Monday 11 April 2016

The Third Level Master Programme or Joseph in Egypt

Your universe and your church's universe run on a programme.
I am not speaking about lists of service. I am not speaking about monthly programmes.
I am speaking spiritually.
All visible things are cyclic.
Every Move of God has been cyclic. Most are wound up in 30 years.
The Moravians proved that by seeking God continually you can break this cycle. To some extent Yongghi Cho has proved this with his Prayer Mountain.
The standard spiritual cycle in man is described in the Old Testament as
In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Or in the new Testament, take my yoke upon you and learn from Me. My yoke is easy my burden is light.
As sure as seasons is seasons, and day follows night, and breathing is breathing, there is a download/ pause cycle in fusing with the Living God.
But two things are changing in the inner programming of the earth.
Jeremiah 31 is finally being rolled out. This also elsewhere is described as "then shall the topstone be added with cries of Grace, grace to it." Well the first two stages of Christianity had to do with ONE STAGE of GRACE. The second one, the total spirit exchange of the believer at the Cross is being unveiled now.
The second change in programming is in this verse
The Knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the water covers the sea. Through the widespread outpouring of the Spirit as prophesied in Joel as the late rains, our inner seeing changes completely.
Before the Download/pause cycle happened over decades, but the whole internal programming is changing.
Before, if like the Jews , you rejected Jesus, it was a HUUUUUGE cycle before you began to turn back to Him.
We have lived hundreds of years with the same thing happening to Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Quakers, Brethren down to our current apostolic networks.....
Once people refused Jesus, the DOOR was closed perhaps forever.
But we saw in Joseph another pattern with his brothers.
This is the new thirdlevel sequence kicking in.
The thirdlevel sequence is like a MASTER PROGRAMME. It has power over all the previous REFUSAL programmes.
Joseph had POWER over his brothers....because having been left for dead by them....he continued loving them unconditionally. He did not hold on to bitterness. BUT...BUT....and this blows Gary Sigler out of the water....God DID involve him in a thirdlevel sequence to BRING his brothers back into repentance. This uses the law that Jesus taught, where we "hate" our brothers, sisters , mothers, for thesake of the Kingdom. Before people have a single eye this confuses everyone and they talk about it for hours on Facebook.
But all it means is, you are involved in a thirdlevel Spirit programme to hate "the independent self" OFF your beloved brethren.
When you are doing parents with appears to outsiders like you hate them.....
But are disguising your love within a godly process of restoration.
Peter was doing the same on the Day of Pentecost....but but but....within the context of the Holy Spirit causing mass drunkenness. Who knows you can tell a drunk anything during his luvvy duvvy stage.....
If you are being blitzed with Holy Spirit love.....someone accusing you of murdering Jesus....and being absolutely right.....
And so all these stymied denominations that are not going anywhere, shall be loved or frogmarched....into the glorious LIGHT of the gospel of Christ. "Then shall the waste places of Jerusalem rejoice.....etc."
Literally then, the programming over the whole earth is about to change. But obviously the devil isn't going to like it. You may have noticed, but when the Lord poured out the Spirit 100 years ago, we didn't have the quietest of centuries!!!!! And I am just giving the warning that this light is greater still.

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