Tuesday 29 November 2016

2016 Letter Addressing the Union Crowd's False Millennial gospel

Fred, I have no idea at all why we are not more connected, but I like yourself, haven't fussed about it but gone on in what I felt led to do. I have no idea why Ole suddenly disappeared on me. I DO know why Nancy got the hump. And I do know why Daniel Yordy got the hump.

I really got excited about what you and Ole were seeing to do with Jesus literally beginning another priesthood in the Jordan and I feel that has been growing in me, but building on what the Holy Spirit took me through in the last 40 years via our church community.

We walk in the Light, which means in the mystery of God we will pick up wrong or fuzzy inner seeing in the other that we can address in the manner of taking a splinter out. And this is the LIVING and GLORIOUS Ephesians 4 church which exists primarily in the heavens but manifests in different ways visibly on earth......and according to Revelation 12, in a troubled and "pursued" way. Jerusalem Church in Acts being our foundation.

If Paul hadn't clobbered Peter about circumcision, we may not be here today.
This is walking in the Light as He is in the Light.
In His Light, Ps 36 says, we see Light.
When we gather in Him He is there among us
If we are on our own....then we are told to chuck away all our Gentile Genesis 3 ophan way of heaping up prayers....and go inside and shut our chuntering leftbrain door, and meet with the Father in the secret place in side of us.
So whether on our own or with the Church, and using all the gifts the Holy Spirit gives....we are on a massive "syncing" process which ends up experientially at getting better and better at John 15 abiding....not because it us doing anything, but we crash into the REST of knowing it is He in us, in an ever more SURE WAY.

So I am wanting to bring something up with yourself, Sylvia Pearce, Roel Velema and Brian Coatney. My heart leapt just now to see you had done a recent series on "On Earth as it is now in heaven"
for that is the reason for my concern.

I have already addressed this with Brian, but I did the same with Roel this morning.
But first I want to tighten one of the phrases you wrote in this series.

You wrote : presumably thinking of leftbrain doctrines....it doesn't matter what your eschatology is.
At a surface level I would put John Noe right in that category, because I like his heart and his book, but he is in fact a Preterist.

At Spirit level it actually does matter as I am sure with reflection you will see in a moment.
Anything that gets our inner seeing off the Eternal Now is a perversion.
Anything that takes us away from the "blank cheque" that was offered Moses at the Burning bush...
Who shall I say sent me
This is what we preach
a "The Kingdom is at hand " Kingdom
we teach people to gather in the Name of Christ where He comes Himself to the gatherings, and we watch them run in the Melchizedek Order.

This is what is wrong with the false eschatology it puts the Kingdom in a millennium
It shelves the believing in my heart, the confession of my mouth, and the real time experience of deliverance.

If some leftbrain belief was the offense....well that wouldn't be a problem....but it's not a leftbrain belief only, it is a high place, a place raised against the knowledge of God. A speculation that we have to bring down in the Spirit.

In America just about all the Union people have been raised in millennial teaching. Millennial teaching is only just slightly warmed up Jesuit Catholic teaching derived from a carnal understanding of "1000 year" mentions in scripture. There is an inactivity , a passivity throughout the whole Union move, that is odd if you have come through the Jesus Move streams, and the 70s Bible weeks which were raised on a unique event.....the message Ern Baxter was given in 1975 to the Kansas City Shepherds Conference, at which the guy was physically levitated off the ground....(in the manner of many Catholic saints who loved Jesus muchly over the last 1500 years). I was asking Ern if I could use some of the tape and set it to music, and I asked him to verify this in case I had got it wrong. No. He really said this happened.

The Word we received in the Holy Spirit in the 70s, in exactly the same manner that Abraham did with his stars and sand, was not always heard in faith, and as is now well documented a huge generation of Ishmaels were produced....schools....businesses....politics....church models.....that were what we call "Triumphalist".

But as real as Hagar and Ishmael in the Old testament are.....you may have noticed
Isaac....which means laughter (see psalm 126) REALLY REALLY HAPPENED.

The MISSING KEY to anything happening, to the Revelation 12 woman clothed with the sun being able to bring forth a manchild......IS
the second grace......as in "Grace, Grace to it"
is the second deliverance in the message of Sylvia Pearce
is the Romans 6 to 8 teaching of Norman Grubb

But like the little boy with the Emperor has no clothes
or like young David with a silly catapult

I am saying the millennium paralysis that seems to run right through the Union movement needs uprooting today. It is grand THEFT. It is Death by Paralysis. It is a whole generation of Israelites dying in the wilderness.

