Wednesday 18 January 2017

Beneath the thin Veneer

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Chris Welch BBC One Show is very absorbing but one of its roles is brainwashing.It is done cleverly in that quite often there will be a corrective role and therefore supply some element of truth but broadly it is a wolfhound or snapping crocodile at the side of the road to keep you herded with the masses.
Messages like
Don't even look into the subject of vaccines
You must use fluoride
You mustn't look into why farmers feed their animals 90 minerals to ensure they don't have to pay vet bills. Why not humans? Because the health service would crash if we were fit and well.
This week we have had..... straw men created around the natural clean eating arena.... as if many many of our conditions can't be cleared more or less straight away by completely overhauling our diets without recourse to big pharma pills. They have doctors immediately disabusing us if these things. (Their livelihood)
Last night I switched on to the end of a false news stories article to help combat the increasing lack of trust in mainstream news. They OFCOURSE just highlight extreme internet or National Enquirer stories. But anybody knows from their own lives the extreme highs and lows of their lives can hardly be related in leftbrain environments because the frequency of in the nick of time deliverances without any real comprehensible cause and effect sequence are so manifold the only place we could share what really goes on is in a testimony meeting and the BBC being Masonic aren't about to authorise anything like that but in the fringes of Songs of Praise. Hopefully as people emerge snail like from their own shells from the internet there will be so many speaking the truth Auntie Bbc Rothschild won't be able to muzzle us

Judy Povey It's been distressing finally realising how well brainwashed we are/I have been.
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch when the awful truth starts ripping our skin away, we really feel sick for days as Daniel did when the angel first told him what was planned.
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Chris Welch Last week I delivered a piano and they noticed some things I put on my business card about how I am available for sharing about many of the spiritual discoveries I have made while in the piano trade.

The husband and wife were amazing. They had just spent 18months sailing round the world with their kids. (Digression but interesting. The Dad was asked to come into the school office after "ship schooling " the kids. It was several weeks after the term began.
Mr (such and such) we wanted to call you in about your child. he is finding it hard. The Dad gulped, not being a teacher.
Yes sir, I am afraid your son is now a bit too advanced, he is about a year ahead, we are trying to help him not get bored.. End of digression)

But i shared how i had noticed that at the moment either neither couple "gets" the true situation as in - happy with BBC and Fox interpretation of events....

or at most one spouse "gets it".

The man was the one in his family, and with Sean Withinshaw , Tim Elwell, Rohan Barton and others of my male friends, it is they so far that have cottoned on to things. But it is also going to be the case in my musical profession that I deal with creatives, who in broad scenarios are always decades ahead of the public at large, by virtue of how they are built.
But as i said to them....on Facebook it's many times the reverse gender roles. I think Shirley Unger Cunningham , and Annalize Mouton and so many other women here already see the bigger picture, and my guess is their spouses don't yet.

All i can say is, it is soooooo grueling when the large jigsaw pieces are suddenly I can be sick for days.

Unfortunately while we were establishing a church in Les Ulis Paris, David McCulloch senior was having a complete download around 1981......we all thought he was going paranoid because he was stuck in a new country as a missionary....and he'd been lacking in social interaction.

My wife kept telling me about 3 years ago that I was losing my mind.

So presumably God has to wait for good moments to leak this stuff out, so some normal semblance of order can be maintained in families.

Certainly the Woody Allen figure in Antz, had a hard time fitting into community when the awful truth started to hit him.
Hidden Guiding Machinery -

 Bilderberg Meetings

Architects of War- Asian Build up

False Arab Spring and Syrian Manipulation

The Queen Attempts to Warn Us

and Below
Sarah Abed and Nessa Beeley  report from Syria
Nessa Beeley
16 January at 09:17 ·
Sarah Abed writes to James Longman, BBC

"I am really loving all of these comments. So many truth advocates in one place. It really makes my heart smile to see this. What was probably intended by James to be a safe room where he can be comfortered by his fans quickly turned into a rude awakening for him and anyone else that has made a living telling lies in msm.

After almost 6 years and 400,000 lives lost in Syria it seems that people are finally accepting the truth. The truth that many Syrians such as myself have been trying to tell for many years on behalf of our family and friends that are enduring these unbelievable conditions brought in by foreign intervention. A well planned and executed invasion by the West and their allies. This was never a civil war, it was never a revolution, it was not part of the organic uprisings that took place known as the Arab Spring. I see that many people here know that, you know the truth and even if msm has spent billons, to make this seem like something it's not their plan is failing.

Independent journalists such as Eva Karene Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley shared with the world a glimpse into what really took place and what the people really want the West to know.

I was in Syria 6 months before the war started and there was absolutely no indication that this was going to take place. What we do know is that there were players getting ready to act out this very elaborate production, they stockpiled weapons in mosques and were ready for their que. Much like the White Helmets they were paid actors made to fool the world into accepting lies.

One fact that comforts myself and others is that no matter what happens.. eventually the truth does come out. In order to end this war we need everyone to speak out against the lies. The more people know the truth the harder it is for their governments to play this "savior role" while sponsporing terrorism. It's important for every single person that knows the truth to keep telling others. Syrians and humanity as a whole is counting on you.

Oh and James, you might want to audition for the next Fifty Shades of Gray movie.. I think fiction is more up your alley"

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