Saturday 13 June 2009

The Deathly Hush surrounding Marxism

When those born in the 1950s were growing up Marxism was huge. I remember now with total embarrasment how I as a born again Spirit-filled person in 1974 said these words...

"I don't follow Marxism, but if I did, I would not follow the the form practised in Russia, but would favour the model as practised by China."

Friends, to see how wrong this was I recommend you all read Mao The Unknown Story.

Also, compare this with aspects of Watchman Nee's bio by Angus Kinnear

So if you consider having your tongue cut out by Red Communist guards is a good option, because your anointing is so great whole swathes of prison population were turning to Jesus.... well , by all my guest....go with Marxism.

Richard Wurmbrandt, the pastor imprisoned by Communists behind the Iron Curtain, traces the unknown history of Marx before Das Kapital. He also makes the point that for a supposedly humanist philosophy , it is amazing how Christianity was specifically targeted.

Other prisoners of a jail had a rough time....but only the Catholic priest was found crucified upside down on one of the prison walls.

Now , if atheism is as many have it, just a neutral position, why would the worst of the worst atrocities ever committed against humans be only effected against believers in a religion. And only the Christian religion.

The point of this post is to raise the curtain on the otherwise now silent stage that was communism. Frau Hannelore Noack, afriend of my parents, has been doing the same on the subject of Nazism in Germany. Her writings are studied in German Universities.

The same question emerges. How can an intelligent nation, perhaps THE most intelligent nation on Earth....sorry don't even compare with this nation of intellectual heavyweights....How could such a nation stoop to the attempted mass genocide of the only people on Earth that are commonly known as the People of God, and certainly the nation who gave Christianity their Saviour?

And of Communism, a similar silence hovers among the world's intellectuals. How could such a seemingly noble humanist set of aims fall so quickly into mass killing machines on a level in China and Russia that only a newly mechanised 20th century war machine could accomplish.

This is why I believe there is such a silence in the Universities, on Radio 4, in Prospect magazine (which by the way provides much of the direction for the BBC) and among all the world's particularly atheistic or agnostic elite.

You see if a nation as clever as Germany, whose very language structure lends itself to deep intellectual analysis....

If such noble aims as are expressed in Das Kapital, although erroneous in its conclusions about how all people are "equal", if the enactment of these can lead to such extreme horrors...(GENERAL NOTE All people are not equal-1 Corinthians 12:22those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, 23and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. This is about as far from Communist practice as you can get)

what is that saying about learning

about left-brain articulation and analysis

about our rather more complex make-up as humans.

Have you noticed the deafening silence in the open analysis of these questions.

What Simon Sharma, David Starkey and many more are not saying is how more than anything else, 20th Century history shows there is NO MIDDLE POSITION.

The intellectual elite fall for the same lie all these thousands of years later that the devil sowed in the Garden. (a, that he doesn't exist by the way) and b that we as gods have this independant posture that can think our own way between the knowledge of the good, and the knowledge of the bad. Not ever as it says in Romans 1, coming to the self-knowledge that it is the lie of our independant posture that gives the devil the fulcrum to move us in any which way he will. And so in analysing history you get the hubris of the intellectual detaching himself from history and making grand patronising statements about "these poor people from the past" the same way that Romans 1 analyses the different people judging one another...but unable and unwilling to realise they are of the same spirit.

You see, if we are stuck in this "independant" thing...we are so deceived we don't know we're in it."If the light within you is darkness then how great is that darkness." This by the way is a verse you will never ever hear in 1st and 2nd level churches...because they are themselves stuck in this spirit of self-delusion.

Who can deliver us? 16But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 18

So, thinking that all we need is more "knowledge of good" humanity stumbles on in its attempts to raise up a world government of beneficence for all!!! Not knowing that each "unborn again " step that is not taken knowingly and deliberately in Union with the One True Spirit of life, is doomed to failure from the word go.

So for this reason and practically only this reason MARXISM must fail.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Marxism bears a significant resemblance to New Testament Church Life in Acts. Because that's where it was nicked from.

The proliferation of Marxism was through cell-groups. Where was that nicked from? Methodism.

Now here's the rub. We spent 6-10 years trying to live New testament Church Life as Spirit-filled Christians. And a lot of it was like Marxism.

Why? because there is no MIDDLE POSITION. Even when you are a Christian.

You either have broken through in revelation and practice to the REST that Paul talked about...or you are still in sin!! Hurting the people you are living with.

Neither marxism nor charismatic Christianity can live Acts of the Apostles.

Everyone needs a spirit change on the inside of them. Not just sufficient to get you born again. Not just sufficient to get you prophesying with the best of them in meetings....


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