Sunday 30 July 2017

Pressure in ministry.

From Abimelech eyeing your queen wife.....she was after all the one through whom the promise to Abraham would come.....
Through Sanballat's pressure on Nehemiah
Through the many pressures on Jesus of what He was.supposed to be doing or.not doing.....
Through Acts,and Galatians
We have to learn to say a firm yes and a firm no.
We.have died to the elemental.spirits of the universe saying do not touch, or do this.....
Read John 7 and consider unlike Christmas.....Jesus was saying no to a God mandated feast.Then God said a yes....but it happened differently.
We don't have to do anything . We.don't have to explain ourselves or our existence.
We are what Christ is doing next in us. As long as that isnt our independent self using it as subterfuge for self preservation.
Ever hear an evangelical say......if God wills......which meant if they felt like it?
That all came out of the book of James. Only takes a generation or two for the flesh to get clever with scripture.
a second Facebook post, related.

"I forced myself" is a huge single line.statement by Saul, who forced.himself to do what only Samuel was able to do, but hadn't turned up in the "promised time". And if you have been with a prophet you know they measure their words.with care. seems humanly unfair that Saul has his kingdom effectively stripped from him over this point.
His kingdom came woomph....overnight as Samuel anointed him.....but the transition from this rejection incident to the coming to pass was like a slow long death, literally. But that's kind of the problem right there. Sauls love performing right to the curtain call.
"I forced myself" seems to cover most of.what goes on in the world. We have inspiration. We have a sense of call and Destiny. Musicians and.artists feel genuine things. Maybe parents do likewise. Then all give up the wait and "force ourselves".
I had a strange dream last night which is already several hours back so it's fuzzy. It seemed important. Something like two men in an Eastern nation both getting a genuine political sense of.what had to be done, then they meet up.later. One of them has put himself up.for.election in the old manner of.things, and just in that act has already compromised his original inspiration. As it happens hardly anybody was following him. They were following the man who wasn't putting himself up for "power over".
We have this inner sense of what is right but will.we simply.wait.enough while it grows?
It's like Satan has no power over the just IS coming into being.
His power and his jurisdiction is over where we feel.forced to act.
"Jesus plus" type of.activity.
Jesus alone doesn't cause.any problems......just the bits where we are trying to.add to God going on.
I forced myself.....
Is massive in its effects.

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