Sunday 28 August 2016

So what is a Bishop or Overseer?

So what is a Bishop or overseer?
We'll come to that in a minute.
The Bible is.singularly unhelpful from a leftbrain Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil shopping list point of.view at describing God and reasons for.His existence and what Church is.
In that way, it refuses to be like Radio 4 commentary on a new film. It just disallows commentary and expects you to go to the cinema.
Jesus said quite simply
Come and see.
Jesus is absolutely hopeless with English people, who.want to know the boot size, the pulse.rate, the g forces, the average acceleration times., in short everything there is to know in bound and triplicate encyclopedia.form and to borrow it for.a month before.deciding to actually hear Jesus speak at all.
The Bible isn't helpful. It expects you to lay your leftbrain down and approach God humbly from the start in your heart, and be on the right frequency to begin with.
To be in the cinema to begin with and to forget the 7.20pm arts programme waffle on Radio 4 altogether.
You are.expected to be in a place to perceive God who is Spirit. And the Book the Beginning God......
And Johns gospel begins in the Beginning was God.
All very unhelpful for.English Rothschild on total pragmatism, stripped of.true worship, stripped.almost of all high arts, poetry, psalms, Song of.Songs, genuine Spirit led.worship, well anything deeper.than London Gospel Community Choir. Occasionally somebody into XFactor and surprises the heaven out of everybody..... But do you start to.see the problem?
And errrr...... the Bible is exactly the same about the Church. The real one. You are.expected to know what a thirdlevel church is. But there isn't one anywhere in England. There are a few on their way like Justin and his Company of.Burning hearts, but as a church, though more mystically inclined, they haven't either as experience been through Romans 6 to 8 yet. So no. In England you cannot point to one church anywhere at all that is anything towards like Acts 2, with 12 fullytrained thirdlevellers hovering as Word sharers and overseers.
Then you get to a subject like, what is an overseer?And the Bible expects you "to know silly......"
Nobody in Britain has ever met one.
Jesus said where two or three gather in My Name, meaning the Three and half year potted revelation imparted to 12 apostles of God's fullness and His.Name in Incarnate form in Jesus. In other words more.of a three and a half year life experience as.12 men with Jesus, than purely doctrines.alone or signs of.power alone......This Name.....this Person....this revelation of God in man worked.over a three and a half year period entirely in the power of the Spirit. When we gather in THIS NAME there I Am in your midst.
Now here's the interesting bit in Corinthians which is just the briefest of mentions in passing. Paul is talking about disciplining somebody for sex within close familial.relations. But that's not even the important bit. It's this sentence. When the Lord's.Spirit and my Spirit is among you..
Now nowhere is this related in the New Testament, we are just expected to know what Paul is on about. But no one in the whole of Britain will know what he is on about because.Nobody has been in a ever. At best only a first and second level baby church. And mostly not even that, just some.denominational historic carbuncle from hundreds.of years ago.
Now before even getting to define a Bishop there is one more illustration, that of an inflatable dinghy or inflatable bouncy castle or just a mattress. When it arrives unless there is a picture, you certainly have no clue what the object is until it's inflated by air.
The same with the church. And the Bible. And God in one.sense. Without the inflation of Ruach, the Holy Spirit, the repent be baptised.And be filled.with the Spirit.....God is meaningless, the church is meaningless as a concept, it's just a human club, and any talk of.ministries and totally meaningless.
It's got so bad over thousands of years that now Catholics.have got to substituting what really used to be happening , with bells and turning bread and wine back into Jesus carnal body, and incense and.other theatricality, when the whole.thing is.unnecessary because thirdlevellers come with their.own Presence......And even when these Bishops and overseers are not there, if.two or three gather earnestly and from the heart in Jesus.Name, He comes Himself and.fills the whole thing for.You.
Bishops like Paul brought their own umbrella of God's Presence.with them for the Kings kids to be happy and learn in that framework. Far from one's.who.Lord it over and pull.strings......Bishops come with a spiritual play pen, a play rug, for.the rest to.enjoy God's.Presence.
But without the Holy Spirit leading us back.into these things how.on earth are we.meant to know if the Bible itself just isn't that clear on how things work, unless you are really paying attention to the small print in between the actual lesson subjects?

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