Thursday 17 April 2014

The Gospel in Africa is not quite the whole ticket

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I was in conversation about the tremendous build up we see according to Isaiah...behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the peoples, but UPON YOU!!!!!!!......
 And there our gospels take a fork. I describe my gospel.

 African brother
 The fact remains that evil will continue to increase but God forbid that we should take part. The bottom line of it all is, prepare to meet with Jesus. We are not here for the world to love us or care for us. As long as we are for Christ the world will hate us. Personally I don't expect the world to be born again, but if the true Children of God will remain faithful, God will be pleased. Lastly, persecution is part of this race, therefore any Christian who pray that persecution shouldn't come has not really started. Never run away because of evil men but run away from evil.

 The gospel in Africa is wrong.
 It was brought in by men who were still at I John 2 children stage, or 1 John 2 young man stage
 If you do your research and try to find some 1 John 2 Father stage people you will see the gospel is all about smashing the evil one's works to pieces. For this purpose was the Son of God manifest that He destroy all the works of the evil One.
 But the trick is this....
 as St Paul discovered some of  Jesus' tricks:
 we have to go into death that others may live. Very few Christians are still doing this which is why so much of the devil's work still remains.
 We have to fill out in our bodies what was not sufficient in Christ's own body. In other words Galations 2:20 tells us Christ intends to COMPLETE the JOB in our bodies because we ARE the BODY of CHRIST now on earth.
 This is the Ephesians mystery. The whole process of Ephesians creates these "super fighters for God" in Ephesians 6. This is the spiritual fight that overcomes the world....
 Romans 12.1 offering our bodies as living sacrifices.
 I personally do not know anyone on earth at the moment who resembles the grace of God on St Paul....but that is where we are going. If the former house began with the 12 apostles and St Paul. it says the glory of the latter house shall be even greater.
 As we do a quick trip around the Gates of Nehemiah we see the complete gospel spelled out.
 We begin at the sheep gate and evangelism no 1 and 2 , we take up our cross and experience the loss of all things for Christ ...the valley gate and Dung Gate.
 Totally cionvinced of our powerlessness God baptises us in the Spirit at the Fountain Gate, and we learn from then on to walk according to the Spirit by drawing His spiritual water every day in the Water Gate.
 Once we are fixed in this new identity by His Spirit and by some incredible experiences of pain and glory, we become resady for the Horse Gate, which is like our commission direct from God.
 There are other Gates but one of the last is the Prison Gate or Gate of the Guard. This is the trick that Jesus and Paul pulled off. By letting themselves be "caught" by authorities and taken into prison, (prisoners of the Lord) they sprung open loads of devils traps. Jesus sprung open salvation for all time, Paul sprung open parts of the Roman empire. It is said it is difficult to even number the amount of Christians in some of the cities the growth was absolutelely phenomenal.. Now in Africa in my lifetime we have seen servants of God, who are filled with the Spirit having tremendous impact in millions on Africa, but as I say, these guys do not have quite the same gospel as Jesus and St Paul. They are still fuzzy on Galations 2:20, and the true meaning of the Book of imagine what will happen in Africa when 1 John 2 Father stage people start going into action!!!! And this is why when we see the field white for harvest we are not allowed to rush straight into it. We have to "pray the Father that He send forth workers".
 In other words it's supernatural. The original Greek for "send forth workers" is much more explosive. It is like dynamite. It means to "thrust out workers". Men can't do this with organisational skills. This is a God produced thing and is the power behind revival!!!
 God alone, in the Holy Spirit, knows how to take ordinary men and put them through the automatic car wash that gets them from spiritual first graders (the children redemption stage) right through to people like St Paul, who were the father-level people in the first church!!!!

African brother
Please clear me on these. The Gospel in Africa you are talking about is it now or then that is wrong? Secondly do we have different gospels? How can I know the true gospel? Which denomination, tribe or religion will I follow in order to please God?
A few seconds ago
All denominations are very like the Pharisees and Sadducees in Jesus time. All their spiritual knowledge has been boxed into carnal understanding....(our conscious mind, our left brain, the surface bit of us we talk from). Like the Pharisees, it's not that all they say is wrong, it's just that not having the Holy Spirit they had simplified everything and missed whole chunks of God's truth out.
In the African churches there are many who are born again, very many indeed. There are some who have experienced the baptism in the Spirit experience.
This is like 1 John 2....the young man stage of growth.
Jesus describes the work of the Holy Spirit/the Comforter/the Counsellor He was going to send after He had returned to the Father.
See John Chapter 14.
At the moment there are no churches which teach Father level doctrines, but soon there will be churches like this.
The Father level doctrines are shown by the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth...IF WE WANT IT.

Norman Grubb has written a great last book before he died in the 1990s explaining the book of Romans very thoroughly. The book can be bought online. It is called "Yes I am".
Pastor Patrick Bwayo also understands many things. He lives in Kampala, Uganda.Otherwise just keep asking questions and I will try to answer them by God's help from the scriptures.

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