Sunday 28 August 2016

How do you change a Bishop?

How do you change a Bishop? Is it possible?And do you practice on Anglican ones before Catholic? Or are Catholic ones the softer option because they do have a belief in the supernatural? Well Lourdes and Mary at least . Does.that help or hinder?
Not even Jesus Christ, the Word, present in the Trinity at the foundation of the creation and co Creator, not even He got anywhere at all with the equivalent of a Bishop, the chief priests.
One or two came by night to question Him. Jesus spent two or three days questioning them when He was 12. Was that when He first realised that while claiming godly authority they never actually knew Abba Jehovah at all? So did He resolve back then to have nothing to do with them, and that they were exceedingly dangerous, and indeed proved to be, finishing with the coup de gras , after Pilate didn't, by infiltrating the crowd and twisting the " so called democratic voice of the people". We want Barabbas.
Are there any good bishops? Well it depends what you mean by good? Richard Dawkins, of course, is not a Bishop, and he is a good atheist. So you can be cheerful, friendly, helpful. Does that make you good?. So does that mean pretty well all British people can be Bishops?
No, because of course it should have to do.with faith in God.
Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, seems to be the exception in England. His own brother is a key Pentecostal bishop in Uganda. Christine and I watched as He boldly offered to pray for.Andrew Marr on Masonic BBC prime time. England is more or less prayer-free, well certainly freemasonry has ripped.out all prayer of the sort that expects results.
And right there, is one of the big modern hurdles in Britain. Freemasonry checks and appoints all the main church positions in the UK. So.did they make a mistake with John? Was he too quick past the post? the evangelical bishop William Carey, did they purpose various changes and think that evangelical bishops.would be all the more influential as open believers? Sentamu , the current Archbishop Justin Welby, could be manouvred into their positions precisely to do what they are doing, present homosexuality as normal within the church. This could have been tabled masonically a few decades ago.
Bishops and ministries in the Bible should know how to bring their family up in the faith.
Hugh Dennis isn't a Christian.Son of a Bishop.
A former doctor client of mine is agnostic/atheist, also.a high achieving son of.a bishop.
Richard Dawkins comes.from similar stock.
David Tennant is pushing the godless example role, but he too is a son of a Bishop equivalent, the very Sandy MacDonald moderator of the Church of Scotland and indeed one of the strongest ,oldest and most powerful bloodlines there.
Should bishops just be left to do their thing, much as Jesus let the chief priests more or less get on with it, having spoken directly to many of them about the difference of His own message?
Are Bishops beyond the pail in that sense? Having positions of.secular power have they just bought into Satan's realm a little too much that they could ever be reached with Rhema Word? The issue does largely seem to be Rhema Word. Although even I am not sure how much homosexuality falls in line with Logos Word. Logos is the presentation and understanding of the whole revealed Word.of.God. Rhema, like the daily.manna which the Israelites consumed, is the current fresh Word that God speaks. Psalm 19 talks about this. Prayer traditionally ties us in with God's voice, but the work of Galatians 2.20 is more and more making any form of living outside.of.Jesus Christ irrelevant anyway. And this is the third stage of believing in 1 John 2, the Father believing stage of.knowing Him who is from the Beginning. There is only One Sole.Source of.Life, the Father Creator of the Universe who in the Emmanuel/ God with us Son, has now been made personal to us in the Holy Spirit.
Bishops are Gatekeepers. They are powerful spiritual positions for.good and for.ill. The current Bishop is not in any way the same as a Bishop/ overseer in the New Testament sense, because it is only just becoming apparent again after 2000 years how the Holy Spirit raises and uses these. But the current bishops nevertheless, much like Old Covenant chief priests, are the system we have, and to which everybody refers.for.guidance . So will they just be the same intractable force that Jesus confronted, and finally had to.speak the Word.of.judgment over, which fulfilled that what again saying......that just as Jews never listened, is it now true that all. denominations and denominational.structures are simply going to be bypassed once again as ones who are not bringing forth the fruit of the Kingdom, and the Kingdom to be given once again to a people of faith bringing forth the fruit of Galatians 2.20 living? Or as God.does.surprises with Barry Kissels of Chorleywood first,and Holy Trinity Brompton and Alpha Courses, will God just fool us hardened veterans, who left the main systems the hour we first believed in the Jesus Move nearly 50 years ago, will God again speak to any or all of these Bishops, dangling on the puppet strings of.Freemasonry? Or is it just now too late?

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