Tuesday 31 May 2016

And then the end shall come

We don't generally refer to flowers as corms or stalks, it's the flowers of the plant that hold our interest.
There's the preaching to individual hearts and neighbourhoods. This has greatly expanded through satellite TV.....except we are not always keen on the foundation it's coming from. No matter as Paul said, at least Jesus is being preached. But Ecclesiastes shows something else too. It shows one man exhausting all the avenues in his quest. The Bible isn't that conclusive on Solomon's.life. The Muslims oral tradition is that Solomon DID chase after women who led him into the deep things of Satan, deep magic, but they say he returned even from there. Bit of a Faustian story going on. The five different possibilities that a man can explore, and remember I usually ignore the first. The first is that thuggish totally selfish world.view of someone that never really really experiences weaning......everything centres still.around them and what they perceive are their needs. The grand narcissist but without even the veneer of.being civil. Then there's the socialised stage where a lot of the edges have been hammered by external authority infrastructures ....parents family school police or.worse prison.....Or our work life.....Or.real.responsibilities when we have our own family and facing down our own very real bottom lines.....and either meeting them or failing. But at some point the sociologists say we break out from even this robotic form of going through the motions to beginning to function from our.insides. But we need a certain space to experiment, to be ourselves ,to enter the Freefall of our inner understanding of things. At which point we begin to learn the esoteric truths......that in fact I am an interior me. That all is spirit. That I have to choose deep down from only two spirits. This is initially fuzzy and in its first form outside of Christ we only may see one form of.spirit within a new Age or esoteric Order blueprint. But it becomes really alarming when we see what we are drawing into ourselves. So.we must go right right down to the foundations of being in our very basement. To what Jesus calls living on the Rock, the immovable, the Eternal, God the Father, the sole pure source who is ONLY GOODNESS BRINGING FORTH GOODNESS,BEARING GOODNESS IN OUR BEING. The esoteric moves and bodies state that they are doing this. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, David Spangler, Lucis Trust and the United Nations may be convinced that they are about this task. But they are deceived because they love Lucifer, and he has convinced them he is an angel of Light.....but at root he has always been a liar, a destroyer, a detestor of human beings having no understanding of God living the way of the Cross in real time in man.
So what I am saying is, yes there is preaching , trying to catch man in his tracks before he finds out the inevitable for himself anyway.....that there is Only One Way.....and it isn't the broad road.....it's a very very narrow road.....because it is IN CHRIST ALONE AND WHAT HE IS DOING. HIS STORY. Psalm 85 is about many people finding this for themselves through history. When God.says in frustration to the Israelites
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea.......He is.speaking yes as one who can see the end from the beginning.....but He is speaking as a Father who.can see his kids having to try everything out.....but like any parent knowing that the fixed order of things is that people grow into parenthood.....into more.wisdom. But unlike the human level of.fatherhood psalm 85 speaks in complete terms......Or righteousness and the finished experiential work of Christ and the New.Covenant springing up.from the earth. Acts 2 was a prototype. There were Jews from all over the world that day. God wasn't biting His fingernails thinking......oooh I.wonder if people will like the message Peter speaks......Will he be able to.persuade any of them by oratory...? God never left it to Peter. Righteousness was popping up.from the ground. People.were.rolling around behaving drunk. They were speaking praises in all the then known languages. The love, the extraordinary agape of God was oozing from every pore. Peter was just explaining what was going on. Preaching is good...
But what God is doing through man's Faustian walk through history is better...
The experiential knowledge and breakdown of man in Romans 7 terms that there is nowhere else.we.can go.......that there is only one Rock on which we can build our lives......Righteousness and peace from below.and on high kissing themselves quite naturally because it is an internal spontaneous discovery and not some imposed Commandment of.stone from on high.
That's why Satan hates revivals. That's why he hates the 9th Gate of Jerusalem.....the Open House Gate.....the Eastern Gate....the come in and look round Gate..... the Part of the Third Jewish Feast of Tabernacles that is the Feast of.In Gathering....
Think flowers in full bloom. Now this is but one stage in a plants life through the seasons of the year but no one calls his plants anything else. Are they stalks? Are they called corms? Hey Christine I am just off to the corm centre. I am just off to the stalk shop.
No....we call them flowers because of this.one brief period in the plants life. Same with revival. Same with the end of Psalm 85. Same with the whole point of history.
And when THIS KINGDOM is preached in the whole earth then shall the end come. Which Kingdom? The agape Kingdom Life of 12 completely disparate people living hook by jowl with Jesus Christ for 3 and a half years non-stop. Which Kingdom? The Kingdom of all cultures inundated with God Holy Spirit Agape being simultaneously and spontaneously manifest on the Day of Acts in some type.of.Psalm 85 explosion!!!! THAT KINGDOM. THOSE FLOWERS!!!-.

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