Monday 13 February 2017

The mystery of the freemasonry checkerboard I

This post is not about Lina's book but more can be read here

The mystery of the freemasonry checkerboard unfolds.

Conversely Christ in us the hope of glory is unfolding to mean all the furniture in the Holiest Place. A generation ago we could not say this. It had not been revealed. It sounded blasphemous. All tabernacle teaching from the Brethren church onwards stopped in the Holy Place. No charismatic teacher went further than the Holy Place.
But Darkness is also a strong Mystery. A strong Delusion. And it is unfolding and having greater and greater implications to our freedom in the earth.

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Chris Welch note added as he shares a post from Stacie Schulz -

Were sin as simple as wrong behaviour as defined by the Tree of.the knowledge of good and evil things would be relatively simple for parents.....and initially they kind of are. this socialising people out of their selfcentric default into realising there are.others to be considered.
But because sin is at root the mystery of a spirit, a person, a type of.empowering that in true absolute terms is nothing when God's Light shines upon human can reveal this to a best a parent can only midwife this understanding to indeed can any ministry or older.friend to an older friend.

Stacie Schulz
17 hrs ·
Lana & I stayed up late watching a movie together and  in the movie a person mentioned the word "sinner"...& Lana asked me, "Momma what does that word mean?"
I asked her "you don't know what sinner means?"...she shrugged genuinely "no".
She then asked "does it mean someone is a pagan or a witch?--or does it mean a person drinks wine? because I hear people at my school say that drinking is a sin? What does sin mean?"

These questions actually caused me to be in awe....awe in a good way. Honestly, in the past my old self would have felt guilty to hear those questions, I would have felt like I wasn't a *good Christian mother* to hear my child ask, "what does sinner mean?"...haha...but in all seriousness I praise the Lord for causing my old self to be crucified on the cross along with its carnal mind of sin consciousness! There are not enough words to describe the joy & deep thankfulness I have for Jesus...for His cross....causing the husk of my old life to give way to my new creation life!-being given the mind of Christ--and now only being God conscious, Kingdom conscious! was in that very moment when Lana asked me her sincere question about sin that I realized how the Lord has had His way in raising my children...they have been raised BY HIM...out of the man-made system where people are constantly sin-conscious instead of being God conscious.
Honestly, in our family we don't focus on sin--we focus on the Kingdom of Christ, on the Kingship of Jesus...of Him ruling as King on the throne of our hearts. We speak of His right-wised ways. The Lord is continually in our conversations...His Spirit is seen & heard throughout our day in various experiences we have with one another & with others.
Do our children mess up sometimes? Yes.
Do we talk about it when it happens? Yes.
What we then do is move forward, with forgiveness and with words of life...reminding them who they are in The Kingdom, the call of the Lord on each of their lives...of how they are each ministers of the Kingdom, reminding them they are King-Priests walking on the earth!☀👑

One thing I've learned...religious folk don't like this kind of talk. The religious spirit steeped in sin-consciousness will get touchy & offended.
"That is wrong! Stacie needs to teach her children they are sinners! She better watch out--her children will get into trouble if they don't know they are sinners"...blah blah. always amazes me when these type of thoughts are expressed. The judgement & the words of death.
I pity those who have these carnal thoughts & sadly speak them...honestly I forgive them...and continue on my journey in REST. I rest in HIM. I rest in knowing that my Father is faithful to DRAW ALL MEN UNTO HIMSELF through Christ.
I rest in knowing that I didn't know anything about sin either when I was growing up...I wasn't raised in parents were not believers...BUT that didn't stop God from pursuing me, He drew me to Himself...HE ALONE....He transferred me out of darkness (when I had no idea that I was in darkness) and translated me into the Kingdom of the Son!☀
What He did for me, He will do for all.
To all the parents of prodigal children I say this--if I was raised in a home without Christian parents & without having parents pray over me BUT GOD pursued me, wooed me, drew me, called me & saved me----how much more so will He go after YOUR CHILD...He has seen your tears, He has heard your countless hours of prayer...HE IS FAITHFUL & WILL PURSUE THEM AND SAVE THEM TOO!❤

This is the Gospel I preach...because it's what Jesus preached👉🏼The Kingdom.
"And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people." (Matt.4:23)

I don't preach sin...I preach The Kingdom!
The Kingdom of God is THE GOOD NEWS

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