Tuesday 7 February 2017

Cotswolds - Where are they?

Tomorrow I am up early doing piano removals in Cirencester, one of the gateways into the Cotswolds.
Ask any English person where the Cotswolds are and they really only have the vaguest notions, me included.

"Northwest of Oxford".

Well surprisingly, they begin at Bath and stretch up to Warwickshire in a rather long straggly shape.

To those overseas, you may be wondering what are these Cotswolds?

England on Acid.
If England had hobbits this is where Hobbiton would be.


The tinged yellow stone.
The cheeses to match.
The rolling hills and meadows right into the horizon.
The choir culture of the Three Choirs Festival in nearby Hereford Gloucester and Worcester.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, those Cotswolds are our favorite place to visit when I 'come home' to England, we always make a visit. Usually to Broadway, Evesham, Oxford, Witney, Carterton, Burford. My old grounds when I was a kid and dad was at RAF Brize Norton. Hope you enjoyed your visit.