Saturday 5 November 2016

God's . EXE file 2.0

Because so few people have seen a real church it may be helpful to describe what the Kingdom exe file of my blogpost looks like while it is still installing.
The MIDDLE of the Lord's Prayer is absolutely key to the functioning of the self-installing Kingdom in the Church. can think of the Lord's prayer in a usual one off way where you plough through it all together in a reading.
But the key issue missed in churches that have blocked the Holy Spirit, by denouncing proper experiential repentance, water baptism and complete infilling of the Holy Spirit...
it means you don't understand the last bit.
So whether you take the Lord's prayer as a blueprint for a single meeting.....or whether you take it as a longer process of the Spirit, the outcome of both is the same....
Like a massive detox, the final DECLARATION BIT Bursts out of your innards IN POWER.
But if you are Catholics, Methodists,Anglicans, Baptists even, and so haven't actually done the first bit of meeting God properly, so you never experience the dynamic DETOX processes of the Holy Spirit, so ofcourse you never see in your services the massive Holy Spirit release that this causes. You won't have seen this in others, and you certainly won't have experienced it in yourself.
The THREE levels of your being are sifted through at microscopic level by the Holy Spirit Himself.....
Your physical needs.....WHO IS YOUR SUPPLY? God or Mammon. Boy this is visceral. It literally decides for you if you are going to be sucked into the New World Order, denying Christ or not. just cannot carry around those hurts and bitternesses HAVE for your own sake to forgive others as they forgive you. This means more when you are in a real church that actually lives together, as the Holy Spirit designs His real church
Spiritually, and often way out of sight, you have to let the Holy Spirit go deep into every aspect of your agendas and operating system.....
Boy how many secondeveller preachers do I hear who preach on various things, and I can just hear in my spirit....they are still as attached to the devil in that area as any non Christian, they are self deceived.
NOW do you understand the full import of
In His LIght do we see Light and
Walk in the Light with one another even as He is in the Light, having fellowship with one another.....and if we do...His BLOOD....cleanses (active verb) us from all sin....
ie not just clearing us from guilt and shame.....CLEARING US PERIOD !!!!! If you abide in My Word then you are truly my disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you????????
Now any of you that have been around this revelation of the working of the Body of Christ since God accelerated the Church vision in the 70s....WILL KNOW what it is like living with Job's friends.
First and secondlevellers get "bees in their bonnets" or the "gift of suspicion" and they plague your life don't they.
Living in the Light is not like the Spanish Inquisition. leave that to Catholics and Jesuits.
Living in the Light means there has to be the supernatural Light and Presence of the Living Lord Jesus and the moving of the Holy Spirit.
When Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery
Go and sin no wasn't a Spanish Inquisition "Go and sin no more or I will tear you limb from limb and hang draw and quarter you and feed you to the vultures."
There was Spirit power in His Words....more like a prophetic empowering blessing over her shall sin no more.
And it is in that kind of spirit we move as gathered saints in this self building DOT EXE file that is God's Kingdom.

The picture above iis of the three fathers of the Move that was the Emsworth Church as it was called in the UK near Portsmouth. Ian McCulloch was resident at Emsworth and was the father of the work, the main pastor. R.Edward Miller and Jorge Pradas were each father of several works in Argentina and elsewhere. All three had apostolic gifting so we were, to say the least, well fed with Christ.

You can Hear Ed Miller  here

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