I would also add to Fred's teaching here about the BEAST being inward , to divide it even more in the Spirit.
While fully getting that "all is spirit."......that wecan't ever say of the Kingdom of God it is "LO HERE" or LO THERE"....and we can't do that either about the Kingdom of Darkness....

It's not quite as nebulous as Fred writes.....why? Because it's like the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. Whatever chemicals were involved or whether it turns out it is all petrified stuff....although nobody made the hexagonal tube shapes....whatever substances were involved...THE ORDER or PROTOCOL of those substances FORMS the hexagons every time.

The order of Satan shows its reptilian scales.....LITERALLY
IT BUILDS in Pyramids in fear. Hittites or Heth means fear/terror
The order of Satan naturally predisposes to 13 Bloodlines, the order of the Kingdom 12.
The Bloodlines are tight, preventing intermarriage to maintain occult power
God's Kingdom couldn't care less taking into it Rahab, Ruth, the murderer St Paul became the main writer!!!!!

Our CLASH though now in an Ephesians 6 style......and with a priesthood that began after the order of Jesus stepping out of Jordan.....is none the less a real clash as Jesus was.

Jesus "was brought before" the main opposers on earth. Psalm 2
Paul "was brought before rulers over cities"
Paul AIMED for the Big one : ROME

Fritz Springmeier, Dr Coleman, Barry Smith, Miles Johnstone, David Icke.....countless more on the internet , Christian or non Christian,are unearthing the literal structures and hexagons of the "Giant's Causeway" which have always remained behind the scenes, we only saw the Dictators, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers. This was the fading glory of all of Rees Howells work.
No sooner had he stepped in the gap faithfully, then died immediately after the war, the Freemasons were sending Kissinger and the CIA to create Korea then Vietnam and Cambodia.
Mao Tse Tung Stalin and Pol Pot were all trained by the same Anglo French Masonic team called Tavistock.

SO YES....while switching us off with millennial teaching, the devil is actually doing some of his finest work.....but so is God.....and really the ONLY WORK WE HAVE is to say these words



My words to Roel this morning, but really i want to address any of you still not quite embedded in the eternal Now of the gospel. Today is the day of salvation.
Who shall we say sent us?
I AM who I AM.

Roel :So true. The world starts big and ends small. God begins small and ends big. When our Lord said: "Shall I find THE faith at my coming?", the Greek text demands a negative answer. So, the big reformation we wait for is millennial. In the meantime God's main work is inner. However, when the millennial revelation of the sons of God is a fact, the world will be amazed and also shocked of the blindness of not seeing God's prepared work thoughout the centuries. We should distinguish between the entrance into the kingdom (John 3), and the reward of ruling in the millennial kingdom (Rev. 2-3). There are earthly and heavenly aspects of the coming kingdom, a distinction almost no one sees today. This is one of the reasons why Christians only scratch the surface. They don't see that the Abrahamic covenant contains both earthly and heavenly promises.

Chris replied
Roel, you and the union crowd really really need the Holy Spirit. It's urgent. You write such tosh that isn't backed up by Jesus Christ at all, but comes out of human traditions of Darkness.
What more.do you need to know?
God was.faced by complete Darkness and spoke Light and we are the product.
Now is the Light of the gospel.come and guess who has been invited to take the Fathers role this time with the New Creation?
Here's a clue Romans 10. We believe in our heart we confess with our mouth and are saved. The millennium is currently on hold until Roel gets his jaw into gear. You need to sit down and listen to Thy Kingdom Come by Ern Baxter , you and Brian Coatney, but this time take your cotton wool out or turn up your deaf aid. WE ARE IT. THERE ARE NO OTHERS.
Chat conversation end
Seen 11:13

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Roel Velema said...

Scripture teaches that present dispensation will end in apostasy. The whole matter stems from an incident occurring very early in the history of the Church. In Matthew 13:33, in the parables of the mysteries of the kingdom of the heavens, a woman took leaven and hid this leaven “in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.” The leaven has been working for over nineteen centuries, it is presently working, and it will continue to work until “the whole” has been leavened. These latter days in will be marked by the completion of a leavening process, resulting in apostasy.