Saturday 22 July 2017

How the world church make meringue

In natural life as in the Spirit proverbs says a man's gift makes way for itself. The Holy Spirit set apart Barnabas and Paul for the was simple recognition of who they were in Antioch the first Gentile church and how they functioned.
In a gathering, pretty soon it is evident who knows Jesus best.
There is a weight of authority in the Spirit.
In the Old Covenant these would become leaders and direct the rest. We still have Old Covenant thinking in every single church on the planet today with one leader per church.
Jesus broke that in Acts 2 with 11 people standing behind the one preaching and called to open the Kingdom with his keys....St Peter. But Peter was never in charge of the church in Jerusalem. And it seems the head, who was James, who was later murdered, was administrative head, and this may have just been a carry over from the Jewish notion of a synagogue head. It is interesting that he was the one killed.
Jack Fortenberry points out that in none of the letters does anybody get asked to greet a single person over a church, as is our modernday pagan Catholic inheritance universally across the earth.
For most of you this will seem absurd. Look even John and Carol Arnott were in charge of Toronto say.
Were they?
They had input. But as far as I can glean the Ho;y Spirit was in charge.
A lot of you have no clue whatsoever when i use the phrase Melchizedek Order.
When we gather in the Name of Jesus all of us are synced up to the Head. The Holy Spirit makes it known what He wants done, using different members. But included with our salvation is the free gift of "the umpire of peace in our hearts".
We know the sound of heaven.
My Sheep know my voice, says Jesus.
This will all become so much clearer once we have a thirdlevel core in each church according to 1 John 2.
This doesn't make them into a super set of Stalins directing everything.
What happens in the Spirit is that they provide a core antennae for the Spirit in a gathering. These are broken men, who if David was writing about them in the Psalms , see 84, he would say
Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee, in whose hearts are the highway to Zion.
They don't have to do much or even anything at all....but the whole meeting is directed through their LIVE connection to the Living King Jesus.
No scripture
No scripture
No scripture anywhere states that one pastor is over a church.
This may have been a flesh reality in first and secondlevel churches, but the Bible churches were thirdlevel churches.
Founded by broken men,
who had Galatians 2.20 consciousness
rooted and grounded in grace
and any particular gifting or anointing God had given them.
The modern idea of a man out the front directing, speaking,leading everything is just pagan.
it's what you are left with when you
baptise infants
nobody is really converted or baptised in water consciously and then receives the fulness of the Holy Spirit.
So what you are left with at worst is denominational disasters
perhaps some are born again
but as nobody is baptised in the Spirit there is no flow of the Spirit, so the poor single man or woman is left pulling strings like a marionette show.
This isnt the Church of the Living God.
It's like saying something is a you have a good look expecting to see this lovely white risen thing
and you look at this crass rather grey flat mish mash that Catholics call a meringue.
So you ask them how did you make it?
Thats easy they explain
we didn't have any eggs so to get the colour we used turmeric. We didn't have an eggwhisk or a Kenwood Chef so we just made do with a few quick flicks with a spoon.
We didn't have a cooker so we left it outside in the sun for a couple of days and hoped for the best. But it rained on one of the days.
But it is definitely a meringue because the Pope says so and everything the Pope says is infallible.
"I see, But it never won Masterchef."

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