Saturday 26 November 2016

Shift Happens - (many components to this blog)

Lydia Du Toit on Facebook shares Ralph's status
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brilliant!! shift happens
Ready to land, seat belts buckled, seats in the upright position the flight attended reminds us all that once the plane had taxied to its gate and came to complete shut down, to take care when opening the overhead luggage space because as she put it " sometimes the luggage will shift upon takeoff and landing". She added with a hint of humor "and we all know shift happens"
Well shift is happening in the church…lots of shift. Its not the plane that was changing or shifting, it is the contents, the luggage, the travelers, its us…the message is being re-told ~ this time the way it was first revealed and as intended.
We are shifting…not God. The shift is taking place without our permission. We are being taken for a heavenly ride with our God that upon takeoff and landing, the things once lodged in what we assumed were "stable" and "unshakable" are being shaken and shifted.
A shift from the stagnant air of powerless legalism to the fresh air of heavenly life of Rest of joyful receptivity of God's finished work(s) for us and through us…Where the journey brings us back to joyful relationship and peace even in the bumpy ride we hate so much…where heaven and earth collide in effortless living…
Like or love it….shift happens. We are being shaken around and re-settled into the life God as intended….This shift is very "Good News"
Prepare to land…watch the overhead containers…we are shifting
~ ralph brier

Another Word for Shift in this context can be acceleration also

Canon Andrew White is establishing his very own mission to give him more freedom in the countries he can visit. Jerusalem Merit and CAWR

Torben Sondergaard's ministry name is the Last Reformation. He posts some things on YouTube and somethings to Facebook followers and friends.

i hope you can see both.

Here is Torben's Lesson 23 in Pioneer School describing the difference between religion and genuine experience of Christ, in this way Torben and I are very similar.

Art Montgomery from Facebook over at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Finally the very shocking news that the young man who first dared give ear to me speaking about the Thirdlevel online on his blog and in his comment sections ,called  Dan Bowen, a nurse in Birmingham, died suddenly two days ago.

He grew up in Dunstable Church under the very pastor Stanley Jebb, who had driven Ern Baxter round England during those absolutely stunning Bible Weeks in the 70s that were so pivotal in launching all the new churches. Dan was for a time a part of a Sovereign Grace Ministries Church  which began under the twin ministry of Larry Tomczak and CJ Mahaney. His friend Scott and his family who are doubtless having to come to terms with this shock, must surely appreciate prayers and thought right now.

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