Sunday 8 January 2017

The Quadrinity

In the first two chapters of Hebrews while using the Old Testament quotes to mark out the special sending of the Son Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God....
MAN refers to the original intent with Adam,
the Son of Man refers to BOTH Jesus Christ the firstborn, the Forerunner, the Pioneer, and also
His Body reborn from on High and an extension of the Head who now rules from the heavens.

Brett Musser
· 7 hrs ·
Do you worship the same God as Jesus? Jesus said that his Father is his God. He never mentioned anything about his God being a trinity. If you attend a typical church, then your God consists of 3 beings, a father, son and spirit. Jesus never spoke of any such god. If you don't believe that the Father is the only true God (John 17:3) then you worship a mythical god that isn't biblical. That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Chris Welch
all I know is that some 30 years before the Shack was written, seated below the monument upon Coombe Hill overlooking the prime ministers country house, Chequers....
I had a vision of God that broke me in two. It was of three friends arm in arm. They had a beautiful co submissive relationship, which I since realise is coming out of what Norman Grubb calls the eternal decision to do Nothing out of self for self love, but to direct everything out of a heart of Agape Love, love for others with a Cross right through its heart. And into this already perfect relationship and fellowship they were calling man. I was with a wonderful sister but every time I tried to explain to her what I had just seen, my words broke apart and I was just weeping......while I guess others were walking round the column wondering what the adult young English male was doing.


Chris Welch It's a quadrinity. And the whole thing is the most beautiful romantic....or roGodtic tale you can imagine or can't imagine....because it's so good. The Father breathed into some clay He had previously called into being by the Word while the Spirit was "incubating" on the waters. From the moment the Father came and kissed this clay form a Quadrinity was formed because we shared His Spirit. The Father came and directed the outer courts teaching of Man. The Son came and instructed about the existence of a new priesthood format which became the congregation of Jesus Christ. But then the Holy Spirit came to finish the job. So the Holy Spirit now works "within the Holy Place" or transition room of the heavenly Tabernacle to prepare the Bride to be ready for the true Room, the Throne Room, where we will enjoy Quadrinity living within the Godhead for eternity. Jesus brings in the Kingdom and submits ourselves and Himself that God the Father may be the All......But inside All.

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