueprint of what was going on again hundreds of years in advance, called the tabernacle. Then right on cue according to the prophecy of Isaiah 53, His Son, the true LAMB sacrifice, did suffer at man's hands, died, but rose again as promised to carry on telling us about it for 40 days, before His ascension. So yes, I certainly am a Christian. No other God story even comes close. If you want to be an atheist, that's up to you, but you still have to come up with a reason that Earth is so beautiful and perfect for us, and just about everywhere else isn't.
Violent A very non PC word. I have come to "blows" with my good friend Daniel Yordy on this. YUP I believe in one legitimate violence. The tearing down of every last Ezekiel 8:10 scrawling on people's inner walls. Tearing down proud speculations and thoughts that raise themselves against the Lordship of Christ. No, I do not believe in being nice to devils, any more than the doctors behave nicely with cancer. " The Kingdom suffers violence, and violent men take it by force." This is all inward stuff. It is mentioned in the Koran too. But both Christian USA and Muslim Arab nations take it too literally....and to misquote St Paul..they DO FIGHT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, but they do it with Harvard and Oxford educated niceness that the BBC will report on the news.

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