Friday 26 June 2009

How do we LIVE this stuff?

I was encouraged to get a message from Paul Anderson Walsh.
He and his church are at a really interesting stage...extremely prophetic even.
Download these messages to understand more. Given very recently.

Perhaps you'll understand my excitement when you have heard them. If any others out there are going through the same thing you might find his message and my testimony from Bible House days interesting. If born again church is Church version 1.0, then we as youngsters who'd all been baptized in the Spirit, living together and seeking God for our lives were Church version 2.0. That didn't work either. So now time for Church version 3.0 in these days. Scattered here then are our pictures from Bible House Emsworth,Barcelona and Quilmes Argentina,around the early 80s.

Paul Anderson-Walsh Hi Chris, No I have never lived in High Wycombe, but I am fully possessed of such middle-class aspirations; we live a bit further East in Ealing (Perivale to be precise). I was really interested in your comments on my little note. Having read it makes all the more sense of your interest in the Intercessor manuscript that I am working on this summer. We have just returned from Finland where I was talking to our group there about the Father-Level. I think that you make an excellent observation about the role of the church in our day. This idea of Christ being fully-formed in us is to my mind at least the key to it all. I see you're in Portsmouth - we have some very good friends who really have a wonderful grasp of this life we have if only we knew it who live in Waterlooville. We were there visiting with them the last Bank Holiday. We also have friends in Haslemere (will be there next week to record the Premier radio shows). It would be good to try to connect at some time.

My reply:
The High Wycombe question referred to a motivational speaker I met there while tuning his piano. He had Kenneth Copeland videos on the shelf so I asked him about all this. In my memory he was not that dissimilar to you.Clearly not you.
I have spent the day listening to your last 2 messages which is the first thing I have heard. I can see why Joel B and Jamie Weeks rate you.
I think you are at a very interesting point with your fellowship.I also felt very at home when you were talking straight Norman Grubb. Unless ofcourse you've picked it up via others in between. Other Lovers. One Person in the Universe. The difference between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and Tree of Life....(Lydia and Shawna should recognise this)You've got me intrigued about friends in Waterlooville and Haslemere. This is all my stamping ground in my Kingdom undercover life as a tuner.
"Your mission Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to so co-labour with Christ that you do what we never achieved here in Emsworth in the eighties, that is see the world's first truly 3rd level church." This Facebook message will self-destruct in the next 10 seconds.
Last weekend I was searching in the attic for Ern Baxter's 1976 Capel Bible Week message on Covenant Love. True to all 3rd level messages, the first one ever being delivered in the Upper Room Jn 13-17, exactly the opposite happened, and the major streams in Britain tore apart straight after. For me that only proves the integrity of the message.

Jesus birthed the church in the 3rd level....often confused by Pentecostals as the 2nd and only level....and in these days he has set into place an acceleration programme to make sure the Church winds up in the 3rd level....and more some! The Feast of Tabernacles. Greater is the glory of the latter house...etc.
Well Emsworth was kind of living with this vision from the late 70s onward. Having input from both Ed Miller ( who hit the 3rd level in the 50s and was probably the one who birthed the 50s Argentinian Revival) and Jorge Pradas who carried in his being the Vision of the Church. This area is very much Frank Viola and Gene Edwards territory.

So like Norman Grubb (but not just before finals as he did) I felt God call me to leave University and by hook and by crook...and more of the latter,I ended up in Emsworth at precisely the right time to get these foundations. A whole host of Argentinians, English, Spanish and French, gave up all to live together in Bible House.
The vision was exactly yours. Not to be a standard seminary. But how to LIVE CHURCH. We prayed and prophesied morning and evening. We did have teaching sessions, like Morris Cerullo did in his famous San Diego Schools of ministry. But during the day we either held down jobs, or later all worked together under one roof making Quilmes Creations..attractive sentimental gifts which were sold into gift shops all over Southern England.
What typically happens in the "womb of the Church" while sons of God are being developed, is that all the junk surfaces in lives. Thankfully not in all 30 lives like it was for the disciples in the NT, a co-operative labouring with Christ occurs to see each one come through things. It can be agony.
At this point just about all the revelation we had was that we should, like the Amos verse:" Seek God and live"

So last Saturday I never found the 1st cassette I was hunting for, but I found loads of old Bible House photos which I have put up on Facebook.
We never quite knew enough to make it the other side of the wilderness.A huge number, very very high number of these Casa Biblica people are married and sadly divorced already.
I nearly married , but my own sin shattered my prospects. I was at the time a leader in worship, a published somgwriter, and with an anointing that at times brought healing when I played.
But as the others found to their cost in divorce....just the same as the Corinthians....the first and 2nd levels are just NOT IT.
My blog is all about this.The complete revelation cycle of God in the Earth is
I am the God of Abrahamof IsaacAND of JACOB.
Pentecostals and charismatics only know about the first 2, they haven't a clue about Jacob.But in these days God is raising up a generation who seek the face of God as did Jacob. And it was after this that Israel's calling and history really swung into action. So it is for the 3rd level Church
More on the vision of the Church as Holy Ghost Growth machine can be read here:

More on the vision of the generation of those who seek the God of Jacob....and Opening up the Ancient Doors by Peter Stott (Havant) can be read here
love you guy!Your undercover agentChris Welch


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